Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

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Creamy Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

a photo of a glass cup full of bright green avocado cilantro lime dressing surrounded by lime wedges and fresh cilantro.

Our creamy avocado cilantro lime dressing is fresh, tangy, a teeny bit spicy and delicious not only on salads, but also on tacos, rice bowls, or as a dip for veggies!

I’m slowly but surely gathering up all of my favorite salad dressing recipes… for my mom. Haha! I mean, I’m doing it for all of you as well, but this stems from a comment my mom made that I’m not completely ruminating on. She said she doesn’t know how to make a good salad. AND, FURTHERMORE, she doesn’t really eat salad in the winter because she associates it with summer. 

Oh heck no. 

Salad is one of the greatest things of my life, so I absolutely have to help her out! Salads are the easiest recipe because literally anything goes. You wanna add roasted sweet potatoes? DO IT! You want to mix cottage cheese in? IT’S DELICIOUS!

So, first up, Cilantro Lime Avocado Dressing because it’s healthy, and so bright and zesty! And look at that green color! All the heart eyes!

Ingredients for Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing

This recipe uses all natural ingredients and is gluten free and dairy free. Here is what you will need:

  • Avocado: make sure it is ripe by gently grabbing the top and bottom between your thumb and index finger and giving it a slight squeeze, it should have a little give to it
  • Cilantro: grab a handful of the leaves and pull them from the stems
  • Lime Juice: you definitely want fresh limes for this
  • Jalapeño: remove the seeds and use more or less of the jalapeño to determine the heat you want
  • Tomatillo: have a tangy and almost citrus-y flavor
  • Garlic: fresh garlic, adds a little bite to the dressing
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: adds acid and flavor
  • Honey: mellows out all the acid and tanginess
  • Ground Coriander: adds a slightly sweet, lemony flavor
  • Olive Oil: adds flavor and healthy fat
  • Kosher Salt: adds flavor
  • Water: thins the dressing out, you can add as much or as little as you want to control the creaminess

The measurements for all the ingredients can be found in the recipe card at the end of the post.

Avocados for Life

Someone recently asked me what my favorite food is. That is quite possibly the hardest question to ask a food blogger! I could maybe narrow it down to a top 10 food. And if I was forced to choose, avocados would definitely be on the list. I am obsessed with them!

You can eat avocados for every meal, and I do! Have you seen our post about avocado toast? Heaven! I love to throw them on sandwiches for lunch and we even have an avocado taco recipe that is so deli

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

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Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream is a sweet and tangy combination of smooth, creamy cheesecake ice cream and fresh strawberry swirls.

cheesecake ice cream with strawberries

Cheesecake Ice Cream

This ice cream tastes exactly like cheesecake. It’s such a unique flavor that I’ve actually confused guests a time or two when serving this cheesecake ice cream. Have you tried cheesecake ice cream?

In this recipe, the cream cheese and the sour cream provide plenty of tang and that is balanced by the sweet strawberries and the sugar. A squeeze of lemon brightens the flavors and ties it all together.

Turtle cheesecake popsicles are swirled with caramel, then frozen into popsicles. Once frozen, they’re dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. I absolutely love these and my kids can’t get enough of them.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

With a quick strawberry puree that can be made from fresh or frozen berries, strawberry cheesecake ice cream is a treat that can easily be enjoyed year-round. I absolutely love the flavor, the texture, and even the look of this ice cream.

Strawberry Puree Ingredients
  • strawberries
  • sugar
Ice Cream Ingredients
  • cream cheese 
  • sour cream
  • lemon
  • heavy cream
  • milk
  • sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • kosher salt
strawberry swirled cheesecake ice cream in a scoop

This ice cream can be made with fresh or frozen berries. If you are us

Homemade Strawberry Sauce

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With a bright berry flavor, a stunning red color, and a smooth velvety texture, homemade strawberry sauce beats anything you can buy at the store.

homemade strawberry sauce in bowl with spoon

Homemade Strawberry Sauce

Even though I look forward to berry season all year, this sauce can (and frequently does) get made with frozen berries too. So, if you can’t get your hands on perfectly sweet ripe berries right now, don’t worry.

There’s still a batch of homemade strawberry sauce in your future. Making the sauce is as simple as combining berries, a bit of sugar, and a squeeze of lemon in a saucepan. Easy peasy!

