Cade’s Chicken Gyros

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Cade’s Chicken Gyros

a photo of a chicken gryo in gyro on soft pita bread and topped with cucumber, tomatoes, red onions and creamy tzatziki sauce.

For Cade’s chicken gyros, the chicken is marinated in a tangy yogurt sauce loaded with garlic, lemon, fresh herbs and spices. Then it is baked and piled into soft pita bread and topped with veggies, feta and creamy tzatziki sauce!

Alright, so Cade has reentered the kitchen and I’m beyond thrilled because he knocked this one out of the park!! I cannot get enough of the juicy, succulent chicken and I’m just sure we can find more uses for it than just gyros. Scroll down to see some of my ideas.

How to Pronounce Gyros

Let’s start with how NOT to say “gyros”…basically don’t say it how it looks! It is not pronounced jai-rohs. Though I’m sure everyone would know what you were ordering if you did say it that way. The correct way to pronounce “gyros” is yee-rohs.

What is a Greek Gyro?

A gyro is sandwich typically made with either lamb, pork, beef or chicken (or some combination of the those) on pita bread topped with tomato, red onion, lettuce and tzatziki sauce. It’s eaten like a wrap. It makes a great lunch or dinner.

Ingredients for Chicken Gyros

Here is a brief overview of the ingredients you will need for this gyro recipe. The measurements of each can be found in the recipe card at the end of the post.

  • Chicken Thighs: You want them to be boneless and skinless and chicken breasts also work fine. Chicken thighs just tend to have more flavor.
  • Plain Greek Yogurt: adds flavor to the marinade and helps tenderize the meat. It also makes the marinade thick so it sticks to the chicken when you bake it.
  • Garlic: the purpose for garlic is always to add flavor and you’ll want a lot of it in this recipe!
  • Olive Oil: adds richness to the marinade and also helps it not stick when baking
  • White Wine Vinegar: adds tanginess and flavor
  • Lemons: fresh is a must and you’ll want the juice and zest for maximum flavor
  • Oregano: fresh is definitely preferred here, if you have to use dried then use 1 teaspoon
  • Parsley: same story as the oregano
  • Herbs de Provence: Italian seasoning also works too, and this is a dried herb blend
  • Salt: adds flavor
  • Smoked Paprika: adds a delicious smokiness to the chicken
  • Black Pepper: adds flavor and a little heat
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes: use as much or as little as you want for the heat on the chicken

For the Gyros:

  • Small Campari Tomatoes: You could use type of tomato you want but I love the size and flavor of the campari tomatoes!
  • Red Onion: slice them super thin, they add so much flavor and beautiful color to the gyros
  • Parsley: adds a delicious pop of freshness to the finished gyro
  • Pita Flatbreads: you can buy these at the groce

Chicken Birria Taco Recipe

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Chicken Birria Taco Recipe

a photo of a pile of crispy chicken birria tacos topped with pico de gallo.

If you’re craving a delicious Mexican dinner, this chicken birria taco recipe is exactly what you need. With savory shredded chicken and a crispy cheesy shell, they’re hard to resist and so easy!

So the kids and I did a little thing. I was making our totally viral cafe rio copycat for sweet pork tacos and accidentally made too much sauce. I poured it into a ziploc and threw it in the freezer for another day. A couple of weeks later I snagged one of those handy packages of pulled rotisserie chicken from Costco and the light went on… birria chicken tacos. The rest is history.

The chicken already is moist and flavorful thanks to the slow roasting, but then throw on some seasoning and pan cook it so you’ve got a few crispy pieces, smother everything in sauce and it’s hands down some of the best chicken you’ll ever put in a taco.

But like all Birria tacos, this tortilla should be cooked in a little oil and sauce, stuffed with meat (cheese if you’re awesome) and then dipped in a little extra sauce or sprinkled with pico de gallo for the ultimate chicken taco experience.

