How to break up your workout days

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Sharing some ideas how to to put your weekly plan together and break up your workout days to optimize performance and recovery!

Hi friends! How is the week going? I hope you’re having a lovely morning so far! I had a call with our amazing travel agent regarding spring 2023 travel (the best) and am putting the Fit Team workouts together for September. If you’d like to join us for Self Care September (focusing on workout nutrition and self care strategies), join us here! Anyone who signs up today will also receive a custom nutrition guide a thank you from me to you 🙂

For today’s post, I’m chatting about breaking up your workout days and how to do this strategically. I’m a big fan of split training throughout the week. It can help you strength different areas of the body, giving you enough time to recover, and also freedom to control the way you train.  Today, I’m sharing practical tips to help my reader friends break up their workout days and get the most out of their training routine.

(Please keep in mind that while I’m a certified personal trainer, I’m providing general information for educational purposes. This is not medical advice. Always seek out the help of your doctor before starting or changing your fitness routine.)

How to break up your workout days

Whole Body Split

This type of split involves a total body workout each time you train. The benefits of this type of training is that you’re able to use more fancy and *fun* compound-type movements, working multiple muscle groups at once, and due to peripheral action training, your heart rate may higher, which indicates a higher calorie burn during the workout. I like working total body for my beginner clients (focusing on bodyweight-only exercises first), and also my clients who have significant weight loss goals.

The downside of this type of training is that it may be harder to hit muscle fatigue, which encourages muscle growth, and that you shouldn’t ideally train your entire body two days in a row. I’d recommend alternating total body workouts with rest and cardio.

Upper / Lower Split

This is when you work your upper body one day (back, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps), and your lower body on a different day (hamstrings, glutes, core, calves). The benefits of this type of training are that you’re able to strength train on consecutive days (upper b

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket Review

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Sharing my full review of the HigherDOSE sauna blanket and if I think it’s worth it. This post isn’t sponsored, but I use and love this thing SO MUCH. The company generously offered a discount code for you all if you’re interested in trying it! Use FITNESSISTA15 for 15% off at this link (<— affiliate link).

Hi friends! How’s the week going? I hope you’re having a good one so far. We met up with friends for dinner and I caught a glorious hot yoga class.

For today’s post, I’m sharing an updated review of my beloved sauna blanket, the HigherDOSE. Every time I post about this magical wonder on Instagram stories, I’m flooded with questions. I did quite a bit of research before I finally decided to go for it, so I’m breaking it all down in this post.

I’ve now used this beauty for over a year and have so many great things to say about it. It’s become one of the non-negotiables in my weekly health practice and makes a huge difference in my skin and mood.

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket Review

What is the HigherDOSE sauna blanket and how does it work?

The HigherDOSE sauna blanket is an at-home and portable version of an infrared sauna. It uses infrared heat (which heats your body from the inside out, not the other way around), along with healing tourmaline crystals, clay, and a charcoal layer (which all generate negative ions). It’s made of nontoxic materials and is extremely low EMF, so it’s not emitting radiation throughout your body while you’re relaxing and sweating.

To set it up, you just unroll the blanket and plug it in! You can easily adjust the heat settings with the remote and I usually give it about 10 minutes or so to heat up.

Benefits of infrared sauna:

Sauna means “bath house” in Finnish and heat as therapy has been used for thousands of years. Infrared technology was born in the late 1800s. Over time, saunas have been used for so many things, including healing and preventing illness, for burial preparation, and for childbirth. (It was fascinating to read a bit about the history of saunas here!) It encompassed the circle of life and heat was thought to be a powerful protective and life-giving force.

Obviously technology has changed a ton since then, but today many people still use saunas for the health and restorative benefits. You can find them at gyms, at the spa, and many people own one in their home. Saunas can potentially help with aging, illness, detoxification, healthy skin, increased blood flow, decreased anxiety, muscle soreness, relaxation, and improved mood. Not everyone is on board with the detoxification aspect (some say it’s a myth, but I’m a huge believer in the detoxifying power of a good sweat) and I notice that it makes my skin glow, my mood is improved, and I feel zen and relaxed when it’s a regular part of my routine.

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Friday Faves + San Diego fun

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Hi friends! Happy Friday! How was the week? Liv went back to dance this week and P heads back to soccer next week, so we’re officially back in the fall hustle. I’m looking forward to catching a hot yoga class with a friend this morning before doing the work thing. 🙂

Some fun things from lately:

the Pilot and I celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday! The girl in this pic had no idea what the future would hold, and how we’d have these perfect, amazing, beautiful babies. Feeling very blessed to share this life with a man I love so much.

