{Slow-Cooker} Italian Red Wine Roast Beef

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This Italian Red Wine Roast Beef slowly cooks in the crock-pot creating an unforgettable dinner with almost no effort at all.

This smells absolutely fantastic as it slowly cooks through the day.

Slow Cooker Italian Red Wine Roast Beef

Crockpot Roast Beef

I could hardly wait to taste this pot roast the first time I made it and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Seasoned with a light blend of Italian spices and then cooked in red wine, served with Baby Red Potatoes and Roasted Green Beans this roast is happily eaten by every member of the family.

I’ve been making this Red Wine Roast Beef for a few years now and it never fails to impress. This recipe was originally inspired by a recipe I found over at allrecipes.com. I’ve simplified it over time and the whole family enjoys it.

The aroma, while it cooks, is almost as amazing as the resulting meat. I could eat this roast beef every week all year long with no complaints.

Italian Roast Beef - in the crock-pot

Red Wine Roast Beef

What really makes this Italian roast beef recipe stand out is the red wine that it cooks in. I use a dry red like cabernet or a merlot to fill this roast with delicious flavor. (Not a big wine drinker? I buy these tiny bottles of wine and stash them in the pantry. I use one small bottle each time we make this roast recipe.)

The red wine gives this meat a whole extra dimension of taste. It tastes better than any roast beef I’ve had at a restaurant but is incredibly simple and easy to make. This is a standard dinner time main dish for us by now but we never ever get tired of eating it.

I first made this pot roast with red wine by baking it in the oven. The meat was perfectly tender and fell apart on the fork easily. I had a feeling the recipe would work well in the slow-cooker, too and I was right.

Memphis Style Dry Ribs (in the oven or on the grill)

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Tender, caramelized meat that clings to the bone and requires just a gentle tug to pull it off makes for the perfect grilled spare rib. Mixing up an easy and flavorful dry rub for ribs makes them even more delicious.

Memphis Dry Ribs

Dry Ribs

Would you believe that a week ago I had never cooked bone-in ribs?

I assumed that they would be more difficult and complicated than the country style boneless ribs I’ve always purchased. I was wrong. These were so easy; I made them twice just to make sure it would work the same.

Technically, I made three batches, because I mistakenly thought that I could get away with using the crockpot. Let’s just say they were not the same.

In all fairness, the ribs that started in the crockpot were edible and the flavor was great, but the texture was off and there was just no comparison to the grill or oven versions.

Memphis Dry Ribs

Memphis Style Dry Ribs

When I decided to tackle cooking ribs for the first time, I went straight to my personal grilling expert. Chris from Nibble Me This has been an expert in the grilling arena for a very long time now. He first tempted me with the Grilled Smokey Chicken and Bacon Cheeseburger.

Next, he convinced me to grill our steaks using the reverse sear method. I’ve used that method repeatedly and never looked back. (There is nothing else like it, I promise, even if the photos do desperately need to be updated.)

And for further proof that Chris’ recipes have never let us down, his Po’dunk Sauce is the ultimate dipping sauce for any potatoes in your life!

The grilling method here creates perfectly cooked ribs each and every time. I was also thrilled to find out that I

Cajun Steak Bites

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Steak bites are a weeknight mainstay of our meal planning rotation. Cajun Steak Bites have just enough kick to please both my spice lovers and less adventurous eaters.

Cajun Steak Bites

Cajun Steak Bites

Steak bites are crispy bits of steak that cook up quickly and easily on the stovetop. I like to use a skirt steak cut into bite-sized pieces.

When making these bites be sure to not overcrowd your pan. You want to give each piece the chance to crisp up and get browned edges. Overcrowding the pan will result in the piece being steamed instead of browned.

The goal when cooking the meat is to create a crisply browned outside and a lovely pink and juicy center for each piece.

As the meat is cooking, if a piece is slightly larger and has a side that looks like it hasn’t browned, flip to that side again for 20-30 seconds. Take caution not to overcook the steak.