Recommended Equipment

Before You Begin…

You’ll want to have two things ready before you get too far into this recipe. First, have your chicken ready. I love to buy the packages of pre-shredded rotisserie chicken at Costco. If you want to save a bit of money, buy a whole rotisserie chicken and break it down yourself saving the breast and thigh meat. Shred it using two forks or toss it into your stand mixer and use the paddle attachment to break up the chicken.

Second, make the sweet sauce from our sweet pork recipe mentioned above. It only takes a few ingredients and is so tasty!

What is Birria?

Birria is a rich stew originating in Jalisco, Mexico that simmers on the stove all day and is so tasty. It typically made with goat or lamb and has a flavorful rich broth (or consommé). It is eaten like a soup, and no tacos are involved at all. Haha! People find that sort of shocking since birria tacos have been taking the world by storm the last few years.

What are Birria Tacos?

Some genius somewhere decided to take the tender, juicy meat from the birria and stuff it into a taco and then use the consommé as a dipping sauce for the taco. And the birria taco was born!! The corn tortillas are fried in a little oil and some of the saucy broth to create the tastiest tacos ever.

So in its most basic definition, a birria taco (also called quesabirria taco) is a braised juicy meat stuffed inside a corn tortilla (along with some cheese if you’re smart) th

Cream of Mushroom Pasta +Video

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Cream of Mushroom Pasta +Video

a photo of creamy bucatini pasta tossed with golden caramelized mushrooms and topped with grated parmesan.

Creamy mushroom pasta starts with buttery caramelized sauteed mushrooms and ends with that deep rich umami flavor in your mouth. It’s literally love at first bite! But it hasn’t always been that way…

As a little kid in church I learned the sweetest song, “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus”. Sometimes even now it goes floating through my mind with the simple reminder to be like Him. But lately a new version has taken over, “I’m trying to like those mushrooms….” It’s a bit of a journey for me.

Picky eaters will understand, it’s a texture thing. But truly, I’ve come a long way and this pasta is a bit of a nod to the delicious flavor a well caramelized mushroom can bring to a pasta, elevating it from simplistic to romantic.

How to Make Cream of Mushroom Pasta Video

We are going to share all the tips for making mushrooms the star of the show and not the rubbery, squeaky undesirables that they can be if they are cooked incorrectly.

Ingredients for Creamy Mushroom Pasta

I am going to include a brief description of the ingredients you will need. This is meant to be just an overview. You can find all the measurements and details in the recipe card at the end of the post.

  • Mixed Mushrooms: cremini, shiitake, chanterelle and oyster or any combination
  • Olive Oil and Butter: the combination of the two caramelizes the mushrooms perfectly
  • Garlic: adds flavor
  • Kosher Salt: adds flavor and enhances all the other ingredients
  • Nutmeg: this might seem strange, but trust me, it adds the best little flavor to the mushrooms
  • Pepper: adds flavor and a little heat
  • White Wine: adds richness and depth of flavor
  • Bucatini Pasta: you can use spaghetti, but I love the thicker noodle for this recipe
  • Heavy Cream: creates the creamy sauce
  • Lemon: cuts through all the heaviness and adds a bright pop of fresh flavor
  • Pecorino Romano: you can use parmesan cheese instead if you can’t find it
  • Pasta Water: helps thicken the sauce
  • Fresh Parsley: adds a freshness to the dish

Which Mushrooms are Best for Pasta?

I love to use a variety of mushr

Best Sloppy Joes [+ Video]

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Best Sloppy Joes [+ Video]

a photo of a sloppy joe with the meat mixture spilling out the sides and potato chips sitting next to it.

All these years I’ve thought sloppy joes were the worst dinner ever, but after months of testing I’ve finally found a recipe I LOVE!

Every time I heard that we were having sloppy joes for lunch at school as a kid, I cringed.  I was never too excited for sloppy joes at home either. Not knowing what was in the sloppy joes made it harder for me to eat — it should have been called “Mystery Joes” or something along those lines.

