Chewy Rice Krispie Treats

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Want to know how to make gooey, soft, and chewy Rice Krispie Treats?

Whether you’re serving them after dinner, taking them to a potluck, or simply making them for a fun snack with your kids after school, find out how to make rice crispy treats that turn out perfectly every time!

The ULTIMATE Rice Crispy Treats - get the recipe at

Gooey Rice Krispie Treats

Which is it? Rice Crispy Treats or Rice Krispy Treats? Rice Crispies or Rice Krispies? I go back and forth as I’m guessing you all do as well. Luckily, we all know how delicious they are, regardless of how you spell the name!

If you spend any time with me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been on a wee bit of a homemade rice crispy treats kick lately.

Chocolate-drizzled peanut butter cup rice crispy treats, coconut rice crispy treats, even rice crispy treat ice cream – yes, I went there and it was AMAZING!

Add some chocolate-covered pretzels or really mix things up with these chocolate peanut butter bites, classic rice crispy treats, and ooey-gooey marshmallow-filled soft rice crispy treats; it’s hard to find home style rice crispy treats that I won’t eat.

I like Rice Krispie Treats that are soft enough to pull apart with my fingers, the day after making them, after they’ve been sitting out on the counter. 

Gooey rice krispy treats aren’t complicated. You probably made the original rice Krispies treat recipe at least a time or two when you were a kid. While I’d never turn down anyone else’s rice crispy treats recipe, I’m kind of picky about my own.

This gooey recipe krispie treats recipe delivers soft and chewy rice crispie treats with plenty of ooey-gooey marshmallow goodness. I want to taste the sweet and sticky marshmallows in each and every bite of my treats.

I’ve tested this recipe by leaving the sliced rice krispy treats on a plate for 48 hours and they remained chewy and not at all hard. (The only thing hard was not eating the entire batch in the first 24 hours after baking them. Lord knows how little self-control I have when it comes to Rice Crispy Treats of all kinds.)

I don’t like my rice krispy treats to scrape the roof of my mouth or become crunchy. So, in short, gooey rice crispy treats = my happy place.

How to Make Rice Crispy Treats

This recipe–it is THE recipe, the only Rice Krispie Treats recipe you ever need. Once you learn how to make rice crispy treats like these, you’ll never go back. No other recipe can compare, I promise.

Have I convinced you yet?

In a nutshell, take the original recipe off the side of the cereal box, add more butter, add way more marshmallows, and there you have it. It isn’t complicated, but oh, it makes me so very happy to have perfectly soft rice crispy treats

Taco Sloppy Joes

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Taco Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes – that classic comfort food with a Mexican twist! These taco sloppy joes are like eating your favorite taco with all the toppings you love but in sandwich form!

We are no strangers to sloppy joes here at Oh Sweet Basil! We love them! Our best sloppy joe recipe is one of our most popular posts! And of course we have sloppy joe sliders, instant pot sloppy joes and a sloppy joe casserole! Let’s not forget our healthier sloppy joe recipe and one of my all time favorites, the philly cheesesteak sloppy joe! My mouth is watering!

a photo of a brioche hamburger bun loaded with taco meat topped with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream and fritos chips scattered around.

What Ingredients Do You Need for Taco Sloppy Joes?

Very few ingredients are needed to make this quick and easy dinner recipe! You’ll just need some good ground beef and a few things to make the sloppy joe meat mixture, and then you can go as crazy or as simple as you want with the toppings. Here is your ingredients list:

  • Ground Beef: we prefer 85/15 beef for maximum flavor
  • Onion: just a yellow onion works great
  • Taco Seasoning: you can use store bought seasoning or make your own
  • Diced Green Chiles: I usually go with mild to keep it kid friendly.
  • Worcestershire: deepens flavor and adds richness

5 powerful pieces of life advice you need to hear

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Want to know the most life-changing words of wisdom? Well you’re in luck. We reached out to our audience to find out the best life advice they’ve ever had, and these were their answers. Sit back, take it in, and prepare to see the world a little differently…

Thoughts aren’t facts

5 powerful pieces of life advice you need to hear

A simple yet powerful piece of advice we could all do with taking on board. When thoughts pass through our minds, we often take them at face value, believing them to be true. In reality, however, these thoughts aren’t factual. They are stories we’re telling ourselves.

