Perfect Pan-Fried Chicken Thighs

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Juicy, tender pan-fried chicken thighs with a golden-crisp skin are possible with just a spoonful of oil and a bit of patience.

The hardest part of this recipe is waiting while they slowly cook on the stove-top. You want the skin to be golden-brown with all the fat rendered before you turn them over. This chicken is completely worth the wait!

Perfect Pan-Fried Chicken Thighs recipe by Barefeet In The Kitchen

Pan Fried Chicken Thighs

These pan-fried chicken thighs have become a staple in my house over the past few years. I made this chicken at least once a week for the first couple of months and I still make it at least once a month. The chicken turns out perfectly every single time.

My kids now ask for the “crispy skin chicken” every time they see me purchasing chicken. This pan-cooked chicken has been a kid and adult favorite for over ten years now.

Can you fry chicken in olive oil?

Short answer? YES! I’ve been asked so many times, I finally made a note in the recipe card. I used to use refined (unscented) coconut oil to pan-fry chicken because it had a slightly higher smoking point, but I’ve been using olive oil for years now without any issues at all.

You’re not cooking at a high temp and you aren’t deep frying the chicken either. This is a shallow pan fry method that requires just a tablespoon of oil. You’ll be just fine with olive oil in this case.

After cooking chicken this way for a couple of years, I decided to play with an oven method for achieving the same crispy chicken thighs. I’m thrilled to tell you that this Oven Baked Crispy Chicken is pretty amazing too.

My first choice for crispy chicken thighs is the pan-fried method, but a very close second (and perfect for the busiest of days) is the crispy chicken made in the oven. I’m so happy to have two great methods now for cooking perfectly crispy chicken.

pan fried chicken in skillet

Irresistible Mandarin Broccoli Salad is a terrific side dish with both chicken recipes, as is this Creamy Pasta Salad or this Panera Mac and Cheese.

These Read more

The Move – Part 3

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The Move – Part 3

Friday night I went to bed worried and a bit defeated but still trying so hard to hold onto a thread of hope. I’d called, texted, emailed everything and everyone I could find. What in the world was going on that people wouldn’t even return our calls and texts about homes?! It was frustrating.

Yesterday morning Cade woke up and looked online one more time.

And two homes were newly available.

I drove like a mad woman, shocked that they had agreed to let me walk through.

And now, we are moving to Farmington.

I’m so grateful.

The Miracle Comes

I guess it really is true that you go until you have nothing left to give and then the miracle comes.

We move in just a couple of days and need to figure out schools, doctors etc. so it’s going to be a week to get through. But it’s also going to be the beginning of a story yet to be written and how exciting is that?!

I still have a summer of miracles to tell you all about. Miracles, I’m learning are often not in the ask, the real miracles are in the people and moments along the way. But yesterday, that was a miracle for sure and I’ll never deny that while it’s not the plan we’d set out for, it’s certainly going to end up even better for the people we find there.


Someone, gosh maybe EVERYONE saw me do it.

I cried a broken cry on the freeway as out loud I said:

“Where are you?!”

I was driving home from having found a house that we could rent until we find a more permanent forever, but I didn’t experience the feels like you would have expected.

It didn’t feel miraculous.

Though I’m certain it was.

I didn’t feel that acknowledgment of peaceful or right though it is.

Instead, it felt empty.

We’d prayed, fasted, hoped and acted all summer in faith that we were to move north.

We paused buying a home when nothing felt right and turned our attention to renting. I will be honest, that’s hard for me. I like to be settled and to be home but I could see that there might be a better story in “waiting” – the motto of my life
Out of all the homes we contacted about renting, I’d guess only 2% even responded to texts, phone calls and emails.

The Sunbeams that Barely Reach Us

It was BEYOND frustrating.

So where was God?

We were doing everything “right” and we felt hope and devotion to the miracle, so where was it and where was He?!

The homes on Saturday are lovely homes. The one we will move to is literally the only one that responded, was available and the nicest people own it.

So was it a miracle?

Sometimes we want to have the sun not only rise but completely envelop us in its light AND its warmth. But often its far away and we miss the streams that, like in this photo, barely reach to us as a reminder that it’s there, it’s coming, but not yet.
I think wh

Spotlight on sleep: are you dreaming of a restful night?

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From a deep dive into what our dreams mean to creating the ultimate countdown to calm, it's time to revolutionise your slumber

Spotlight on sleep: are you dreaming of a restful night?

Hello Happiful readers,

I’ve noticed recently that I’m tired. In fact, dare I say it, I’m exhausted.

I’ve never really been a morning person; as a kid I was the night owl, reading under the covers with a torch until some ungodly hour, letting my imagination rule the night.

As adults, we don’t have that luxury. Our sleeping and waking schedules are determined by our responsibilities – what time our next shift starts, or the traffic on our commute, getting the kids ready for school, or caring for someone else. Suddenly we have to fit into an entirely new rhythm, one that our bodies and brains might not be geared up for.

Now, when I roll out of bed and start my day, getting some fresh air first thing helps, but still I often notice I’m lethargic by lunchtime. It’s almost like my body is ready for the day, but my mind needs more rest.

It’s so easy to forget the impact of our night the moment we leave the bedroom. No point ruminating or longing for that bed, we have to crack on with the day and put it to the back of our minds. But how we’ve slept can signal so many things; why are we ignoring the lessons?