I am often asked if I use inside or outside skirt steak. The truth is you can use either in this recipe. However, if I have the choice I go with the outside skirt.

Outside skirt is usually a bit larger in size and is more flavorful and tender than the inside skirt. Sometimes you just have to go with what is available at your local market.

There isn’t always time to marinate a steak so these tasty bites with a flavorful dry rub are a perfect solution. The juicy bites cook up in minutes and make a complete meal, just add a vegetable.

I served the steak bites with a pan of Roasted Green Beans and Garlic Paprika Roasted Cauliflower, along with some Roasted Red Potatoes seasoned with the same Cajun spices I use on the steak bites.

Cajun Steak Bites

Cajun Steak Bites Recipe

  1. Cut the steak into bite-size pieces, about ½” – ¾” in size. Place the meat in a large b

Chipotle Chicken Marinade

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Smoky chipotles, garlic, and honey are combined in this Chipotle Chicken Marinade. This simple marinade is packed with an awesome smoky southwestern flavor.

Chipotle Marinade for Chicken

Chipotle Chicken Marinade

My friend Tricia shared a Chipotle Chicken Salad the other day (almost ten years ago now!) and the chicken marinade sounded so good, that I couldn’t resist trying it that very same night.

I had chicken in the refrigerator and everything else I needed for the recipe was in the pantry. Well, the chipotle marinade was a huge hit and I’ve been making this recipe for over ten years now!

The Chipotle Chicken is awesome on the Southwest Chicken Salad and it’s also terrific with Cilantro Lime Rice or this Creamy Pasta Salad.

Chipotle Marinade

It takes less than 5 minutes to make up this marinade and get the chicken marinating in it!

First, you’ll combine the oil, honey, garlic, chipotle peppers, cumin, salt, and pepper in the blender. Puree for just a moment to combine.

Next, you’ll pour the marinade over the chicken and refrigerate the chicken for a few hours or overnight. That’s all there is to it!

You can also combine the marinade and chicken in a freezer-safe zip-close bag and freeze it that way. Just thaw when you’re ready to cook the chicken. (I almost always have some marinated chicken stashed in the freezer this way.)

Chipotle Marinade

Chipotles in Adobo Sauce

Did you know that chipotle peppers are simply smoked or dried jalapeno peppers? Adobo is a Spanish sauce made from

Buttered Steak Bites with Mushrooms

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From the very first bite, these Buttered Steak Bites and Mushrooms became an instant favorite for my whole family. This is the most tender steak you can imagine and my whole family goes nuts for it.

Steak Bites with Mushrooms

Steak Bites with Mushrooms

I have two boys who aren’t the biggest fans of steak. (Yes, I know, it’s hard to imagine!) However, they dive right into these steak bites and always ask for seconds.

Served with Salt Potatoes and Honey Sriracha Roasted Broccoli, I love every bite of this meal.

Bite-size pieces of tender steak are seared in a hot skillet just for a couple minutes until each bite is crisply browned outside and juicy inside.

Then the mushrooms are seared in the same pan to absorb all of that delicious buttery flavor left in the pan.

How To Cook Steak Bites

The goal when cooking steak bites is to create a crisply browned outside and a lovely pink and juicy center for each piece of meat.

As the meat is cooking, if a piece is slightly larger and has a side that looks like it hasn’t browned, flip to that side again for 20-30 seconds. Take caution not to overcook the steak.

Steak Bites with Mushrooms are a quick dinner favorite.

Steak Bites and Mushrooms

  1. Cut the steak into bite-size pieces, about 1/2″ – 3/4″ in size. Sprinkle the meat generously with 3/4 teaspoon salt and pepper. Heat a heavy, flat bottomed stainless skillet over medium-high heat and add 1 tablespoon of butter. When the butter has melted, swirl to coat the pan. Add about a third of the meat and spread it across the pan.
  2. Cook for 1 minute and then use a large spatula to fli