Oven Baked Rice

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Tart lime juice and peppery cilantro infuse the long, fluffy grains of rice with fabulous flavor in this simple Oven Baked Rice.

The cilantro lime rice has been completely mixed and is ready to serve.

Oven Baked Rice

Oven. Baked. Rice. This is a game changer, my friends, and there’s no better way to try it for the first time than in this cilantro lime rice. I tried baking rice in the oven once years ago when I first heard about it. But, I was unimpressed.

But, THIS rice? Spectacular. I could have eaten a whole pan full by myself, and my kids really enjoyed it, too. It became an instant staple over here.

I found this cilantro lime rice recipe in from my friend Jessica‘s cookbook, Good Cheap Eats, Dinner in 30 Minutes (or less!). It is filled with 300 easy recipes to help simplify dinner prep for healthy, unprocessed meals.

If you’re wondering how to bake rice in oven, you’ll be glad you learned. It so easy! It takes just moments to mix the ingredients. Pop it into the oven, and less than 30 minutes later, the rice is perfectly cooked.

A close up shot of the cooked cilantro lime rice.

Cilantro Lime Rice

I served each bowl with a lime w

The Little Things Newsletter #404 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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Welcome to the weekend, my friends! We woke up today in a winter wonderland. As much as I love a snow day, and this is definitely a great one, I’m also thrilled that warmer weather is in the forecast for the rest of this week and the snow won’t be here for long. In the meantime, I’m planning to cook up some hearty snow-day foods this weekend.

Starting with waffles and waffle sauce for brunch this morning, then crispy baked chicken, the best ever homemade mac and cheese, and a sweet kale salad on the menu for dinner tonight. Tomorrow’s brunch plan is bacon and eggs with fluffy biscuits and some jam I brought back from Switzerland. Dinner will be this chipotle honey meatloaf (a long time favorite from my first cookbook) with garlic mashed red potatoes and parmesan roasted carrots

I’m getting hungry just reading all of that, so I’m headed to the kitchen to start the waffles just as soon as I send this email. Fortunately, we have several soups and a batch of steak chili tucked in the freezer for lunches too.

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Crunchy cabbage is tossed in a tangy and sweet dressing in classic Chick Fil A Coleslaw. Making this beloved menu item is a breeze, now that the once secret recipe is well known.

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Japanese Cloud Pancakes

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Japanese Cloud Pancakes

a photo of three fluffy Japanese cloud pancakes topped with powdered sugar and mixed fresh berries

The entire internet has gone absolutely crazy for these Japanese pancakes! They are so light, airy and tasty! A Japanese cloud pancake just became a staple at our house, so get out your egg whites and let’s give breakfast around the world a try!

Japanese cloud pancakes are fluffy and decadent, we are going to walk you through each step of making them. They require a little extra care and attention than traditional American buttermilk pancakes. They are worth every bit of effort though! Trust me on that!

What is a Japanese Cloud Pancake?

Japanese cloud pancakes, also known as soufflé pancakes, are delicate cottony pancakes. They are made by folding whipped egg whites into pancake batter so when they cook, they puff up like a soufflé.

Pancake Molds

I’ve decided that while the authentic pancake clearly uses a ring mold, I just do not have the time or mental capacity to worry about buying molds, spraying molds, filling molds AND cleaning molds. So! Here’s my tricky solution and should you wish to use molds, these seem to be the best buy:

Instead, the key is to uses a nonstick pan that has a lid that will securely fit on the pan and add the batter in layers, allowing the first to begin to cook and then dolloping more on top. I know, I know, but it’s still easier for me than a mold. I’ll go into all the details below.

What Do I Need to Make Japanese Pancakes

Even though these are Japanese, you don’t need any exotic ingredients. In fact, you’ll probably have most of the ingredients in house already, and if not, everything can be found at your standard grocery store. Here is your ingredients list:

  • Egg Yolk: adds structure and richness to the pancakes
  • Sugar: adds sweetness
  • Whole Milk: The milk must be whole milk. The fattier milk makes for a better souffle.
  • Cake Flour: gives the pancakes a lighter texture then all purpose flour
  • Baking Powder: acts as a leavening agent for the pancakes to give them some lift
  • Vanilla Extract: adds flavor

For the Egg Whites

  • Egg Whites: adds rise and fluffiness to the pancakes
  • Cream of Tartar: helps stabilize the egg whites so they hold their fluffiness
  • Sugar: adds sweetness
  • Water: used to help cook the pancakes by adding steam

The measurements for all these ingredients can be found in the recipe card at the end of this post.

How to Make Japanese Cloud Pancakes

Here is your step by step guide to making Japanese cloud pancakes without a mold…

  1. Prepare batter by whisking the yolk and sugar in a large bowl until pale and then slowly whis

Friday Faves 2.16

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Hi friends! How are ya?? I hope you’ve had an amazing week. We’re heading out for something fun – I’ll share the adventures over on IG stories! What do you have going on this weekend?

I feel like I need to get back into the “in the moment” style of blogging because I have a lot of pics to post today. It’s been a very fun week 🙂

Last weekend, we went to an event here in town called Beefsteak. It was a benefit and auction to support military veterans, and we had the BEST time. We went with a group of friends, ate amazing food, won some prizes, and spent hours on the dance floor. I quickly remembered how much I enjoy dancing to 90s rap, Selena, and early 2000s music with a margarita in my hand. It’s been wayyyy too long.

Some pics from the festivities:

(My dress was a Dillard’s find! I ordered three from Rent the Runway and nothing worked. I was pumped that I found something cute at the last minute)

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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Rich chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter chunks mixed throughout is a dream come true for any ice cream lover.

The candy pieces are just the right amount of dark chocolate and peanut butter to mix into the ice cream.

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream is a hit!

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

The first time I made this chocolate ice cream and filled it with peanut butter cups, I stashed it in the freezer for a few days before sharing it with my boys.

I knew without a doubt that they would flip over this ice cream. (Yes, I enjoyed it daily. There just wasn’t the right moment to share it initially. You do believe me, right?)

I’ve been making this ice cream for almost nine years now and this is still one of our favorite ice creams. It tastes just like a smooth, creamy chocolate peanut butter cup!

I don’t know if I’ve ever had as many ice cream related questions from readers as I have this past week. So many people are making Homemade Ice Cream and looking at Ice Cream Makers too.

For more great recipes to try, don’t miss our whole collection of ice cream recipes! Fresh Mint Ice Cream is like no other mint ice cream you’ve tried in the past, and it is one of our current favorites.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

There aren’t very many ice cream recipes on this website that require cooking the base mixture over the stove, but this one? It is absolutely worth a few minutes of stirring and the lengthy chill time before churning. And when I say it’s worth it? I mean it.

I’d choose this chocolate and peanut butter ice cream combination over anything store-bought!

homemade chocolate ice cream with peanut butter

Just a heads up: As much as I love this ice cream fully loaded with peanut butter cups, I nee