Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

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Rich chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter chunks mixed throughout is a dream come true for any ice cream lover.

The candy pieces are just the right amount of dark chocolate and peanut butter to mix into the ice cream.

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream is a hit!

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

The first time I made this chocolate ice cream and filled it with peanut butter cups, I stashed it in the freezer for a few days before sharing it with my boys.

I knew without a doubt that they would flip over this ice cream. (Yes, I enjoyed it daily. There just wasn’t the right moment to share it initially. You do believe me, right?)

I’ve been making this ice cream for almost nine years now and this is still one of our favorite ice creams. It tastes just like a smooth, creamy chocolate peanut butter cup!

I don’t know if I’ve ever had as many ice cream related questions from readers as I have this past week. So many people are making Homemade Ice Cream and looking at Ice Cream Makers too.

For more great recipes to try, don’t miss our whole collection of ice cream recipes! Fresh Mint Ice Cream is like no other mint ice cream you’ve tried in the past, and it is one of our current favorites.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

There aren’t very many ice cream recipes on this website that require cooking the base mixture over the stove, but this one? It is absolutely worth a few minutes of stirring and the lengthy chill time before churning. And when I say it’s worth it? I mean it.

I’d choose this chocolate and peanut butter ice cream combination over anything store-bought!

homemade chocolate ice cream with peanut butter

Just a heads up: As much as I love this ice cream fully loaded with peanut butter cups, I nee

Nutella Stuffed Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes

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Nutella Stuffed Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes

a close up of a nutella stuffed chocolate cupcake with strawberry buttercream frosting

If an 8 year old can make Nutella Stuffed Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes, you certainly can do it! Moist chocolate cupcakes are a must for Valentine’s Day!

Are you familiar with how cooking happens in our house? It’s not just a mom thing, and it’s certainly not just an adult thing, the whole family is involved. I’ll tell you all about how our family created the tradition of kids cooking, plus a few tips for making it work in your home, but first, let’s chat about these Nutella Stuffed Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes, very similar to our Milk Chocolate Cupcakes.

Nutella Stuffed Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes

I love the look of chocolate and fluffy, pink anything, yes, even pink pancakes. I’m not really a pink girl, I think I have one or two pink shirts in my closet and that’s probably it. Now don’t panic, I have nothing against pink, I’m just not drawn to it like I am blue or white for example. I should move to Santorini, Greece. That seems like a good choice.

Ahhh but chocolate and pink, there’s something about that just makes me want to take a big ol’ bite. And these Nutella Stuffed Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes are the perfect example.

A moist chocolate cupcake, stuffed with totally lickable Nutella and topped off with strawberry buttercream that is silky like those old school 90’s silk pajamas. Nothing short of a dream.

Why Coffee in Chocolate Cake

You all know us well enough by now to know that we don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea and while yes, alcohol usually cooks out of things, we don’t keep it in the house so it just doesn’t happen.

When it comes to chocolate cake I’ve had to embrace that it does in fact make a difference. I bought this, Espresso Powder  used for baking and I merely add a little to any liquid in chocolate baking and it enhances the chocolate flavor without adding any coffee flavor. I honestly still skip it all the time, but really, it does make a difference and you’re probably eating it most of the time you buy a chocolate anything out and about.

Boiling Water in Chocolate Cake

Have you noticed how many chocolate recipes include boiling water? Especially a chocolate cake or cupcake. So what’s the deal with boiling water in chocolate cake?

It seems like it would be something with the hot water making the cake more moist or tender, but it’s actually about the cocoa. When making anything chocolate you should mix cocoa with hot water then let it sit for a few minutes. What you’re actually doing is blooming the chocolate, or in other words, the cocoa dissolves and the flavor particles are released leading to a more powerful chocolate flavor.

Chocolate brownies are a little different, you’ll want to bloom the chocolate in hot oil. Not like, fry you up some fried chicken oil, just warmed up so

The Most Perfect Moist Chocolate Cake [+Video]

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The Most Perfect Moist Chocolate Cake [+Video]

A big, tall slice of three layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Each layer is frosted with thick chocolate frosting and the slice is sitting on a white dessert plate.

Homemade Chocolate Cake like this is not easy to find. This is the Most Perfect Moist Chocolate Cake recipe, and that’s coming from an obsessed cake tester!

Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe with Chocolate Frosting

You all know how I work. It’s why we have the best Traeger Ribs, Buttermilk Pancakes and Banana Bread recipes among a gazillion others. I get all sucked into finding the best of the best for a specific recipe and I can’t let it go until I’ve achieved it.

And friends, I’ve discovered which chocolate cake is best. If you’re needing chocolate cake for a birthday or a family celebration, you just step right up.  (Who am I kidding, just make it because you are surviving the crazy these days.)

Everyone I know loves a moist chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, but no one has great luck with a homemade chocolate cake without just using a cake mix. I am crazy giddy to share all of my secrets!

Don’t go crazy, but this is a chocolate cake recipe without butter. That’s for a very specific reason. As much as I thought that butter would be all the difference in flavor, it just wasn’t the truth. The flavor didn’t count enough for how much the cake lacked moisture.

Apparently butter doesn’t make cakes moister, which makes sense. Butter has a high water content that evaporates as steam in the baking process so it can’t keep the moisture like an oil can. If you really want to use butter you can, just use equal amounts or half and half, but all oil did lead to a better chocolate layer cake!

Homemade Chocolate Cake Ingredients

As I already mentioned, the moistness of this homemade chocolate cake is thanks in part to the oil used in the batter. Our other secret? Buttermilk! Yep, this is a buttermilk chocolate cake.

Any time a recipe calls for buttermilk, it makes me think it’s going to be a fancy recipe. But in reality, this chocolate cake from scratch couldn’t be simpler to make.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this moist chocolate cake recipe:

  1. All-Purpose Flour: I’ve tested all sorts of flours but had the worst luck in a chocolate cake with cake flour.
  2. Unsweetened Natural Cocoa Powder: Do not use dutch-process cocoa powder, but opt for an unsweetened cocoa powder, which will give a better rise. Try Hershey’s or a similar brand just in the grocery store. Not crazy trip to a gourmet store needed.
  3. Espresso Powder: Espresso powder is optional, but listen, as one who does not drink coffee for religious reasons I really do believe this makes a difference in the chocolate flavor.
  4. Baking Soda Baking Powder: Yes, use both!!! I’ve tried many baking powd

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

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With a rich, buttery dough that is loaded with irresistible morsels of chocolate, these Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies nail every delicious detail. And, bonus, they stay soft and chewy for days.

Overhead horizontal shot of salted chocolate chip pudding cookies, served in a white tray with a checkered red and white hand towel

Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

I have made this recipe more times than I can count, over the years. They’re perfect for potlucks and gift-giving. And, I get asked all the time how they are so soft and chewy.

The not-so-secret ingredient is instant pudding mix. It’s that simple. In addition to their incredible chewy texture, these cookies freeze beautifully, making them especially easy to have ready to go when you need them.

And, I happen to know that both the cookies and the dough taste awesome straight out of the freezer. Yes, I did admit that. I often bake about half of the batch and freeze the remaining cookie dough.

When I am ready to use the frozen dough, I set it on the counter for 20-30 minutes to thaw slightly and then scoop out the number of cookies I want to bake.

Overhead vertical shot of salted chocolate chip pudding cookies on a cooling rack; underneath the rack, a checkered red and white hand towel

Read more

Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream

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Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream is cold, creamy chocolate with a hint of spicy heat from chili and cinnamon. This spicy ice cream warms your mouth even as you are chilled from the ice cream.

Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream - get the recipe at

Spicy Ice Cream

When some friends requested a chocolate and chili ice cream combination last year, I was excited to finally try a spicy ice cream recipe for myself.

At the very first taste, I was immediately glad that we were planning to share this ice cream with them and I could avoid the temptation of eating the entire batch myself! This spicy chocolate ice cream has received rave reviews from everyone who tastes it.

I’ve made this ice cream over a dozen times now. It is my husband’s favorite ice cream flavor and after I first started making it, it was over a year later before I managed to get a photo of it.

He loves to give it away to friends and it continues to disappear lightning fast every time it is in the house. If you love the chocolate and chili combination as much as Sean does, you’ll want to try adding a bit of chili powder to the batter the next time you’re making a batch of brownies too.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try this Flourless “Hot” Chocolate Cake. With a dash of Tabasco sauce, it’s a sweet, cold, creamy, chocolate cake with a hint of unexpected heat as you finish each bite; this dessert is unforgettable.

Overhead shot of spicy chocolate ice cream