Honey Lime Jalapeño Vinaigrette

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Tangy, sweet Honey Lime Jalapeno Vinaigrette delivers a hint of lingering heat that few can resist. It’s perfect on salads or drizzled over street tacos or burrito bowls.

salad vinaigrette with jalapeno and lime in small glass jar next to salad

Jalapeno Vinaigrette

My husband was working out of town a while back and he texted me one night to tell me about the fantastic honey-lime jalapeño vinaigrette from one of the restaurants he visited. His only dinner request that week was that I try to figure out how to make it.

Consider it done. He was a very happy camper with the version I created! This spicy, citrus dressing sweetened with a touch of honey was just the right combination.

I served this jalapeno lime dressing for dinner the first time I made it with a huge chopped vegetable salad loaded with chicken, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and just about anything else I could think of adding to it. It was so good!

I offered my boys ranch dressing for their salads, thinking that they might not want to try this one. However, two of them surprised me by liking the jalapeno dressing every bit as much as the adults did.

While to some people, salads may seem boring, I just can’t relate to that sentiment. Between changing up the toppings to different homemade dressings. I can eat them every day. In fact, I do. Check out my best tips for eating salad every day and loving it!

Want a few more awesome dressings to try that are a bit off the beaten path? Chipotle, garlic, and lime are combined to create a crazy flavorful Chipotle Vinaigrette that you are going to love.

This Pepperoncini Lime Vinaigrette is perfect for light salads or heartier ones, like this southwestern steak salad. The finely diced pepperoncini give a slight bite and the dill complements it nicely.

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Linguica or Kielbasa Sausage and Peppers Skillet

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Linguica or Kielbasa Sausage and Peppers Skillet

Sometimes the simplest recipe can taste the best! Linguica or kielbasa sausage and peppers only requires 5 ingredients and it doesn’t get any easier (or tastier) to get dinner on the table!

Cade spent 2 years serving as a missionary for our church, and he totally fell in love with the food there. I mean, how could you not, right?! It is SO good! I’m trying to add more delicious Brazilian dishes to our dinner rotation, and this linguica recipe is my latest! Cade says that it is spot on!

We used to visit a Brazilian restaurant every January here in Utah to celebrate Cade’s birthday but over the years it’s gone from delicious to downright terrible. So, I’ve started making more Brazilian recipes from home, kind of like our pao de queijo!

Linguica is so good but it can be a bit tricky to find so feel free to use any sausage like a kielbasa for example that you’d like! Just be sure to pair it with black beans and perfect white rice, or better yet, some feijoada!

a photo of sauteed red and yellow peppers and onions mixed with whole links of linguica sausage served along side a serving of white rice and black beans.


Ingredients for Linguica Sausage and Peppers

Remember how 5 ingredients is all you need?! I am allllll about a recipe with minimal ingredient but still bold in flavor. Here is the list of things you will need:

  • Linguica Sausage – a flavorful pork sausage that can be tricky to find sometimes, so you can substitute other sausages if you want – chorizo would be a good substitute or a kielbasa
  • Mini Bell Peppers – I love how thin and sweet the mini bell peppers are, but you can totally use a full size bell pepper if you need to. I would do one yellow and one red.
  • Green Bell Peppers – just remove the seeds and slice that baby nice and thin
  • Red On

The Little Things Newsletter #346 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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January 7, 2023

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! I’m headed to Santa Fe with my sisters for a few days next weekend and I can hardly wait. It’s been far too long since our last getaway. Do you have a favorite spot in Santa Fe? Shoot me a note if there’s something new I should try.

ON THE BLOG this week: Crispy-edged baked green chile chicken burritos full of cheesy goodness are an easy-to-assemble mealtime hit, full of green chile flavor.

Potatoes, red and green bell peppers, and yellow onions are combined in a colorful and flavorful breakfast skillet that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Loaded with flavor and just a hint of heat, these Italian stuffed bell peppers are filled with ground beef and rice, seasoned with plenty of Italian spices, and topped with cheese.

White bean and corn enchiladas with green chile sauce and lots of cheesy goodness serve as a meal or snacktime dip.

Naturally sweet and bursting with blueberry freshness, banana blueberry pancakes are a weekday breakfast must in our home. Are you wondering how to pull off pancakes on a busy weekday morning?? Check out all the tips in the post.

