Pvolve review and if it’s worth it

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Sharing the details on Pvolve: what is it, is it worth it? You can use my link here to try it out for 7 days free.

Hi friends! How’s the day going so far? I have an eye doc appointment and am catching a yoga class with a friend. I’m on Day 3 of the detox (3 out of 21. Woo!) so I’m taking it easy and looking forward to a tasty vegan lunch today.

For today’s post, I wanted to chat a bit about P.volve. I’ve fallen back in love with P.volve after quite a few years, love their rebranding, and am so excited to see studios pop up over the US. My workouts have been pretty low-impact as I work on my healing process, and Pvolve has given me a challenging workout without being too intense.

If you’re curious about giving it a try, here are the details about it!

Pvolve review and if it’s worth it

Background on Pvolve

Pvolve is unlike anything I’ve ever tried.. and I’ve been around the fitness block lol. It’s the brainchild of two remarkable individuals, Stephen Pasterino and Rachel Katzman. Stephen, the fitness guru behind the method, created P.volve after years of research and experience. His aim was to provide a fitness solution that not only transforms your body but also enhances functionality and prevents injuries.

Stephen Pasterino: Stephen, the driving force behind P.volve, has a background in kinesiology and functional movement. His mission was to develop a workout that not only sculpts muscles but also improves the way your body moves.

Rachel Katzman: Rachel, co-founder and CEO, brought her business acumen to the mix. Her vision was to create an accessible and results-driven fitness program that could cater to people’s unique needs and lifestyles.

The pair were previously together, and have split ways, with Rachel maintaining full control over Pvolve. Stephen has gone off to do his own thing! While I absolutely like the format he helped create, he wasn’t my favorite as an instructor. I loved his method, but found him to be pretty low energy.

The P.volve Method

P.volve is built on the foundation of functional fitness, a concept that goes beyond the aesthetic aspects of working out. It’s about training your body to perform better in everyday life, enhancing your movement patterns, and reducing the risk of injuries. The method involves controlled, precise movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Integrative Health Practitioner Level Two certification review

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Sharing a full review of my experience completing the Integrative Health Practitioner Level Two course. You can read about my level one experience here! If you’re interested in getting certified, check out the details here and use the code FITNESSISTA for up to $250 off. 

Hi friends! How’s the morning treating you? I’m off to a Pilates class and have a couple of coaching calls later today. Today, I wanted to chat a little bit about my recent IHP cert and the process for becoming a certified health coach if this is something you’re interested in doing!

Over 100 hours of coursework, continuing education, and some very challenging tests, and I’m now a Level Two Integrative Health Practitioner. I’ve been so excited to add functional labs to my current offerings, share them with clients, and also use these for myself and our family. The timing was also interesting, especially with my sudden eye issues and previous autoimmune symptoms. I’m working with my medical team, but also doing my own deep dive to bring my body back to balance to the best of my ability. <3

While I LOVED Level One, Level Two was everything I’d been wanting and more. I couldn’t wait to study the material each day, and during each module, I was like, THIS is exactly what I want to learn. This is how I want to help my clients. I’m so pumped to have this certification under my belt.

Here’s a list of my other fitness/health certifications: Precision Nutrition level 1, NASM Personal Trainer, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Les Mills BODYPUMP, Zumba and Aqua Zumba, Barre Body, Schwinn, Yoga RTY-200 hr, Level One Raw Foods Chef, and AFAA Group Fitness Instructor. I want to continue to learn as much as possible, and have my eye on the High Performance Health certification next. 

Integrative Health Practitioner Level Two certification review

Here’s how Level Two differs from Level One:

Level One is focused on Dr. Cabral’s DETRESS protocol (diet, exercise

Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

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Is Pilates good for weight loss? I’m breaking it all down in today’s post!

Hi hi! How are you? I hope you had an amazing weekend! The Pilot worked all weekend, so the girls and I met up with friends, I taught a barre class, and we went to the farmer’s market.

Today, I wanted to chat a bit about Pilates! Since I’ve been gravitating more towards low-impact workouts to reduce stress, Pilates has become a staple in my routine lately. It’s something that I’ve loved for years, and I think it can be a great way to implement strategic (and smart) core training, in addition to endurance and stabilization with your regular strength training and cardio routine.

Pilates is known for its focus on strengthening the core, improving posture, and enhancing flexibility. Unlike high-impact workouts, Pilates is a low-impact activity that engages both the mind and body. However, it’s not always the first choice for those seeking significant weight loss. Today, I’m going to dive into the question of whether Pilates is effective for weight loss and explore the indirect yet potent benefits it offers in achieving your weight or health loss goals.