Bring it to a boil and then simmer it for a few minutes. It’s as easy as can be to make and you’ll be enjoying it all year long.

Fresh Strawberry Sauce

Once you’ve tried your hand at making a fresh strawberry sauce (and have tasted it!) you’re going to be hooked. Luckily, it’s a fabulously versatile sauce, you’ll find yourself pouring it over all kinds of things.

Drizzle fresh strawberry sauce over pancakes or waffles for a brunch that will leave everyone smiling. Add a spoonful to a bowl of yogurt with granola for a great weekday breakfast.

Warm the sauce and turn it into a strawberry ice cream topping, as we do with this simple berry sauce. Strawberry sauce for cheesecake can be poured over individual slices of cheesecake, or swirled into the batter before baking.

Try using the strawberry sauce as a glaze for grilled chicken or salmon, the savory options are great as well.

strawberries in saucepan

Strawberry Sauce

Simplifying your Skincare Routine

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Sharing some of my tips for a super simple skincare routine with no unecessary frills. If you’re looking for new skincare options, Friends and Family starts TODAY at this link. If you’ve been wanting to try Beautycounter, I’ve made a shopping list with some of my all-time faves here. 

Hi friends! How’s the day going so far? I’m finally on the other side of this crazy virus and pink eye situation. I ended up needing steroid drops from the eye doctor (which changed my world) and quite a few days to fight this thing off. I feel very grateful to be over the hump and will hopefully get good news today that I can start working back to wearing contacts again. I still have quite a few days left of washing pillowcases/towels/everything and my hands are so cracked and dry. It’s been a whole thing.

I had to toss a lot of my makeup, and it corresponded perfectly with the Sephora sale and the Beautycounter Friends and Family sale. 😉 For today’s post, I wanted to share some of my tips for simplifying your skincare routine and some of my beloved products (including the ones I’m restocking!).

Even when things are busy or crazy, I’m a huge fan of sticking to a consistent skincare routine. My routine is super simple, but these simple steps can improve skin quality, delay the signs of aging, and help you feel more confident. I definitely notice a difference in how I feel when I’m dedicated to my skincare routine. At the same time, I totally get how it can feel overwhelming. The wide variety of product choices can often make skincare complicated, and not everyone has the time and commit to do an elaborate skincare routine regularly. Today, I’m sharing some practical tips on how to simplify your skincare routine but still get the same fantastic results.

I’m also sharing some of my favorite products below. You’ll see a mix of brands; I like to switch up the products I’m using every now and again. Everything linked below is something I’ve had in my personal makeup drawer and highly recommend.

Simplifying your Skincare Routine

Identify your skin goals

Is your skin normal? Oily? Combination? Are you working on elasticity or wrinkle prevention? Write down a few of your skincare goals so you can keep these in mind as you structure your routine and pick your products.

Choose quality over quantity

This is #1 tip for creating a skincare routine. Don’t feel like you have to buy a ton of products! I’d start with four (details below) and build from there. I’d rather have five high-quality products than a whole drawer of produ

Sausage and Shrimp Fried Rice

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Shrimp and sausage fried rice has officially been added to the list of our favorite dinners. This easy recipe is a “two thumbs up,” kid-approved, hearty-as-can-be skillet meal; perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner! 

shrimp and sausage fried rice in giant skillet

Shrimp and Sausage Rice

Okay, let’s just admit it. I’m fried rice obsessed. Ever since I tried my friend Julie’s tips for perfect fried rice, I’ve been making different versions at least once a week.

In case you’re wondering, oh yes, we still love the Fried Rice with Ham and Vegetables that I shared a while back. All three of my kids have declared fried rice to be one of their favorite meals now.

I love shrimp fried rice, as evidenced by this older classic shrimp fried rice recipe. I have tweaked it so much over the years, it is past due for an update. (Especially now that I’ve learned just how much better fried rice can be?!)

Sausage Fried Rice

Recently, I had some kielbasa sausage in the refrigerator and shrimp in the freezer calling my name, so this became the latest variation of fried rice that we’ve fallen in love with.

As soon as I tasted it, I knew I needed to share it with you. Sausage or kielbasa with shrimp is always a great combination.

kielbasa fried rice with shrimp on plate with black chopsticks

The first thing to know when making fried rice is that you’ll need a large deep-sided skillet. Trying to use a shallow or smaller pan will just leave you frustrated and likely with a mess on your