Praline Pecans

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Praline Pecans are a Southern delight blending velvety caramel and crisp pecans. Born from sugar, butter, and cream alchemy, they offer a harmonious contrast of textures.

Rooted in tradition, these treats encapsulate the essence of the South’s flavors, perfect alone or enhancing desserts with their irresistible charm.

Close-up of praline pecans, served in a white bowl with a checkered blue and white towel

Praline Pecans

Pecan pralines (also known simply as pralines) are a type of sweet candied nut made primarily from sugar, butter, cream, and pecans. Pralines have a distinct creamy texture and a rich, caramelized flavor.

To make them, butter and sugar are cooked until a sauce begins to form. The pecans are then stirred in to coat them well. Then the pecans are transferred to parchment and separated to cool.

Overhead shot of praline pecans, served in a white bowl with a checkered blue and white towel

What are Praline Pecans?

The resulting pecans are softer with a slightly grainy finish due to the crystallization of the sugar. They’re usually round or irregularly shaped and can vary in size.

Pecan pralines are enjoyed as a standalone candy or used to add a sweet and nutty element to various desserts, like ice creams, cakes, and pies.

Overhead shot of butter and sugar in a stainless steel skilletRead more

20 things I’m loving for fall

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Sharing some of my favorite fall 2023 fashion finds!

Hi friends! How are you? I hope that you’re having a lovely day so far. I can’t believe that August is pretty much over. I always look forward to so many things during the fall: the fun fall activities with the kids (apple picking, fall festival, pumpkin patch), holidays, birthdays, ideal hiking weather, and all of the fall foods. I’m a soup-loving gal and also obsessed with pie and pumpkin, squashes and gourds. At the same time, I’m usually meh about fall fashion. I’d rather wear a dress and sandals, shorts and tank, or a swimsuit and coverup than a bulky sweater and boots.

Buuuuut something about this year makes me excited for fall fashion. I’m ready for jeans and sweaters, jogger sets, and sweater dresses. Maybe I’m more excited because shackets are finally gone?! (I hope???) Even so, I’ve been browsing online, planning some staple pieces, and thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you today.

If you have anything you’re already loving or online stalking for fall, please share the goods in the comments section!

*Note: affiliate links are included below that don’t affect purchase price, but enable me to earn a small commission. Thank you so much to those of you who support the blog by shopping through my links!

20 things I’m loving for fall

Jackets, tops, and sweaters

Love a classic striped button-up.

Black off-shoulder tee.

This gorgeous cropped plaid blazer.

Perfect pullover sweater in nude.

Floral embroidered mock neck sweater.

White Varley jacket.

Jumpsuits and sets

This Free People dupe. I have this one, wear it all the time, and will definitely continue to wear this and the all black version through fall.

This gorgeous jumpsuit. (SO cute with GGs)



My favorite functional stretches

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Sharing a roundup of some of my favorite functional stretches to add to your routine.

Hi friends! How are ya? I hope you had a great weekend! We had an amazing date night at Locale, I caught a hot yoga class, worked on Vitality (we start TODAY! last call!), and we met up with friends for dinner and drinks. I hope you had a lovely one, too!

For today, I wanted to chat a bit about functional stretching and share some of my faves. I know that stretching can be a fan fave, or something people loathe, but I think that it can be helpful to incorporate functional stretching (that makes sense for your activity level and lifestyle!) into your routine.

My favorite functional stretches

Why is functional stretching important?

Functional stretching, also known as dynamic stretching, involves moving your body through a range of motion to improve flexibility, mobility, and muscle activation. This type of stretching is different from static stretching, where you hold a position for an extended period. Functional stretching offers a range of benefits that are particularly relevant to physical activities and sports performance.

Here are some key benefits:

Improved Range of Motion:

Functional stretching involves dynamic movements that mimic the motions you’ll use during physical activities. This helps improve your joints’ range of motion in a way that’s relevant to your chosen sport or exercise.

Enhanced Flexibility:

Dynamic stretching helps increase the flexibility of your muscles and connective tissues by actively stretching and lengthening them through movement. This can contribute to better overall flexibility.Warm-Up for Activity: Functional stretching is often used as a warm-up before engaging in more intense physical activities. It gradually increases blood flow to your muscles, which helps prepare them for the demands of your workout or sports.

Activation of Muscles:

Dynamic stretching engages and activates the muscles you’re about to use. This can help improve muscle coordination and responsiveness, leading to better performance and reduced risk of injury.

