Friday Faves 9.1

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Hi hi! Happy weekend! What are you up to? We’re heading to San Diego for the long weekend and looking forward to some beach time, restaurants, and shopping. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Thank you so much for all of the heartfelt and kind comments and emails after my last podcast episode. I’m so grateful for all of you and will absolutely keep you updated along the way.

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Summer Shape Up 2023 Winners!

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Summer Shape Up 2023 Winners!

Our team is continuously impressed by our LSF community. All the women in this community worked their butts off in this challenge and we are so proud of each and every one of you! You all finished this 6-Week Challenge strong which will help to create amazing habits that will last a lifetime. Thank you for pushing yourselves and our community to be the best we can be! 

We wanted to bring back the intensity with this challenge- in our workouts, our nutrition, our weekly prizes, and most importantly, our grand prize (a free trip for two to HAWAII)!! We brought back Accountability Groups to connect members with each other & lean on each other for support during the 6 week challenge. We introduced new videos in the MOVE app, all focused on specific areas of the body to really feel that burn. We also re-introduced weekly giveaways for our #teamlsf community who remain the most loyal and supportive fitness community to exist! 

Now it’s time to shout out our SSU23 winners! These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most heart warming stories!


Dara B. (dara_lsf_compassionatehouse) – Total pounds lost: 8

Dara’s story:

“I was so excited for this summer shape up cause it was lining up with me jumping into some new fitness goals. I have been working out pretty consistent, but I wasn’t seeing much change anymore. I was feeling like maybe I will never reach my goals.”

“We started the challenge the day I went to camp…I thought that was gonna be hard. I did pack lots of heathy snacks, and all my LSF nutrition went with me to help temptations go away. Then stared over on the 14 day shape up meal plan to just really detox and help my body after camp. It felt so good! Then for our beach trip a couple weeks ago I looked at the meal plan, and we pack the food for the menu that week.”

“My dad is like how much longer do you have to eat like this. Cause he loves his french fries… and not the sweet potatoes one. I would say “forever” then laugh. I said this is going to continue when the challenge is over. I want this to be a lifestyle. I had my mom and grandma doing the daily 10 every night and eating the meal plans. It was so awesome cause they are both trying to lose weight. It has been so awesome making progress as a family and seeing us get stronger physically but also mentally.”

“I liked accountability groups cause it made it less overwhelming. I would set time aside each day to go through the #teamlsf cause all those smiles and ugh faces lol motived me to keep going, and che

The Best Cheesy Sour Cream Enchiladas

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This enchilada recipe is cheesy, and comforting, and makes a delicious casserole to take to anyone who just had a baby, or needs a little pick-me-up. They’re also perfect to freeze and push ahead for busy weeknight dinners!

Hi friends! How’s the week going? We’ve been going through the regular school routine, + a celebration for my dad’s birthday, and making a baby meal for a squadron friend. I’ve made countless baby meals over the years, and this is one of my go-to’s!

Baby meal stuff

It took me FOREVER to share my standard enchilada recipe on the blog. This is purely accidental. I want to post it every single time I make them, but they’re eaten quickly and I usually make them at night, so with the yellow light, it doesn’t make the prettiest photos. I decided to just post it with the iPhone photos I took so you guys can have it!

This is the recipe I always make. The girls request enchiladas at least once a month and crush them every time, and it’s my standard baby meal. I feel like maybe I should switch up my baby meal menu because pretty much everywhere you look in Tucson, an enchilada stares you in the face. But, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And these beauties definitely ain’t broke.

This recipe seems like a lot of steps, but the more you make it, the easier and faster it happens. Just trust the process; it’s worth it. Put on some Juanes radio on Spotify, pour a little wine, and go for it!  This recipe makes a double batch, so definitely make a pan for yourself and one to gift to a neighbor, a friend, or someone with a new baby (they really need enchiladas!) or wrap and put it in the freezer. You’ll thank yourself later.


The Best Cheesy Sour Cream Enchiladas

Important: chicken and tortillas matter. For the chicken, I always use store-bought rotisserie chicken. It has the most flavor and the best texture. The best part is that you don’t waste 100 years grilling and baking your chicken. And don’t even boil it unless you want the chicken to taste like white, chewy rubber, mmmm k?