*It’s also worth noting here that it’s ok if weight loss is part of your health goals, but I don’t think it should be a #1 focus. The number on the scale says SO little about overall health and body composition. This post is titled this way so that my friends who are Googling can get some solid advice. 😉 *

Is Pilates Good For Weight Loss?

Pilates can indeed contribute to weight loss, but it’s essential to understand that it’s not a quick fix for shedding pounds. Instead, Pilates provides numerous indirect benefits that can lead to sustainable and long-term health goals, which may or may not include weight loss. For weight loss to occur, there needs to be quite a few building blocks in place:

– A calorie deficit, meaning that you’re burning more than your current intake

– A happy nervous system, because you can’t lose weight in flight or fight. Stress management, mindful eating, and

– Enough fuel! SO many women are under-eating for their activity levels and goals

– Nutrients and protein intake

– Hormone function

– Digestion

– Quality sleep

and so much more. If you need help

San Diego recap + Friday Faves

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Hiiiii! Happy Friday! How was the week? I’m thankful that it was a short one.. I’m ready for the weekend already. We blasted right back into school, dance, and got to see Nate Bargatze last night. SO hilarious and good.

This weekend will be spent cleaning up the San Diego aftermath, and I’m looking forward to a couple of low-key days. We also start our community detox on Monday! It’s not too late to join in. You can get your kit here (7,14, or 21 days use FITNESSISTA10) and join our closed Facebook group here. Quite a few of us are doing a longer detox, so there will still be friends participating whenever you get your kit.

San Diego recap + Friday Faves

San Diego was the BEST. We enjoyed four days in one of our very favorite places and also enjoyed some new adventures. We experienced LEGOLAND for the first time, took the girls paddle boarding and kayaking (twice because they loved it so much!) and we found out P is not a fan of Melting Pot lol.

We got in on Friday afternoon and decided to spend the afternoon shopping at UTC, and then enjoyed dinner at Seasons 52. We haven’t been to one in years – I keep wishing Tucson will get one! – and it lived up to the fond memories. Of course, the girls loved the mini desserts.

We called it an earlier night, and the next day, we woke up and it was raining. It rarely rains in San Diego, despite June Gloom and

5 High Protein Meal Prep Recipes

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Sharing 5 high-protein meal prep recipes! Some new inspiration if you’re looking to amp up your protein intake.

Hi friends! How are ya? I hope you’re having a lovely morning. We’re coming out the other side of the dance competition straight into dance picture night at the studio (WHEW) and I’m looking forward to getting some work and studying for IHP done today. I’d love to hear about what you have going on!

Today, I want to talk about protein and the importance of healthy meal prep. Personally, I aim to consume 4-5 palm-sized servings of protein each day, considering factors such as my goals, activity level, and body composition. However, I’ve found that hitting this protein goal can be challenging if I haven’t done some advance planning and prepping. I’ve realized that having protein readily available in the fridge makes a significant difference. To make it easier to reach my daily protein target, I now dedicate time each week to chop veggies and prepare some protein staples. This way, I am better prepared to meet my protein needs and build muscle. In addition to protein, it’s important to focus on consuming omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for overall health.

For today’s post, I’m sharing some super easy recipes with great sources of protein if you’re looking for new inspiration! These are meat-based, but here are some plant-based protein ideas for my veggie and vegan friends: tempeh bacon, edamame, black beans, mung bean pasta, sprouted tofu scramble, and lentils in the instant pot.

5 High Protein Meal Prep RecipesI had to use a stock photo because I have a hard time making meat look appetizing… and I think the asparagus is fake?? Taking votes)

5 High Protein Meal Prep Recipes

Whole Chicken in a Crockpot

  • Prep time: 15 min
  • Cook Time: 4-6 hours/ 8 hours


  • 1- 3.5-4.5lb whole chicken, giblets removed, patted dry
  • 1 sweet onion, chopped
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste


Place onion in the bottom of a 6 qt crock pot. Add the chicken, breast side down. No liquid is needed as the chicken will make its own juices with the onion and grease from the fat from the chicken skin. Season liberally with salt and pepper. Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-6 hours until the internal temperature is 165 at the thickest part of the chicken. Cool completely, remove skin & bones, and shred the chicken or cut whole pieces of thighs, breasts, and wings to store for meals throughout the week.