Improved Blood Flow:

As you move through dynamic stretches, blood circulation to your muscles increases. This brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, enhancing their readiness for physical activity.

Injury Prevention:

Dynamic stretching with controlled movements and proper form helps improve joint stability and can reduce the risk of muscle strains and injuries during exercise. When you’re taking a muscle through the full and correct range of motion, it can help to prevent altered movement patterns, and imbalances that can lead to injury.

Neuromuscular Coordination:

Functional stretching promotes communication between

Garlic Butter Sauce

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Loaded with robust garlic, zesty lemon, and a kick of red pepper flakes, this Garlic Butter Sauce (a.k.a. Cowboy Butter Sauce) transforms any vegetable into something crave-worthy.

a close up shot of asparagus spears in a white baking dish.

Cowboy Butter Dipping Sauce

This recipe was inspired by a scoop of leftover cowboy butter. And let me tell you, every vegetable dipped in this sauce was very happily devoured. I’ve since decided to keep cowboy butter on hand for all eternity.

My success with the cowboy butter recipe had me wondering whether I could make a cowboy butter dipping sauce. Turns out, you can! The golden elixir it produces is not simply a sauce; it’s a whole experience.

Lemon Butter Sauce for Asparagus

I’ve made this a couple of different ways and I like it best as made below. Yes, you can melt the butter on the stove and simply add the other ingredients to it at that point.

However, I found that the fresh taste of the lemon, garlic, and parsley are best preserved when made as directed, then warmed in smaller portions as needed. If you have a better strategy, I’d love to hear about it.

If you know that you’ll be using a full batch of this garlic butter sauce recipe, make it with whichever method you find easiest. Just remember that once melted, it will not keep as nicely as the compound butter made in this recipe.

You can absolutely use other vegetables with this sauce. But, if you’re looking for a place to start, you can’t go wrong with a side of roasted lemon butter asparagus using this recipe.

A clear glass bowl with melted compound butter in it and a spear of asparagus is being dipped in the butter.Read more

Healthy Greek Turkey or Chicken Tostadas

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Healthy Greek Turkey or Chicken Tostadas

a photo of a Greek tostada topped with tomatoes, olives, feta cheese chickpeas and tzatziki sauce.

We are stealing tostadas from Mexican cuisine and piling them high with Greek-inspired toppings for the most delicious Greek turkey or chicken tostadas!

I’ve never been to Greece, but I picture it to be perfection. I don’t eat seafood much, so that part may be difficult. I just keep picturing a beautiful, light and breezy room that looks out over the most serene water with a stunning sunset and relaxation all around. My goodness we want to visit.

I wish someone would just plan a trip for us. Tell us where to go, what to see and especially what to eat. I’m bound and determined to make it happen. It’s a dream I can’t let go of. In the meantime I’ll keep making these healthy Greek turkey tostadas with lemon tzatziki sauce.

Recommended Equipment

Before You Start…

I like to start this recipe by making the tzatziki sauce! The flavor really elevates if you make it and let it sit for an hour or so.

You’ll also want to roast the chickpeas by tossing them with some olive oil, salt and pepper, Italian seasoning and some canned grated parmesan cheese. Roast them at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes on a baking sheet.

What is a Tostada?

A tostada is basically an open faced taco where a crunchy corn tortilla is piled high with all the typical taco toppings. In this case, we are swapping out the ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream for ground turkey, feta, spinach, cucumbers and tzatziki.

Ingredients for Greek Tostadas

At first glance this may look like a lot of ingredients, but most of the ingredients are toppings and you can pile your tostada with as much or as little toppings as you want. Here is what you will need:

Tomato Cucumber Salsa

  • Olive Oil: combined with the vinegar, this creates a simple dressing to amp up the flavor of the cucumber and tomatoes
  • Red Wine Vinegar: combines with the oil to create the dressing
  • Cucumber: I like to use English cucumbers so I don’t have to worry about peeling or seeding them.
  • Tomatoes: you can use grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes or dice up some roma tomatoes
  • Olives: I just diced up a few black olives, but you could definitely go more Greek and use kalamata olives you want.
  • Salt and Pepper: just adds a little flavor boost

Chicken or Turkey

  • Chicken Thighs: you can use the marinade for the chicken souvlaki if you want or just brown ground chicken thighs or ground turkey
  • <