Buffalo Chicken Wings

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Buffalo Chicken Wings

These Buffalo Chicken Wings are the ultimate wings recipe. Every man, woman and child will be begging to know your secret to making them so crispy and flavorful!

I am officially on team buffalo wings. Everyone says to use a few teaspoons of baking powder before baking, but I beg to differ…


I also decided that if I like wings on the Traeger and hate them in the oven, I’d just cook them in the oven like I do on the Traeger, and boom!! I can’t stop eating wings now!

These chicken wings are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They are coated in a spicy buffalo sauce that is finger lickin’ good…if you know what I’m sayin’!

a photo of a charcoal colored platter with buffalo wings and celery on it and a cup of blue cheese dressing in the middle. one wing and one stick of celery is in the cup of dressing.

Ingredients for Buffalo Wings

I’ll divide this grocery list into two parts – the ingredients you need for the wings themselves and what you will need for the sauce. Here is your list:

Chicken Wings

  • Party Wings
  • Baking Powder
  • Paprika
  • Salt


  • Franks Original Red Hot Sauce
  • Butter
  • White Vinegar
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Dark Brown Sugar
  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Celery

The measurements for each ingredient can be found in the recipe card at the end of this post.

Halloween Peanut Butter Blondies

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Halloween Peanut Butter Blondies

Peanut butter blondies that are loaded with Reese’s pieces, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and Oreos. Yes, you read that correctly! These are fully loaded!

I have refused to post Halloween desserts for years. I am not creative, and I don’t do cute. And I mostly am not at all artistic. Halloween kinda needs all of that. But lately I’ve been all about the mixups of ingredients and I couldn’t help but wonder, could a cute Halloween treat be made just by throwing a lot of goodies into blonde brownies?

a photo of a hand holding a peanut butter blondie so you can see the cross-section loaded with chocolate chips and Reese's pieces and topped with Halloween colored sprinkles.

Ahhh but there’s the issue, blonde brownies are kind of the worst lately. I think there are far too many recipes out there and the majority are dry. I hate that! Sink-your-teeth-into-them blonde brownies is how they should be. So, until I’m ready to post our favorite blonde brownies I thought I’d start with a peanut butter version. It took many attempts, but these are the best blonde brownies I’ve had and bonus that they not only are peanut butter blonde brownies but they are loaded with Reese’s Pieces, peanut butter chips (my personal favorite part), chocolate chips and Oreos!

On top look for Halloween sprinkles that will pop. I went for a version with purple and green in them so that it was extra colorful and fun. 

A photo of a peanut butter blondie topped with Halloween sprinkles and loaded with Oreo pieces, choclate chips, and Reese's pieces.Read more

What is emotional abuse (and when should I seek help)?

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How do you spot the signs of emotional abuse? Is it really as bad as other kinds of abuse? We answer your top questions about emotional abuse and explain where you can find help

What is emotional abuse (and when should I seek help)?

Abuse can come in many forms, affecting people of all ages and genders, from different walks of life. It’s estimated around one in 15 children in the UK have experienced emotional abuse, while one in 11 adults is thought to have experienced emotional abuse before the age of 16. Official figures estimate 4.5% of adults under the age of 60 have experienced partner abuse in some form in the past year. Some reports estimate that more than a third of women in the UK have experienced psychological abuse - and nearly a third (28%) don’t trust the legal system to help them.

Emotional abuse is one of the most difficult types of abuse to identify. Often taking place alongside other forms of abuse (physical abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence), emotional abuse can be hard to define and easy to miss if you aren’t the one living through it. Victims of emotional abuse may downplay their experiences, or over time, come to think that it is normal.

Abuse is always wrong. No matter what the relationship is or how long things have been going on, no one should have to accept abuse as part of their lives.

We explain more about emotional abuse, common abusive behaviours and signs to keep an eye out for, and how to find help if you or someone you love is experiencing abuse.

What is emotional abuse?

Also known as psychological abuse, emotional abuse includes a wide range of behaviours and actions. When someone tries to control you by using emotions to blame, embarrass, criticise, shame, guilt or manipulate you in some way, that’s a type of abuse. Over time, this can become a pattern of words and/or behaviours which can affect how you feel about yourself, your self-worth, and your overall sense of wellbeing.

Counselling Directory member Leigh Taylor explains more about emotional abuse and finding help through counselling.

Is emotional abuse domestic violence?

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, can include lots of different kinds of behaviours and types of abuse including emotional and/or psychological abuse. Often, people experience many types of abusive behaviours as part of domestic violence, including:

  • coercive control (when someone uses intimidation, degradation, isolation, or control through using or threatening physical or sexual violence)
  • physical abuse (intentionally harming someone physically, such as through slapping, punching, withhol

The Little Things Newsletter #334 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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Welcome to the weekend, friends! Are you as excited as I am about FALL??? It might as well be my personal Disneyland outdoors right now. I can’t stop gawking as I drive through our streets. I’ve been detouring down side streets everywhere I go lately.

