How to make Monday better

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Why do Mondays feel like the worst day of the week, and is there really a way to start our week off with a more positive spin? We share everything you need to know to turn that Monday feeling into something you can look forward to (or at least not dread)

How to make Monday better

Mondays. They’re the worst day of the week, aren’t they? For most of us, Monday morning signals the end of two whole days of freedom and enjoyment. The weekends are a time to relax, do something we enjoy, and put ourselves (or our loved ones) first. It's time to get out and about, do exciting things, and maybe even treat ourselves.

Yet by the time Sunday evening rolls around, we can start to feel a sense of dread for the week to come. And when Monday morning finally rolls around? We feel tired, grumpy, and reluctant to get started. Maybe you even feel anxious about the week to come, or frustrated that your precious free time has gone so quickly.

So…why is it we struggle with Monday mornings. And what can we do to turn things around and make Mondays better?

Why do I have such a hard time on Mondays?

We all struggle with Mondays for different reasons. Overwhelmingly in the UK, Monday is the start of our work, school, or college week, meaning it’s one of the most stressful days as we begin a new cycle of days before our next ‘free day’ off. But the looming week ahead isn’t the only reason why Mondays can be so tough.

If you find yourself dreading Mondays, it could be a sign that:

  • You don’t like your job. Disliking what you do, or finding it particularly stressful, can both make Mondays feel hard. But actually recognising why you don’t like your job (or that it’s even your job that is the problem) can sometimes be tricky. If you feel yourself growing anxious, nervous, or dreading the week ahead on a Sunday evening, it can be a sign that something isn’t quite right. Maybe you’re dreading a specific meeting, you don’t feel prepared for the week ahead, or your to-do list is waiting for you and feels overwhelming. For others, feeling like what they do is meaningless or makes no difference can be the driving force behind their discontent.
  • You feel trapped. Transitioning from two days of freedom to five days of sticking to a rigid schedule can be tough - even when we’ve been doing it for years. We’re no longer able to do things when we want, or in many cases, even to take breaks when we know they would best suit us. This can lead to a growing sense of frustration, loss, and even resentment that can be particularly prevalent on a Monday, as you try to get back into your workweek routine.
  • Your work/life balance is off. Having a good work/life balance is key for so many different reasons. Without enough time to ourselves, we may not be able to de-stress, maintain or build meaningful relationships, relax, unwind, and truly find things that we enjoy. Even when we love what we do as a job, we can’t keep doing it 24/7 without a break – it’s just not healthy. If you’re answering emails outside of

Cinnamon Crumb Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

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Cinnamon Crumb Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

My feelings for coffee cake run deep, so I absolutely had to make a pumpkin version of my coffee cake recipe with a cinnamon crumb streusel topping and maple glaze.

Soooo we should talk about how much I love coffee cake because after posting the best coffee cake, and coffee cake muffins, it’s becoming obvious that I’ve got a little obsession. And how could I not? The crumb topping is like the most perfect streusel ever and I’m not exaggerating. It’s got this tiny little hint of salt that you have to taste to understand the goodness. But on top of that, the pumpkin cake is so full of flavor and so tender soft that you just can’t help but take bite after bite.

a photo of a single piece of pumpkin coffee cake topped with a cinnamon crumb topping and a maple glaze drizzle.

Pumpkin pie cake has long been a favorite on our blog and I know this is ridiculous but for years I’ve been wondering how I could create a from scratch breakfast version. Obviously things got a little out of hand as that cinnamon topping came into play but I’m certain you’re going to be making this pumpkin coffee cake year after year. In fact, I insist you do. It may sound silly but one of the best gifts you can give your kids is a family tradition. You’d be surprised how much it will mean to them in the future.

Reasons You’ll Love this Pumpkin Coffee Cake Recipe

  • Drizzled with a maple glaze
  • Thick and perfect cinnamon crumb topping
  • Fantastic blend of warm fall flavors
  • Indulgent for breakfast and scrumptious for dessert
  • Super soft, moist and tender
  • Best of all, so easy and quick to make

a photo of a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and topped with several pieces o</div>
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Eggnog Ice Cream

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Smooth, creamy, and filled with the warm spices of the holiday season Eggnog Ice Cream is the perfect fireside treat.

eggnog ice cream in blue bowl with white towel

Eggnog Ice Cream

While ice cream is often considered a summer treat, eggnog ice cream is a winter favorite. This lightly spiced ice cream evokes a cozy feeling and we enjoy it through the holiday season.

The warm spices of nutmeg, vanilla, and a splash of rum extract bring about all the cozy holiday feelings. This is a bowl I am happy to enjoy fireside throughout the holidays.

Eggnog is as rich in history as it is to drink, or in this case enjoy as ice cream. For the British, it was a sign of wealth to serve eggnog because of the expensive spices like cinnamon and nutmeg along with the pricey alcohol like brand and sherry that were used.

Fast forward to the 1700s in America, when it was served because milk and eggs were readily available. Rum was used and suddenly you have an affordable drink to enjoy during the holidays.

Traditional eggnog would contain raw egg, but I find that the combination of nutmeg, vanilla, and rum extract mimics the real thing nicely. This results in an easy-to-make base and deliciously creamy homemade eggnog ice cream.

