HigherDOSE Red Light Neck Enhancer Review

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Sharing a full review of the HigherDOSE red light neck enhancer and if I think it’s worth adding it to your wellness routine. Check it out here and use FITNESSISTA15 for 15% off. 

Hi friends! How are you? I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I missed this past week’s Friday Faves post – Friday ended up being wild – but I have to post the winner of the NOW giveaway! Congrats to Katie M.! I’ll be sending Katie an email this morning to get her prize on the way. Stay tuned for more giveaways this fall, including my annual Favorite Things giveaway 🙂

For today’s post, I wanted to chat a bit about something I’ve been using and loving in my routine lately: the HigherDOSE Red Light Neck Enhancer! You guys know I’m obsessed with my HigherDOSE products, including the PEMF Go Mat, Sauna Blanket, and Red Light Face Mask. I was so pumped to add this to my routine, especially since I’ve been a fan of Red Light Therapy for so long. I use this for skincare, but also for injuries (of course, after seeing a doctor if necessary. When Liv hurt her knee, we did red light therapy everyday using this wand.)

Red Light Therapy is a groundbreaking technology transforming skincare and wellness. The HigherDose Red Light Neck Enhancer takes this innovation to a new level by focusing on the often-neglected neck and chest area. I feel like the neck and chest can tend to show more visible aspects of aging, because it’s easy to forget about treating and protecting this area.

Today, I’m excited to talk about Red Light Therapy, share details about this new HigherDOSE device, and chat about how this can potentially enhance your skincare routine.

HigherDOSE Red Light Neck Enhancer Review

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy, or Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), uses low-intensity red or near-infrared light to penetrate the skin. This non-invasive treatment offers various potential benefits:

Collagen Boost: It can stimulate collagen production, leading to smoother and firmer skin.

Wrinkle Reduction: By increasing collagen, it can reduce fine lines and

10 Vegan Recipes For Fall

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‘Tis the season for all of the comfort food! If you want to enjoy your favorite fall flavors without dairy or eggs, I’ve got you covered. I’ve gathered up 10 delicious vegan recipes for fall.

Hi friends! Anyone else feeling SO EXCITED for fall? Last year, I felt like I was going through the motions, but this year, I actually feel myself really looking forward to the upcoming season. I can’t wait for some fun celebrations with the fam and fall and winter activities.

I also feel like my cooking mojo has come back, so it’s been fun to finally enjoy cooking again and trying new recipes. For today’s post, I wanted to share some vegan recipes we love or new ones that are on our radar. Please shout out any fave fall vegan recipes in the comments below!

10 Vegan Recipes For Fall

1. Pumpkin Pie Protein Bowl

A delicious and healthy high-protein breakfast option that tastes like pumpkin pie! It’s gluten-free, vegan, and an awesome breakfast for busy mornings.

2. Apple Pie Walnut Baked Oatmeal

This apple pie baked oatmeal is gluten-free, vegan, and an incredibly delicious make-ahead breakfast option. This is perfect to make as part of meal prep for busy weekday mornings. Simply reheat and eat.

3. Vegan Eggnog

Anyway, let’s talk about this recipe! It’s a holly jolly holiday beverage, minus some of the ingredients that can make us want to crawl into hibernation. (Don’t worry, there’s still some booze in there if you want it!) For a creamy egg-less eggnog, I used my favorite strategy for awesome texture minus the dairy: soaked cashews, plus a little turmeric for that light golden egg-ish color.

4. Pumpkin Pie Mousse

141: Ditching the “all or nothing” mindset, Q&A episode

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Hi friends! How are you? I hope you’re enjoying the morning! New podcast episode is up with a little Q&A. Thank you so much to those of you who submitted questions via Instagram. If you have any topic or guest requests, please send them my way!

141: Ditching the “all or nothing” mindset, Q&A episode

Here are today’s questions:

– How do I improve my all or nothing mindset? I feel like when I’m on the plan, I can stick with it, but once I do something that’s not on the plan, the whole day is ruined.

– How to adjust mindset/nutrition/movement when recovering from surgery?

