Black Raspberry Ice Cream

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Creamy and rich with an abundance of chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth, Black Raspberry Ice Cream is as iconic a flavor in Ohio as the chocolate and peanut butter “Buckeye” flavors that are also popular in every ice cream shop here.

small white bowl with raspberry ice cream

The first time we flew out to Ohio to look at houses, our realtor and now friend, Stratton Alt (highly recommend him for anyone house hunting in the Columbus area!) took us to Graeter’s Ice Cream.

Oh. My. Word. Their most popular flavor is Black Raspberry and it was love at first taste for this girl. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

You may notice that this is a more complicated ice cream recipe than I typically share with you. Please do not let that stop you from making this, my friends.

I’m telling you right now that this recipe, this custard-style ice cream recipe, is everything you love about Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a homemade ice cream recipe that you can make whenever you’re craving it.

No matter where you live, whether you’re lucky enough to have Graeter’s ice cream in a shop around the corner or at the grocery store, you too can enjoy and fall in love with the most popular Graeter’s ice cream flavor.

container holding a scoop of berry ice cream

I typically make Philadelphia-style ice cream without eggs. So, naturally, I tested this recipe using our favorite easy vanilla ice cream

162: tips and strategies for Dry Eye with Dr. Dan Friederich

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Hi friends! I’m SO excited for today’s podcast interview. Since I had my eye issues last year, I’ve wanted to have an eye doctor on the podcast to talk about dry eyes, but I was waiting until I found the perfect one.

I found Dr. Friederich through his product, Eyeganics, which is the ONLY certified organic eye drop in the entire world. When I found Eyeganics, I wanted to cry happy tears because I’ve been putting sketchy eye drops in my eyes for almost an entire year. I’m so grateful for the works he’s doing, and he does an incredible job educating others, serving patients in his practice, as well as creating products with integrity.

162: tips and strategies for Dry Eye with Dr. Dan Friederich

Here’s what we talk about today:

– What causes dry eye?

– Tips for dry eye

– Nutrition strategies for dry eye

– Lifestyle tips

and so.much.more

If you suffer from dry eye, or if you just want to keep your eyes healthy, check out this episode!

Here’s more about Dr.  Friederich and his background:

Dr. Friederich practices in St. Louis, MO at Vision Care Consultants, a four-doctor private practice. Inaddition to providing primary eye care services, he focuses on ocular nutrition, dry eye, and specialty contact lens fittings. Dr. Friederich is the Founder of Eyeganics, the world’s only certified organic eyedrops. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and an American Nutrition Association-Certified Personal Health Practitioner (CPNP). He and his colleagues at Vision Care Consultants are theofficial eye care providers for the St. Louis Blues professional hockey team. Dr. Friederich also served inthe US Army, receiving the National Defense Service Medal and the Army Commendation Medal foroutstanding service.

You can connect with him on Instagram, his practice, and check out Eyeganics here.


I’ve been using Nutrisense on and off for a couple of years now. I love be

Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Key Lime Pie Recipe

A key lime pie in a graham cracker crust. Dollops of whipped cream are around the edge of the pie and two slices of lime are in the middle. Limes and forks are beside the pie.

There’s nothing quite like a perfect Key Lime Pie. That graham cracker crust filled with a bright and zippy but totally creamy filling is meant to be your dessert this week. 



Sometimes you just gotta yell it to make it known. I’ve been making key lime pie since I got married 16 years ago and this is the ultimate recipe. It all started with key lime pie that Cade had while serving a mission for 2 years in Brazil. It’s called Torta de Limão in Brazil and while we adore this recipe for bars, our pie needed to have that Florida key lime vibe so I’ve been testing and testing off and on for years until this year I decided to throw in a little sour cream and bam! Deliciousness is served. 

What Ingredients are Needed for a Classic Key Lime Pie?

This recipe is so simple that it’s dangerous! You only need a few ingredients, and you’ll likely have several of them on hand already. Making this recipe actually reminds me of making my mom’s famous lemon meringue pie. Fresh citrus just makes the best desserts ever! Here is your grocery store list:

  • Graham Cracker Crust: graham cracker crumbs, melted butter and sugar
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk: gives the pie it’s sweetness and creaminess
  • Sour Cream: adds creaminess and tartness
  • Lime Zest: flavor, flavor, flavor
  • Lime Juice: squeeze your own juice or buy bottled key lime juice, I always recommend fresh!
  • Egg Yolks: add so much richness
  • Stabilized Whipped Cream: water, gelatin, heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla

The measurements for each ingredient can be found in the recipe card below.

Recommended Equipment:

How to Make a Key Lime Pie Recipe

And you thought the ingredients list was nice and easy! Just wait until you see how easy it is to make this pie! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Make a graham cracker crust and let it cool.
  2. Whisk all the filling ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  3. Pour mixture into the prepared pie crust.
  4. Bake and then cool.
  5. Serve with whipped cream on top.

All of these steps can be found in the recipe card below.


Deviled Egg Potato Salad

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Creamy deviled egg filling creates the dressing that coats each bite of this deviled egg potato salad. Chunks of potato and hard-boiled eggs are tossed with the dressing to make the ultimate potato salad for anyone who loves deviled eggs.

Deviled Egg Potato Salad

I love a cold potato salad in the summertime – or let’s be honest, any other time as well. Potato salad is an awesome side dish for almost any meal.

I’ve shared quite a few potato salads with you over the years and I still love coming up with new ones. I first shared this deviled egg potato salad 3-4 years ago and it’s been a big hit.

Deviled Egg Potato Salad

Served with Grilled Chicken or a juicy steak or steak bites, potato salad is a side dish everyone loves. In the mood for hot dogs, corn dogs, or a burger? Potato salad works there too.

You can use any potato you like to make potato salad. However, I love the thin-skinned Yukon Gold potatoes.

There’s no need to peel the gold potatoes and the texture stays nice for the salad. If you decide to use russets or red potato, you’ll want to peel the potatoes for the best results.

Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Conference Review

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This post is a full review of my experience at the Biohacking Conference, hosted by Dave Asprey, in Dallas, TX. I’m grateful that a media VIP pass was provided to attend this amazing experience. 

Hi friends! How are you? I hope that you’re having a wonderful morning so far! I’m back in Tucson after an inspiring and transformational trip to Texas last week to attend the Biohacking Conference.

To be totally honest, I’ve been feeling pretty blah about fitness and health conferences lately. There hasn’t been anything that’s caught my eye, and usually conferences are a chance to learn more about what’s happening in our industry, and light a fire of inspiration. Conferences can be expensive in terms of travel, attendance, childcare, hotel, etc., and I haven’t seen anything that looked particularly worth it lately.

Then, I was ad targeted for the Biohacking Conference, hosted by Dave Asprey, and I immediately knew that I wanted to go. The lineup of speakers included so many of my favorites, and I’m a huge fan of Dave.

Photos courtesy of the 10th Annual Biohacking Conference

Needless to say, I was so thrilled when they offered a media pass to attend. While my attendance was provided, please note that this post isn’t sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Also, I have SO MUCH to say, so I’m going to be splitting this into three separate posts and a podcast episode!

1) My review of the actual conference and if I think attendance is worth it (this post)

2) A list of takeaways and the things I learned from the various sessions (blog post coming later this week and podcast will air next week)

3) My favorite gadgets from the conference, including biohacking strategies you can do at home for low cost, or for free (coming early next week)