Our gifts to each other: we spent the day doing not much at all, and it was everything.

It’s been so busy the past couple of months that we were talking about how incredible it would be to just sit around all day and watch TV and enjoy each other’s company. I introduced the Pilot to F45, we drank coffee, ate fresh sourdough, and planned out travel and events until next summer, and then I took a nap while the Pilot caught up on some work. It was the low-key and lovely day we’d both been craving.

We took the babies with us for anniversary dinner at Vivace, which is a classic Tucson Italian restaurant with gorgeous views of the foothills. We shared antipasto, escargot (Liv’s fave), enjoyed amazing entrees, wine, and dessert. It was the perfect way to celebrate.

I’m looking forward to a weekend at home after being gone for a few weeks, even though we had the best time in San Diego last weekend! We drove up for the weekend to celebrate Max’s Bar Mitzvah. We’ve known Max forever – his mom Betsy is one of my BFFs and her husband and the Pilot are also good friends – so we knew we had to be there for such a special occasion. We got into San Diego early evening, and took the kids directly to Belmont Park to ride all the rides (don’t take your children on the rickety old roller coaster just FYI) and a late dinner at Crack Shack.

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Fall Wardrobe Essentials

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Sharing some of my favorite fashion finds for fall + some new wardrobe essentials.

Helloooooo! How’s the week going? I hope you’re having a great morning so far! I’m subbing a class at the gym and meeting with a friend for coffee afterwards. It’s been raining a ton here in Tucson lately (summer monsoons are the best) and it’s cooled down a bit. While we’re definitely not ready for boots and sweaters here, it’s making me very excited for fall.

For today’s post, I thought I’d share some of the fall fashion picks that I have my eye on + some wardrobe essentials. I’d love to hear what you’re scoping out for fall and if there are any trends this season that you actually like. Fashion has been a bit weird the past couple of years, but I tend to stick to the classics, like blazers, sweater dresses, cute headbands, and cozy sweaters over the fall and winter season.

Here are some of my top picks!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Tops and sweaters

This gorgeous cut-out sweater. I have one from last year and wore it all the time.

Classic v-neck button-up.

This recycled cashmere wrap sweater.

This off-shoulder pullover.

Outerwear and blazers

Classic black blazer.

LOVE this plaid blazer.

This lightweight star jacket.

Dresses and skirts

I want this sweater dress in every color.

This floral dress would be so cute with booties or heeled sandals.

These sleeves are everything.

The perfect date night dress.

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How Not to Kill Your Houseplant

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Sharing tips on how to not kill your houseplant and keep indoor plants alive and thriving!

The Pilot says I used to have a gangrene thumb. I was the person who’d walk through the plant shop and plants would instantly recoil in fear that I would bring them home. The unlucky chosen ones were brought into our house, neglected, and lived a sad, yet quick, death.

With a huge learning curve, over past handful of years, I’ve really turned things around! We now have a full garden with lots of herbs and veggies, multiple thriving indoor houseplants, and the legendary Frida, our 10 ft-ish fiddle leaf fig.

Houseplants can make such a difference in home decor and the overall vibe of the house! They can help purify air and can also add more style and character to your home. Plants naturally grow in the wild but you can recreate a plant’s natural habitat indoors. Today, I’m sharing some tips that can help my horticulturally challenged friends out there kiss their black thumb goodbye and keep your plants alive thriving inside your homes.

How Not to Kill Your Houseplant

Choosing plants wisely

Don’t be afraid to start with an “easier” plant, like a succulent, lavender, aloe, cacti, spider plant, or my fave easy plant, the Heart leaf Philodendron. This post has a list of popular houseplants. Check out the tag to see how much sunlight and water they need and plan accordingly for the type of care that’s required. Succulents and cacti need very little water (too much can give them wet feet and soggy roots), while aloe needs a bit more, and the Heart leaf Philodendron likes to dry out a little and then be completely drenched.

Put plants in the right spot

Sunlight is a critical factor, as some plants need a lot of sun and others don’t need much at all. Before making your purchase, check out the tag of the plant or do a quick google search to see how much light they prefer. Our fiddle leaf fig loves being in a large south-facing window, which receives hours of indirect sun. Other plants in the house do well with indirect sun from various windows. When you bring your plant home, place it into its spot in the same pot you brought home from the nursery. This way it can get used to its new environment befor