Eggnog can be made with a variety of different alcohols. For the ice cream though, I prefer to use rum extract, keeping it with the eggnog flavor, but alcohol-free so that the final texture isn’t compromised and the whole family can enjoy it.

My favorite eggnogs are the ones you start to see this time of year in the glass bottles at the grocery store. Many local creameries have their own special recipe like Hartzler Family Dairy which has a seasonal collectors edition glass bottle each year.

Speaking of eggnog, did you know that you can make an even simpler version of eggnog ice cream with just one ingredient?? You sure can. Just pick up your favorite eggnog at the store and pour it into your ice cream maker. No joke, it works great.

That version of eggnog ice cream isn’t exactly the same as this one, but if you wind up with leftover eggnog? Now you have the perfect use for it.

homemade ice cream with nutmeg in small bowlRead more

8 seasonal activities to help you beat winter boredom

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To fill the season with life and discovery, try these activities

8 seasonal activities to help you beat winter boredom

For many of us, the winter brings with it a respite from the rush of summer. Like the natural world around us, we slow down a bit, retreat indoors, and take some time to recuperate. Slow, cosy, winter days-in were the things we dreamed of at the height of summer heat waves, when our social calendars were packed, and we rushed from one thing to the next.

That said, with less on our plates, there comes a time when winter boredom can set in, and this isn’t always great news for our mental health and wellbeing. A study published in the journal Psychophysiology set out to look at the link between boredom and mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and discover the most effective way to prevent boredom’s negative impact on our wellbeing. The finding? To proactively pursue activities, rather than waiting till boredom has already hit.

So, to help you on your way, we’ve gathered together eight sensational seasonal activities to try this winter, to help you beat boredom.

Cook with seasonal ingredients

There are many reasons to cook with seasonal ingredients. For one thing, it’s more sustainable. But foods that are in season also tend to be far more wholesome and nutritious, and eating with the seasons might also prompt you to try things you wouldn’t usually eat. The ingredients that you will get your hands on are likely to prompt hearty, rich dishes – the perfect thing to warm you up this winter. Vibrant red cabbage, heirloom purple carrots (and the good ol’ orange favourites, too), buttery leeks, and honey-roasted parsnips – these warming foods make moving with the seasons feel natural.

Go stargazing

Taking time to sit back and be in awe of the sky above can be a truly humbling experience, and wrapping up warm, packing a hot flask, and heading out into the winter night makes for an even more magical experience. There are plenty of astronomical events on the horizon, many of which you’ll be able to see without the need for any special equipment. Head to for a full calendar of what’s coming up.

8 seasonal activities to help you beat winter boredom

Go for a winter ramble

Walking is an enjoyable activity all year round, but there’s something about breathing in the crisp air, hearing the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, and returning home with pinched and flushed cheeks, ready to wrap your fingers around a hot mug, that makes winter walks all the more special. Stomp around your regular route and take in the changing scenery, or head to to discover new ones.

Try a living room dance workout

When the temperature drops, a good way to get your blood pumping and heat rising again is through exercise. But why stick with a plain old workout when you can bop along to your favourite songs? Not only are dance workouts great cardio, but they’re also bound to put a smile on your face. Invite a couple of friends to try them with you, and you’re bound to be laughing throughout. There’s a huge selection of dance workouts available for free on YouTube, and there’s something for everyone’s music t

The Little Things Newsletter #338 – Life, laughter, and lots of great food!

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Welcome to the weekend, friends! It’s been rainy and drizzling all morning and I’m loving it so much. I know that many people are far less excited than I am for the arrival of winter, but it’s hard to contain my excitement some days. While I don’t love the cold as much as I love fall and spring, the changing of the seasons remains one of my very favorite things about living in Ohio.

ON THE BLOG this week: Coconut Lovers be warned, this coconut rice krispie treat is going to star in your food daydreams for years to come. I adore coconut and I also LOVE a great rice krispie treat, so this combination is pretty much my idea of snacking perfection.

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy recipe full of creamy ricotta and spinach, tucked into jumbo pasta shells and smothered in marinara sauce?

The smooth creamy texture of brown sugar ice cream with its rich caramel, toffee-like flavor makes this the perfect ice cream to take me into fall.

Rich, chewy fudge brownies filled with melting Andes mints and plenty of chocolate chips are brownie perfection.

For a side dish that checks all the boxes, smokey, sweet, savory, and salty, serve these caramelized carrots with bacon.

Light and fluffy, absolutely Perfect Pancakes are a recipe that everyone needs to have in their pocket. I’ve been making this pancake recipe for as long as I can remember and every single person who has tried these pancakes has loved them.

With all the flavors of pumpkin pie stirred into a creamy bowl of oatmeal, this quick and easy Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal is our favorite fall oatmeal.

This Date Nut Roll brings me directly back to my childhood. I remember watching my grandpa roll this on the kitchen counter every holiday when we visited.

What I’m CRAVING: This Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board by Modern Honey might be the prettiest themed board I’ve ever seen. I want this for a holiday centerpiece now.

My FAVORITE THINGS this week are these paper liners for the air fryer basket. I’m certain my friend Sandra is reading this and laughing herself silly because I admittedly thought they were a bit “extra” and couldn’t possibly be worth buying when she first told me about them. 

Well, I’ve had to eat those words, b