ON THE BLOG this week: Sourdough stuffing filled with sweetly tart apples, chewy sweet cranberries, savory sausage, plenty of herbs, and cubes of toasted sourdough is a sure win for your holiday dinner.

Corn Pudding is beloved throughout my family. I grew up eating my mom’s corn pudding for every holiday and plenty of Sunday dinners in between. My siblings and I have been known to sneak the leftover corn casserole out of my mom’s house and I’ll even admit to “accidentally” bringing home my sister’s share of the leftovers (along with mine) once upon a time.

When I first came across this recipe named, “I Want to Marry You Cookies.” I laughed, the name reminded me of “Marry Me Chicken”. We’ve been calling these “Marry Me Cookies” for years now. This is NOT your average chocolate chip cookie. They are hands down the best Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.

Boiled Baby Red Potatoes are beyond easy and simple to make. Served with an easy slow cooker roast beef and these roasted green beans, this is a company-worthy meal that only requires a few minutes hands-on effort.

This is a sweet and spicy homemade bbq sauce with just enough heat to linger in your mouth. I’ve been slathering this sauce on darn near everything in my kitchen for a few weeks now!

What I’m CRAVING: My friend Meseidy’s almond crusted french toast filled with peanut butter, banana and honey is one of the best looking, best tasting, French toast breakfasts you can make. (I made this years ago, and I just put it on our Sunday brunch meal plan.) If you like sweet, crunchy and gooey you’re going to absolutely love this french toast.

My FAVORITE THING this week is my new colander. I know, I know. It’s a colander. What could be so great? Actually a lot! I have been using a cheap little $3 colander for years and it finally bit the dust. So I fell into my usual “read way too many reviews” and “overthink all the things before just buying what you need” kind of shopping.

I stumbled on this OXO colander and oh my word. Over a thousand 5-star reviews wer

Wabi-sabi: what is it and how can it promote positive wellbeing?

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What can the imperfections found in nature teach us about our own lives?

Wabi-sabi: what is it and how can it promote positive wellbeing?

On the expansive grounds of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, there stands a very unusual tree. The cedar was first planted when Capability Brown re-modelled the landscaped gardens between 1763 and 1774, and it’s still there today, overlooking the lakes and the palace beyond.

The tree attracts a lot of attention because it appears to be a fluke of nature. It’s held up by cables attached to nearby trees, its branches crooked and serpentine, and the 20ft diameter trunk is almost entirely hollow. It’s odd, and imperfect, yet visitors flock to it, season after season, because there’s something beautiful about it.

The Japanese have a phrase for the feeling this evokes: wabi-sabi. A world-view that learns from the imperfect beauty of nature, appreciates the passage of time, and accepts all things in their incomplete and impermanent forms.

Wabi-sabi has its origins in Taoism, between 960–1279, and then was adopted by Zen Buddhism. ‘Wabi’ roughly translates to ‘the elegant beauty of humble simplicity’, and ‘sabi’ means ‘the passing of time and subsequent deterioration’. Explained this way, there’s an undeniably melancholic feeling at the heart of wabi-sabi, just like the hollow tree at Blenheim, but the acceptance and appreciation of transience and imperfection can be empowering, especially in 2022.

“Perfection is an unattainable goal, and its pursuit can lead to feelings of inferiority and shame as we effectively never ‘measure up’,” says life coach Louise Bradshaw. “The stress caused by not achieving perfection, or pushing ourselves to our absolute limits, can lead to burnout, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.”

We see this kind of thing presented to us constantly, on TV, social media, and in adverts trying to convince us that we can buy our way to a perfect life. But, for many, the pursuit of perfection starts much earlier.

Wabi-sabi: what is it and how can it promote positive wellbeing?

“The roots of perfectionism can be traced back to childhood – beliefs about ourselves and our worth are developed in those formative years,” Louise explains. “If the message that we receive is that we are ‘less than’ in some way, then we may well develop perfectionism as a means to prove our worth. Equally, if we experience unrealistic expectations growing up, or are subjected to excessive praise, we may feel the need to achieve perfection in order to maintain these conditions.”

These days, many of us are trying our best to be conscious about our impact on the Earth – one key part of that being to reuse and recycle things, to repair what has become worn or broken before swapping it for a newer model. When it comes to nature, we can observe how things weather over time, how living things grow, bloom, and wilt, how they respond to sustenance, and how each example is entirely unique. So, if we can be so forgiving and accepting of the world around us, isn’t it about time we did the same for ourselves?

“In order to unlearn perfectionism, we must first understand the feeling or core belief about ourselves that we are trying to avoid,” Louise says. &#x