As far as the tortillas go, I try to get as close to homemade as possible. When I’m feeling extra, I use the frozen fresh tortillas from Costco. You cook them on the griddle until they’re lightly golden brown and your whole house will smell amaaaaazing. The best part about making your own: enjoy them warm with a little butter and jam, rolled up, and they’re pretty much the best thing ever. (We call them “jam things” in our family and it’s a tradition from when you’re about two until forever.)

If you don’t have homemade, don’t worry!! Just make sure to get the ones with a paper label on the inside (this means they’re legit) like Alejandro’s brand. Also, don’t be afraid to feel the tortillas before you put them in your cart. Make sure they’re soft and nice! You can use corn tortillas, but I find that the flour ones give it a better texture.

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140: the eye story details

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Talking about my eye story from red, inflamed eyes, finding a dry eye specialist, and autoimmune findings, + what I’m doing in the meantime. 

Hi friends! I hope you’ve having a wonderful day! I have a new podcast episode up with the full eye story details. I put the call out on IG for topic requests, and so many of you asked to hear more about what’s been going on. I shared some in this post with the best products for dry eyes and MGD, but I’m breaking everything down in this podcast episode. Thank you so much for those of you who have checked in and have been so caring on this wild journey.

*Friendly reminder that this is not medical advice; just sharing my experience.

Here’s what I talk about in this episode:

– My eye saga, from red, inflamed eyes to figuring out what the heck was actually going on

– Bloodwork and test results

– Finding a dry eye specialist

– What functional labs I’ve been doing

– Why you aren’t your diagnosis, and so much more.


Just like with many medical situations in my life, I’m fusing more Western style treatments (like MiBoFlo) with functional and holistic options (lab testing, protocols). It doesn’t have to be one or the other, and I’m grateful to have lots of options and for amazing care providers. <3

Notes from the episode:

HigherDOSE Labor Day sale starts TODAY! If you’ve been wanting a sauna blanket, red light face mask, PEMF Go Mat, or neck enhancer, now is the chance. Check out everything here and use the code FITNESSISA20 for 20% off! I use multiple HigherDOSE products each week and the Go Mat and sauna blanket are two of my favorite things in the whole world.

If any of my fellow health professional friends are looking for another way to help their clients, I highly recommend IHP. You can also use this information to heal yourself and then go one to heal others, which I think is a beautiful mission. You can absolutely join if you don’t currently work in the health or fitness industry; many IHPs

20 things I’m loving for fall

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Sharing some of my favorite fall 2023 fashion finds!

Hi friends! How are you? I hope that you’re having a lovely day so far. I can’t believe that August is pretty much over. I always look forward to so many things during the fall: the fun fall activities with the kids (apple picking, fall festival, pumpkin patch), holidays, birthdays, ideal hiking weather, and all of the fall foods. I’m a soup-loving gal and also obsessed with pie and pumpkin, squashes and gourds. At the same time, I’m usually meh about fall fashion. I’d rather wear a dress and sandals, shorts and tank, or a swimsuit and coverup than a bulky sweater and boots.

Buuuuut something about this year makes me excited for fall fashion. I’m ready for jeans and sweaters, jogger sets, and sweater dresses. Maybe I’m more excited because shackets are finally gone?! (I hope???) Even so, I’ve been browsing online, planning some staple pieces, and thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you today.

If you have anything you’re already loving or online stalking for fall, please share the goods in the comments section!

*Note: affiliate links are included below that don’t affect purchase price, but enable me to earn a small commission. Thank you so much to those of you who support the blog by shopping through my links!

20 things I’m loving for fall

Jackets, tops, and sweaters

Love a classic striped button-up.

Black off-shoulder tee.

This gorgeous cropped plaid blazer.

Perfect pullover sweater in nude.

Floral embroidered mock neck sweater.

White Varley jacket.

Jumpsuits and sets

This Free People dupe. I have this one, wear it all the time, and will definitely continue to wear this and the all black version through fall.

This gorgeous jumpsuit. (SO cute with GGs)