– Lab ranges that are different in functional medicine

– Kettlebells! How to choose the correct weight? Where to start? Work with a certified kettlebell coach

– Nutrition certification and deep dive of coaching options

1:1 Coaching – email me with the subject COACHING gina@fitnessista.com for an application

Fit Team– phased strength training plans you can do at home, designed to improve strength, performance, and body composition

Vitality– health foundations, functional lab testing, and personalized action plan to get you feeling your absolute best

More resources from this episode:

I love love love the meals from Sakara LifeUse this link and the code XOGINAH for 20% off their meal delivery and clean boutique items. This is something I do once a month as a lil treat to myself and the meals are always showstoppers. You can join their fall reset now!

If any of my fellow health professional friends are looking for another way to help their clients, I highly recommend IHP. You can also use this information to heal yourself and then go one to heal others, which I think is a beautiful mission. You can absolutely join if you don’t currently work in the health or fitness industry; many IHPs don’t begin on this path. They’re friends who are passionate to learn more about health and wellness, and want to share this information with those they love. You can do this as a passion, or start an entirely new career.

You can use my referral link here and the code FITNESSISTA for up to $250 off the Integrative Health Practitioner program. I highly recommend it! Read more

August Book Recap

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Sharing the books I read in August and if I’d recommend adding them to your collection!

Hi friends! I hope that you’re enjoying the day so far. The Pilot was off work, so he took the kids to school while I caught a barre class, we enjoyed a coffee date, and lunch together. It was a lovely treat in the middle of the week!

For today’s post, I wanted to share a recap of some of the books I’ve read recently. This post is a little belated because I kept thinking I’d finish Daughters of Rome but I couldn’t do it (more below). I’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading lately if you’ll share the goods in the comments section!


A friend recommended this book to me, as we both have tween daughters and are heading into new territories when it comes to friendships, independence, all those teen-y things. This book was AMAZING. It’s all about helping your child navigate the seven stages of adulthood, including friendships, mood/attitudes, bullying, relationships (with others and with parents), and I found it be incredibly insightful and full of helpful tips. I highly recommend it if you have a tween or teen.

One of my favorite metaphors that the author gave was that our kids are swimming in a pool, and we’re the wall. They need to venture out and be able to swim and find independence, but sometimes, they may need to come back to the wall. Sometimes, they push off the wall, which can be painful, but we need to stay there for them. A kid with a wall is going to have an easier time navigating tough situations than if the wall wasn’t there. <3

How to get back in shape

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Sharing tips on how to get back in shape and start a fitness routine after taking a break after an extended time or injury.

Hi hi! How are you? I hope that you’re having a wonderful morning. Thank you to those of you who have entered the giveaway so far! Check out the post here. This morning, I’m taking a yoga class, and then meeting a friend for lunch in between podcast interviews.

Today, I wanted to share some strategies on how to get back in shape if you’ve taken some time off.

The truth is, sticking to a regular fitness plan can be quite a challenge. Life happens, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself taking a break from your fitness routine. Whether it’s due to a busy schedule, health issues, or just a lack of motivation, getting back in shape after a hiatus can feel like a daunting task. But the good news is, it’s never too late to restart your fitness journey, and I’m here to help you ease your way back into it.

How to Get Back In Shape

Find Your Motivation

The first step in your fitness comeback journey is finding your motivation. Ask yourself why you want to get back in shape. Is it to improve your health, regain confidence, or simply feel more energized? Knowing your ‘why’ can provide the drive you need to stay committed.Motivation often varies from person to person. Some might be inspired by a desire to shed a few pounds, while others want to increase their energy levels or reduce stress. Whatever your motivation, write it down and remind yourself of it daily. It’s your compass on this journey.

Create a Plan

Once you’ve found your motivation, it’s time to create a plan. Set clear fitness goals and establish a workout routine. Having a plan in place gives you a roadmap to follow, making it easier to stay on track.

When creating your plan, consider the following:

Goal Specificity:

Make your goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). For example, instead of saying “I want to lose weight,” say “I aim to lose 10 pounds in three months.”

Balanced Workouts:

Include a mix of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility work in your fitness routine. This balanced approach ensures you’re working on various aspects of your fitness.

Progress Tracking:

Keep a fitness journal or use a tracking app to record your workouts, nutrition, and progress. Tracking your achievements can be incredibly motivating.