Spring Slim Down 2023 Winners!

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Spring Slim Down 2023 Winners!

350 pounds in JUST 6 WEEKS! Spring Slim Down 2023 is in the books and, phew, this one was insane! Our team was in constant awe of the progress, both physically and mentally we were seeing throughout the challenge. We wanted to bring back the intensity with this challenge- in our workouts, our nutrition, our prizes, and most importantly, our grand prize (a free trip to Miami, FL just to jog your memory *winky face)! We brought back Accountability Groups to connect members with each other & lean on each other for support during the 6 week challenge. We introduced 6 new videos in the MOVE app, all focused on specific areas of the body to really feel that burn. We also re-introduced weekly giveaways for our #teamlsf community who remain the most loyal and supportive fitness community to exist!

Now, if you couldn’t tell, we brought the HEAT to this challenge and so did our members! Based on JUST the members who submitted their story, we lost nearly 350 pounds in this 6 week challenge! I can only imagine how much bigger that number is from the other thousands of members who did the challenge! If you haven’t taken the chance to tell us your story yet, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to submit your story here.

Follow Team LSF on IG to see more! Everyone finished this 6 week challenge stronger than ever and I am so proud!

Now it’s time to shout out our SSD23 winners! These women stayed dedicated and consistent with their 7 Day Slim Down Meal Plan, Hot Body Meal Plan, and MOVE app workouts!

These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most heart warming stories!


Ashley (@love.shine.wellness) – Marshall, Michigan Total pounds lost: 13

This challenge taught me consistency over intensity.”


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Cacao-Nut Protein Balls

You are going to go NUTS over these protein balls! I have been loving these as a post workout snack or an after dinner treat! Once you try these you will be wanting more, trust me! My other favorite protein balls recipe is in the Guiltless Nutrition & Recipe eBook!

You won’t even be able to tell you are eating such a healthy snack because they are just THAT good! These little protein balls are packed with 4 scoops of my LSF Plant Protein and I know you are going to be just as obsessed with them as I am!

Cacao-Nut Protein Balls Ingredients

makes approx. 24 balls 

  • 3 cups Medjool dates pitted
  • 1 1/2 cups almonds
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes unsweetened


1. Add almonds to a food processor and process until it’s more of a flour texture. It can be coarse. 

2. Add dates and water, cacao and protein powder and process until well combined.

3. Add chocolate chips and hit pulse a few times to combine.

4. Use a spatula to remove mixture from the processor into a bowl. Then use your hands to roll even spoonfuls into small balls.

5. Pour coconut flakes onto a large plate or bowl and gently roll the balls to cover in the flakes.

6. Store in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container.

Craving More?

Find more delicious recipes like this + all of our favs here!

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Organifi green juice vs. Athletic Greens (AG1)

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Sharing a full blog post showcasing the differences between Organifi green juice and AG1 and how I use them in my routine. 

Hi friends! How are ya? I hope you’re having a wonderful week. It’s been a good one over here, except for the fact that half of the family is sick with colds. I’m knocking on wood, eating whole cloves of garlic, and following my usual immune boost protocol (when family members are sick or I’ve been exposed). Some of the things I do are in this post – I need to update it!

I also have to give credit to a couple of things that I use in my routine that I think have helped keep my immune system strong: Organifi green juice and Athletic Greens (aka AG1). I use and love both of these, so I thought today I’d share some of the benefits of these amazing products, the differences, and compare them.

Organifi green juice vs. Athletic Greens (AG1)

Benefits of drinking a daily greens powder:

TBH, it can be really hard to get the nutrients we need from food alone. You have to be strategic about it, and this can be especially challenging if you’re juggling a lot of other things. A majority of us aren’t calculating our B2 needs throughout the day and if we’ve hit it, you know what I mean? A powder can help us fill in the gaps, especially with certain vitamins and minerals.

I LOVE greens powders like this because they often contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens, which can help our bodies to fight off damage from toxins and environmental exposure, improve immune health, restore gut function, and improve stress response.

