Cold Buster Green Smoothie (How to Fight a Cold)

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Cold Buster Green Smoothie (How to Fight a Cold)

a photo of two glasses full of a bright green smoothie with orange wedges stuck on the edge of the glasses

This cold buster green smoothie recipe is packed with fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system, hydrate your body and send those winter colds packing!

Green smoothies were all the rage a while ago and still are, but I never really thought they were that big of a deal. And then I realized that with all of those vitamins packed into a smoothie we would actually be giving ourselves the proper nutrition that we are recommended in getting. So, we started keeping a full supply of spinach and fruits and sure enough, not only did we start feeling better but we weren’t getting sick.

I hate winter. I know, lots of people love it and cannot wait to get outside and enjoy all that the snow has to offer, but I hate it. Strong word? I seriously dislike it I guess. I am learning to really enjoy skiing, but I still freeze to death and cannot last very long out there. But the major reason I don’t like winter is because we all get sick and pass it around over and over again all winter long. I freeze all winter which I’m sure keeps me sick.

You don’t have to pass a cold around all winter. Last year we cracked down and learned how to fight a cold and this cold buster green smoothie was a huge help! Keep scrolling to the end to see other products we love to help us survive winter colds.

What Makes a Green Smoothie?

The definition of a “green smoothie” can be quite ambiguous but the basics of a green smoothie are:

Leafy Greens + Liquid + Fruit

Then, of course, you can add other ingredient to add protein and more nutrients. Keep scrolling below to see suggestions for the best types of leafy greens, liquids and fruits. We also want to highlight what makes this recipe specifically a cold buster green smoothie.

Ingredients in a Cold Buster Green Smoothie

This smoothie is unique in that we chose specific items to kick the cold right where it hurts:

  • Spinach: adds great fiber, vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K as well as iron, folate and potassium
  • Orange Juice: isn’t just about the vitamin C it’s also about staying hydrated
  • Orange with Peel: really slam dunk the vitamin C and the peel contains 4 times more fiber than the fruit itself, it has anti-inflammatory properties and may even help reduce harmful LDL’s
  • Baby Carrots: great for killing germs in the mouth and helping with digestion
  • Banana: gives the body natural energy which is something you are lacking when sick, and it helps the smoothie be extra creamy
  • Frozen Pineapple: adds flavor and helps thicken the smoothie when it’s frozen
  • Apple: adds flavor and natural sweetness
  • Ice: helps thicken the smoothie without adding sugar or extra calories
  • Optional: add a scoop of protein so our b

Best EVER Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese

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Did you know that you can make creamy, rich, and saucy stovetop mac and cheese from scratch in the same amount of time it takes to cook boxed mac and cheese?

And I’m happy to say that this pasta is infinitely tastier than the boxes of mac and cheese that used to have a home in our pantry.

Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese

I’ve tried countless mac and cheese recipes over the years and never found one that I truly loved. This recipe though is absolutely foolproof and it turns out wonderfully creamy every time.

I am so very happy to have a new favorite dinner and my kids are pretty excited about it too. I’ve made this creamy mac and cheese at least a half dozen times over the past few months and we absolutely love it.

The recipe below is loosely adapted from a mac and cheese recipe that I found over on Cookie & Kate. The spices here are the game-changer – adding the garlic, onion, ground mustard, and a pinch of cayenne makes such a lovely difference.

Everyone has their own opinion on the best mac and cheese recipe. For me, the best mac and cheese is creamy as it possibly can be.

While lots of people swear by baked mac and cheese, I’m a stovetop mac and cheese girl for life.

Homemade Mac and Cheese is a kid and adult favorite!

Mac and Cheese with Heavy Cream

Want to make this even easier? Or would you prefer to skip the step with the flour? Replace the milk with additional heavy cream (for a total of 1 ½ cups heavy cream). Skip the flour. Just warm

Easy Spring Salad [+Video]

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Easy Spring Salad [+Video]

a photo of a wooden dinner plate full of fresh spring salad including greens, asparagus, hard boiled eggs, roasted chickpeas and topped with a lemon vinaigrette.