In this special issue, we’re putting a spotlight on slumber – from five top tips to stop snoring in its tracks, to scientifically-proven, natural ways to help you nod off.

We’re taking a deep dive into the connection between our waking and night lives, and asking what our dreams could really be telling us. Plus we’re putting sleep paralysis under a microscope, sharing counsellor-approved questions to improve your pillow talk, and we have a dream diary within our print-exclusive journaling pages, to not let those fleeting glimpses of your true feelings pass you by.

Spotlight on sleep: are you dreaming of a restful night?

Plus, this print edition includes:

Intriguing features including a look at 'wabi-sabi' and what the imperfections of nature can teach us about ourselves, dealing with a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult, six of the best dog breeds to support your mental health, and real people on their return from rock bottom.

Insightful life hacks from how to deal with jetrospective jealousy, to what to eat to soothe anxiety, how to help kids get a good night's sleep, and wellbeing support for students.

Expert input on a topics including mental health equality, past life regression, recipes to show you care, and how to handle empty nest syndrome.

It’s time we reclaimed the night, and took power over our pillows. So, if you’re tired of being tired, or at a loss for what is keeping you wide awake, read on to see if we can make res

Could hypnotherapy be the key to cultivating confidence?

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We explore an untapped resource in building confidence and self-love

Could hypnotherapy be the key to cultivating confidence?

Self-acceptance, confidence and self-worth are all subjects I’m passionate about. Why? Because I believe the lack of these can have devastating impacts on our mental health.

In building our sense of worth, we recognise our value and treat ourselves more kindly. This paves the way for better self-esteem and confidence as we realise our voice deserves to be heard and that we’re more capable than we think. It helps us build resilience and feel more able to handle life’s ups and downs. It encourages us to set healthy boundaries, honouring our own needs without guilt.

I’m not saying confidence is the sole key to mental wellness, but it plays a pretty important role. So, dedicating time to work on our confidence could have some far-reaching results.

There are many ways you can look at improving your confidence, from changing the clothes we wear to neuroscience-backed tips, but today I want to take a closer look at a potentially untapped resource – hypnotherapy.

How can hypnotherapy improve confidence?

Hypnotherapy for confidence is a type of therapy that works on the subconscious. This means it looks to make changes that we may struggle to do ourselves through willpower alone, like changing thought patterns and behaviours.

When it comes to a lack of confidence, this can often stem from negative thought patterns. Perhaps you’ve been offered an opportunity at work, but you immediately think you aren’t the right person for the job. Maybe you want to strike up a conversation with someone new, but your thoughts tell you that no one wants to talk to you. We often refer to this as our ‘inner critic’ and for some of us, it can be tough to recognise and change this voice because it’s so automatic.

The aim of hypnotherapy is to change these automatic negative thoughts. In her article, Three strategies to let go of self-doubt, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist Morag Stevenson shares more on how cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can do this.

“With cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, you learn to experience a hypnotic mindset of deep relaxation, clear focus and concentrated attention.

“Together with your hypnotherapist, you can use this mindset to freely explore your current unhelpful thoughts and their root beliefs. Once uncovered, you can consciously decide to swap these out for more self-loving ones that power and revitalise you. You discover how to take back control.”

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand that will instantly eliminate self-doubt, but because it works deeper than many of us can go consciously, it can turbo-charge your efforts, making everything feel that little bit easier.

Can hypnotherapy help my imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is when we have fraudulent feelings, usually at work, where we don’t believe we deserve to be where we are (and are sure we’ll be found out one day). This phenomenon has many roots, but it often has ties to low confidence.

“Put simply, imposter syndrome is a n

The Move – Part 2

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The Move – Part 2

First, I acknowledge the pant leg-sock-shoe situation. #mosquitos Technically I’m a Genius. 🤭

I love camping (Cade is a good sport and goes) but I hate how I FEEL camping.
Like literally.
As in, my skin. 😂
It’s that sticky combination of sunscreen and bug spray mixed with a little dirt and sweat. It’s gross and I can’t wait to wash it all away but I somehow am perfectly content in it at the same time because I know the goodness of it- it’s means I’m in my happy place of peace.

And that’s perfectly how I feel about “the wait”.

That time that’s neither here nor there.

A liminal experience.

The Wait

If I’ve learned one thing with this repetitive lesson of waiting, the wait isn’t waiting at all.
It’s actively walking. Walking from A to C and B is the bonus you get along the way.
“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31Renew their strength?!
Yes, I need that!
Run and not be weary and walk and not faint?!
I need that too!

Waiting is About Changing

While you’re waiting you get the beautiful promise of being sustained and lifted but what really is the SECRET to accessing that blessing is to STOP looking up and asking for “PLEASE” and start getting to work and asking, “So now I throw my heart into, “please let this experience change me, help others and become more!”

Remember how it took 2 years to even find the house we just sold or the hyperemesis gravidarum I battled?


During those times I learned that waiting isn’t about patience, it’s about changing- our lives and those around us.

And what promises do I need to fulfill that are waiting on me in this space?

You work on those two things and it seems to me that “C” comes sooner than it could have and this time when you step over the threshold you bring “B” with you- the talents, strengths and blessings tha