Warm slices of baked apples covered with cinnamon brown sugar streusel topping are all that’s required to make this easy apple crisp recipe.

What I’m CRAVING: This Chocolate Cream Pie by Valerie’s Kitchen is what chocolate-loving dreams are made of. I haven’t had a chocolate pie in ages and this one needs to happen soon!

My FAVORITE THING this week is the Misen vegetable peeler. (link HERE) My friend Rebecca gifted it to me a few weeks ago and if I’m honest, I wasn’t convinced I’d love it. (I’ve never been a big fan of the Y-shaped peelers in the past.) She was right though. This one is a keeper. It’s wicked sharp and comfortable to use.

What I’m WATCHING: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (link HERE) If I’d been asked half an hour into this movie what I thought of it, I’d have said “serious cringe” and I was about to turn it off. However, I was watching with my kids and we wanted to give it a chance. 

Luckily, it turned out to be an excellent watch. In a terrific mix of the expected a

Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

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Warm slices of baked apples covered with cinnamon brown sugar streusel topping are all that’s required to make this easy apple crisp recipe.

Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

All by itself or topped with vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream, apple crisp is one of our favorite desserts year-round. If you manage to have any leftovers the next day, this makes a spectacular breakfast too.

You could even include a crisp for a big weekend brunch, coupled with a pan of breakfast enchiladas, a cheesy bacon quiche, or a jalapeno popper breakfast casserole.

You’re probably not surprised to hear that my favorite way to eat this is with my morning coffee and a scoop of ice cream. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t usually have a fresh apple crisp waiting in the kitchen in the morning.

Easy Apple Crisp Recipes

As much as I love apple crisp, I don’t always love eating the soupy dish that sometimes masquerades as an “apple crisp.” This old fashioned recipe is not at all soupy, the tender apples are covered with the perfect amount of crunchy topping to balance it well.

Want a little more evidence of my love for easy apple crisp recipes? Tart cranberries and sweet apples are baked inside a brown sugar and oat crisp for a perfect not-to-sweet cranberry apple crisp.

Tart blackberries are paired with sweet apples in this brown sugar and oat fruit crisp. Apple Crisp Ice Cream is made with the creamiest of homemade vanilla ice creams, then completely loaded with bits of cinnamon sweet baked apples, and crunchy streusel topping.

Old Fashioned Recipe for Apple Crisp

This recipe is so easy to pull together and only takes a few minutes of prep time. The most labor-intensive part is slicing your apples. To save time, I don’t peel the apples for this recipe, though you certainly can.

You can use any kind of apples you like in an apple crisp and it will turn out deliciously each and every time. Granny Smith apples yield a little bit more tartness and pair nicely with the brown sugar and cinnamon.

My favorite combination is a mix of Honeycrisp and Granny Smith apples.

Slicing the apples thinly and evenly is important for getting the perfect apple crisp texture. Apples tha

Breakfast Potatoes with Peppers and Onions

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Potatoes, red and green bell peppers, and yellow onions are combined in a colorful and flavorful skillet that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

potatoes with onions and peppers

Breakfast Potatoes Skillet

I love having potatoes with breakfast in the morning. Well, technically, I would enjoy having potatoes with most of my meals. Potatoes, peppers, and onions add up to a terrific meal that comes together quickly any time of day.

By taking the time to prep them in advance, I simply heat as many as we need when we are ready to eat them. These potatoes are great as a dinner side dish, as a simple lunch, or tossed into scrambled eggs for a hearty breakfast.

Breakfast Potatoes with Peppers and Onions

I get why some people don’t like to pre-chop their potatoes because they discolor and turn brown. For breakfast potatoes, I typically dice them the night before and store them in the refrigerator submerged in water.

Wondering how to make crispy breakfast potatoes? In the morning, drain the water and pat the diced potatoes to dry. Drying the potatoes well is the key to getting the best crispy potato edges.

The peppers and onions can be chopped and just stored in containers or in simple zip-close bags until you’re ready to cook them.

breakfast potato skillet

Potatoes with Peppers and Onions

You’ll need just a few ingredients to make this recipe.

  • olive oil
  • yellow onion
  • potatoes
  • bell pepper
  • kosher salt 
  • freshly ground black pepper
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