Some of our stories are fuelled by fear, sending us into self-doubt spirals. When this happens, pause and remind yourself that thoughts aren’t facts. When we can distance ourselves from our overly critical or negative thoughts, we can see a more positive perspective.

This too shall pass

When times are tough and we can’t see an end in sight, we might think we’ll feel this way forever. The truth is, the only constant in life is change (and this is a good thing). It means the way you feel, the situation you’re in, will one day change. This too shall pass.

Remind yourself of this on darker days, taking a moment to think about what steps could push you closer to the light. And on the good days, this sentiment can remind you to appreciate them even more.

You can’t eat an elephant all at once, eat it one bite at a time

This is one for overwhelmed souls. Experiencing overwhelm can feel like being asked to eat an elephant – daunting, and too big a task to undertake. But the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, and the only way to tackle big projects is one step at a time.

Break things down into small chunks, see if there’s anything you can delegate, and practice some radical prioritisation. Then, simply… start.

(Note: no elephants were harmed in the making of this article.)

Pace yourself

Pacing is a technique recommended for those with long-term conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, encouraging them to balance activity with rest, and to monitor energy levels. This is excellent advice, and not only for those with chronic illness.

By pacing ourselves, only taking on what we have capacity for and recognising the importance of rest, we can all take better care of our wellbeing. Life isn’t a race, after all.

Find the good in every day

Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day – a simple saying that can help us look out for the positives. An easy way to incorporate this advice is to start a gratitude journal, noting the positives in your day. Perhaps a loved one checked in with you, or you got to do something you enjoy. Whatever it is, really notice it, no matter how big or small.

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Top posts and pages of 2022

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Sharing the top posts and pages of 2022!

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas to those who were celebrating!

Some pics from our holly jolly weekend:

It was the perfect weekend and I’m already sad that today we’ll be packing away decorations. The holiday season always goes by too quickly, but this year was warp speed. Welp, bring on spring and summer swimming and BBQ season 😉

For today’s post, I wanted to share the top posts and pages of 2022. I always love going back and looking at my top-performing posts to give me an idea of the type of content you want to see. I used this info to plan my editorial calendar, along with your amazing annual survey suggestions. It’s always interesting to see which posts blow it out of the water (which usually have nothing to do with food, fitness, or fashion.. but more like potty training and guinea pigs lol). This year I was surprised! WAY more fitness and health cont

Slow Cooker Potato Soup

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This creamy, rich slow cooker potato soup with a sprinkling of rosemary and thyme simmers in the crock-pot throughout the day, until you are ready to eat. I’ve been calling this my “Busy Day Potato Soup” for years.

This Slow Cooker Potato Soup can be assembled and started in the crock-pot anytime from 5-10 hours before you want to eat.

potato soup in antique bowl with spoon

Slow Cooker Potato Soup

As long as there are potatoes in the house, this crock-pot potato soup is perfect for days when you know that you will be occupied during the afternoon and you don’t want to fuss with dinner.

This is a classic creamy potato soup recipe that’s ready with just a few minutes of active time in the kitchen from you. The soup itself cooks in the slow cooker while you go about your busy day.

With the nights getting a little nippier lately, I’m so excited to bring this soup into our wintertime dinner rotation again. It’s so nice to end a busy day of working and running around with a big steaming bowl of comforting potato soup.

I’m forever grateful that my slow cooker lets me cook delicious homemade dinners from scratch even when days are busy and I hardly have any time to step into the kitchen.

Crockpot Potato Soup

Do you like potato soups? I can’t get enough of them, especially when the weather is cooler. We love a bowl of good soup for dinner but I also find myself keeping individual portions stored in the fridge and freezer anytime someone needs a quick meal.

Since I almost always have a bag of potatoes on hand in my pantry, potato soups are a no-brainer when I need an easy dinner idea.

I’ve been making this potato soup recipe along with my Loaded Baked Potato Soup in the crock-pot for years now and they always turn out well. You might also like this dairy-free Creamy Cauliflower Potato Soup and this Green Chile Chicken and Potato Soup.