For years, we tried new recipes and each one was getting closer and closer to me finally accepting the sloppy mess of a meal. Everyone went crazy for them at school and families we knew loved them, clearly I was missing something. 

We have finally found the best sloppy joe recipe EVER! Not just the best, but a totally crave-able recipe! It’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty and a little spicy.

Creating the Best Sloppy Joes Recipe

As a teenager, I watched Adam Sandler and Chris Farley perform “lunch lady land” on Saturday Night Live. Interestingly enough, this skit gave me a new outlook on sloppy joes, not sure why.

Well, a couple decades later this bad boy lands on my plate and a whole slew of feelings came rushing back: disgust, anxiety, unpleasant crunchy things, failure after failure of trying this recipe in the past, and almost complete despair of ever finding a Sloppy Joes recipe that actually tasted good.

Would this one be another flop? I sat down to the dinner table with that fake smile, that “thanks honey, this looks great” face on that I had nailed down over my childhood years. The smells began to hit my nostrils and to my surprise they were pleasant, smokey richness, grilled onions and peppers, almost like a bbq restaurant smell.

I began to feel a little excitement in this Mystery Joe. I went in for the first bite and it was all over from there, seconds and thirds landed on my plate and my taste buds were chest bumping each other.

What is a Sloppy Joe? 

To be clear, a sloppy joe is not a sandwich with chili piled on top. A sloppy joe is a sandwich consisting of ground beef or pork, onions, tomato sauce or ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun. 

The dish originated in the United States during the early 20th century. According to legend, a cook named Joe at Floyd Angell’s café in Sioux City, Iowa, added tomato sauce to his “loose meat” sandwiches and the “sloppy joe” sandwich was born. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Sloppy Joe Ingredients 

For this easy sloppy joe recipe, you’ll need a handful of ingredients. I bet most of these ingredients are in your pantry already! For the sloppy joe meat mixture, you’ll need…

  • Butter
  • Onion
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Ground Beef

Although you can’t have sloppy joes without the meat, the sloppy joe sauce is what really makes this recipe. For the sloppy joe sauce, you’ll need…

  • Brown Sugar
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • <

Delicious and Healthy Coconut Curry Chicken Burger +Video

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Delicious and Healthy Coconut Curry Chicken Burger +Video

a piece of golden pita bread lined with a golden cooked ground chicken patty that is lathered in curry sauce and topped with radicchio and cilantro.

Ground chicken is a deliciously healthy alternative to ground beef. For this recipe, we add coconut curry and put an Indian spin on a traditional burger. This coconut curry chicken burger will be your new favorite!

Recommended Equipment

Before You Begin…

Radicchio is quite bitter so we want to soak it in cold water first to remove the bitterness. Then toss it with a little red wine vinegar and salt for pickle it a little.

How to Make Chicken Curry Burgers

Ingredients for Coconut Curry Chicken Burgers

  • Naan: You can buy naan at the store or use flatbread or pita bread. It is a fun change from a typical hamburger bun and tastes delicious!
  • Ground Chicken: Chicken tastes great with the curry. You can also use ground turkey if you want.
  • Coconut Curry: If you make curry at home, you will need: curry powder, garam masala, yellow onion, garlic, sweetened coconut milk, tomato paste, salt, pepper, sugar, water, and cornstarch.
  • Salt and Pepper: adds flavor to the patties
  • Radicchio: or red cabbage works great too
  • Red Wine Vinegar: helps pickle the radicchio for extra flavor
  • Cilantro: adds a delicious pop of freshness and flavor
  • Lime Wedges: adds just a touch of acid

Keep scrolling down to see all the measurements for the ingredients in the recipe card below. You can also print or save the recipe there.

Are Chicken Burgers Healthy?

Ground chicken is a healthier alternative to ground beef and a great option for making a burger. Ground chicken is low in fat, high in protein, and inexpensive which is always a win these days! I paid $4.49/gallon at the gas station yesterday and I wanted to cry!

How to Make Chicken Curry Burgers

Since this isn’t your typical burger recipe, let me