The downside:

A majority of greens powders are disgusting. I’ve tried SO many, and a majority of them taste like you’re chewing on a tree. They’re bitter, earthy, chalk-y, and unpalatable. This can discourage so many people from adding a green powder to their routine.

Here are two that I absolutely love! They source high-quality ingredients and put an extreme amount of care into creating these superfood powders.

They serve different purposes, they taste different, and you can choose which one you want to try, based on your goals and preferences. *As always, talk with a doctor before adding any new supplements into your routine. I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

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My WFH (work from home) setup

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Sharing the details on my work from home office setup, plus my experience with using a walking pad.

Hellooooo! How are ya and how’s the morning going so far? We’re back into real life after our little trip and it felt good to have a few days of normalcy. I’m so sick of restaurant and takeout food, I tell ya. It’s also amazing to have coffee at home – Starbucks will never be the same to me.

This morning I have an exciting podcast interview and am unpacking, and re-packing. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

For today’s post, I wanted to share my little work from home setup, plus my experience using a walking pad. It’s helped me dramatically increase my steps and activity level during longer work days, and I’m so pumped with this update to the office!

My WFH (work from home) setup

My lil office space:

I have enough room in here to meditate, work, stroll, or get in a quick workout (like Sculpt Society).

Here are some of the things I have in the office:

My beloved Peloton bike! Perfect for cardio workouts or shaking my legs out

My PEMF Go Mat. I use this for meditation every morning, or when I feel like I need a recharge or Zen moment. My full PEMF Go Mat review post is here, and if you’d like one for yourself, here is the link! My code is FITNESSISTA15 for 15% off

– A standard desk. I like having this for shorter work sessions or when I need to speak/present, like live recordings, course recordings, and more formal Zoom calls. The desk and chair are from World Market but both sold out, since they’re years old.

– Triangle shelf (similar here) filled with photos and the girls’ artwork.

– On the opposite wall (unpictured), I also have this book shelf, which has some of my fitness and nutrition resources and the Pilot’s military coins/flags/thingies.

New walking pad and electric standing desk. I picked lower-cost options because they had good reviews and I’ve been impressed so far!

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Friday Faves

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Hellooooo! Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! How are you? I hope you’ve had a great week. The girls were on spring break, so the week was filled with sleepovers, slow mornings, a shopping day, trip to Mini Time Machine Museum, dinner with friends, the trampoline park, and we’re heading to see Taylor Swift tonight. It’s P’s first concert and the girls are pumped!

We’re also headed to a cabin for a night this weekend and a birthday party. Even though we didn’t go out of town for spring break, we managed to pack in a ton of fun events!

How was your week? I’d love to hear what you have going on this weekend. Any fun St. Paddy’s day celebrations ahead? If you’re looking for the best St. Patrick’s Day cocktail, try this one.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

Friday Faves

Read, watch, listen:

Finished this book and having a serious book hangover. It was one of the best historical fiction books I’ve read and I’m having a hard time picking the next one! It was beautifully-written, sucked me in immediately, and while I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, I also didn’t want it to end. It’s mind-boggling that it was based on a true story and this book was completely outside my usual WWII historical fiction picks. If you have anything similar that you loved, please lmk.

Definitely check out this week’s podcast episode with Nicole Jardim. She shares so many amazing tips on how to support your hormones and optimize your cycle.

Loved this post and perfectly articulates how our perception of birthdays can change over time. (I used to love my birthday but now I just enjoy spending it with my little family and eating cake, but hate the pressure I always seem to feel, like I haven’t done *enough* over the past year.)

Fashion + beauty:

More Frownies goodies. I got my usual Frownies but added the undereye gels and the mask. I’ll definitely report back on the new products! Frownies has done wonders for helping with my 11s (aka WTF lines) in between my eyebrows. You have to use them for a while and use them consistently to see a difference but I’m a fan. Botox still freaks me out (never say never but for now, it’s not for me), so this has been a good alternative.

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