This is an easy spring salad full of seasonal ingredients like asparagus, radishes, peas, fresh herbs and enhanced with roasted chickpeas, feta cheese, toasted pine nuts, and hard boiled eggs all topped with a bright and tangy lemon salad dressing.

Well, we did it again! We survived winter! And boy was it a doozy here in Utah this year. I have never seen so much snow here and we have lived here a really long time. So the fact that a “spring” salad is even a possibility brings a smile to my face! It is time for bright refreshing flavors and warmer temperatures!

What Goes in a Spring Salad?

One of the beauties of a salad is that they are so versatile, so I’m going to share the ingredients for how we like to make this salad, but keep in mind that you can omit or add ingredients to your liking. Here is what we like…


  • Olive Oil: the base of the dressing
  • Dijon Mustard: adds intense mustard flavor
  • Lemon Juice and Zest: adds a bright pop of freshness and acidity
  • Shallot: adds mild onion flavor
  • Champagne Vinegar: if you can’t find champagne vinegar, you can use prosecco or white wine vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper: adds flavor


  • Pine Nuts: adds texture and we toast them for maximum flavor
  • Asparagus: remove the tough stem end and then cut it into 1-2″ pieces
  • Frozen Peas: let them defrost in a bowl of water
  • Baby Salad Greens: this can be any mix of greens you enjoy…romaine, spinach, arugula, chard, etc.
  • Radishes: adds a little heat and gorgeous color
  • Cucumber: we prefer an English cucumber
  • Fresh Herbs: mint, basil, parsley, chives – this blend is so bright and bold
  • Feta: totally optional, but we love them saltiness flavor it adds
  • Roasted Chickpeas: you can buy roasted chickpeas or roast your own and they add great texture
  • Olive Oil: used to roast the chickpeas
  • Salt and Pepper: adds flavor
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: adds protein and heartiness to the salad

This is meant to just be an overview of the ingredients for this salad. For all the details and measurements, scroll down to the recipe card at the end of this post.

How to Make a Fresh Spring Salad

I like to start salad recipes by making the dressing. It can be made up to a day or two ahead of time, so it’s nice to get that made and out of the way. For this salad dressing, just whisk all the ingredients together and set it aside.

Other parts of this recipe can also be prepped ahead of time. You can hard boil the eggs, toast the pine nuts and roast the chickpeas up

The Little Things Newsletter #406 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Are you as excited as I am about the sunshine in the forecast this week? I’ve been trying to spend an hour outside every day and the weather has finally warmed up enough to make that a far more comfortable time.

And speaking of time outdoors, if you happen to be a local friend and want to go for a walk one of these days, I’m game. I love having company on my walks.

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And speaking of pancakes, when I first heard that you could use a package of muffin mix to make pancakes, I simply had to try it. It turns out that muffin mix pancakes are the easiest pancakes ever and they’re a fun breakfast twist.

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Sheet pan dinners are a staple on our meal plans and this chicken thigh sheet pan dinner can be made with any vegetable and/or potato combination that you have on hand.

Cinnamon Crinkle Cookies are perfectly crisp on top and irresistibly soft inside, these cookies are a fabulous blend of warm cinnamon and sweet sugar.

Loaded with Biscoff cookies and positively bursting with rich, nostalgic flavor, each scoop of this Cookie Butter Ice Cream is an ice cream lover’s delight.

What I’m CRAVING: Zuppa Toscana with plenty of garlic bread on the side. I’d completely forgotten about that recipe until a couple of days ago and it’s on our meal plan now. It’s so good!

What I’m LISTENING to: Noah Kahan. My cousin introduced me to this artist earlier this week and I’ve been listening ever since. His folk-rock style of music is influenced by early Mumford & Sons and I am loving it all so far.

I like his music so much tha

Weekly Menu Plan – Mar. 4 to Mar. 10

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Weekly Menu Plan – Mar. 4 to Mar. 10

a graphic showing a weekly menu plan

Let us carry the load of deciding what’s for dinner next week! You’re going to love this menu plan…

Monday: Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice Casserole

Tuesday: Easy Cashew Chicken

Wednesday: Mexican Street Corn Soup

Thursday: Buddha Bowl

Friday: Finnish Pancakes

Saturday: Chorizo Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Sunday: Oven Braised Beef Roast

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