Baked Oatmeal Cups

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Oatmeal is anything but boring when it’s made into Baked Oatmeal Cups – like warm, soft and chewy oatmeal cookies designed to be eaten for breakfast!

Chewy Raisin Baked Oatmeal Cups - get the recipe at

Baked Oatmeal Cups

A few years ago, while staying in New Mexico, my kids were spending the night with their grandma, so I found myself with a little more time than usual to get our breakfast together. I took advantage of the lazy morning to play with my baked oatmeal recipe.

I take baked oatmeal seriously. Around here, we enjoy it in just about all its forms from Pumpkin Spice Baked Oatmeal to Heart Shaped Craisin Baked Oatmeal.

For this version, I decided to focus on raisins as the primary mix-in. Sometimes the simplest flavors are the best ones.

I knew my husband and I already loved sweet bites of raisin baked into chewy oatmeal. We’re lifelong members of the meal RAISIN Cookie Club, not Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie. Since I’m usually making baked oatmeal in large batches for the whole family, this weekend I decided to try something different.

Instead of baking the oatmeal in a 9 x 13 pan, I used individual ramekins this time. The oatmeal turned out even chewier this way with a delicious crisp crust.

We absolutely loved this version with the slightly toasted oats on top. They have all the comforting chewy hominess of a classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookie but you can eat them with a spoon.

The individual ramekins also transform a humble bowl of oatmeal into a breakfast that feels extra special. Everyone loves individual servings!

Raisin Baked Oatmeal Cups

Oatmeal with Raisins

Making baked oatmeal is so easy and comes out so tasty that I’m sure you’ll become as hooked on it as we have. All it takes is mixing oats, a bit of brown sugar, spices, and raisins together with milk and eggs, then letting it bake in the oven.

While baking the oatmeal in ramekins gives you so many more delicious crunchy crust bites, a tripled recipe will also bake nicely in a 9×13 pan to feed a crowd.


Cherry Cheese Danish Sliders [+Video]

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Cherry Cheese Danish Sliders [+Video]

a photo of a baking dish full of golden baked sliders full of cherry pie filling and creamy cheesecake filling and topped with a drizzle and sliced almonds

Sweet sliders are becoming my new obsession and these cherry cheese danish sliders are like eating a cherry cheese Danish and a cherry cheesecake at the same time.

Sweet cherry pie filling and tangy cheesecake filling all enclosed in sweet Hawaiian rolls, baked to golden perfection and topped with a creamy glaze and sliced almonds.

I made a big batch of cherry pie filling to shoot a bunch of cherry recipes and then I got creative with how to use it. I had a package of slider buns in the freezer and I thought, why not make some cherry sliders? I’d photographed the s’mores sliders the day before sooooo…let’s keep a good thing going!

Whether you are looking to change things up for Saturday breakfast or you want a simple fruit dessert, these cherry cream cheese sliders can please a crowd and they take less than 30 minutes to make.

Ingredients for Cherry Cheese Danish Sliders

Pull your phone out and start adding these items to your grocery pick up list! You’re going to want make these ASAP…

  • Hawaiian Sweet Rolls: you can use store bought or make your own if you have the time
  • Cream Cheese: make sure it is room temperature and preferably full fat
  • Powdered Sugar: adds all the sweetness to the cheesecake filling
  • Lemon Juice: adds a pop of acidity
  • Egg Yolk: makes the cream cheese filling extra creamy and rich
  • Butter: mixed with the sugar and brushed on the bottom of the pan to help the sliders not stick and to create a sugary crust on the bottom
  • Sugar: adds a sweet caramel-y crust to the bottom of the sliders
  • Cherry Pie Filling: homemade or store-bought will work just fine. You could also use any filling you want…strawberry, apple or blueberry.
  • Egg: combined with water, creates an egg wash for the tops of the buns
  • Water: whisked with egg to create an egg wash


  • Powdered Sugar: the sweetness and structure for the drizzle
  • Whole Milk: helps create the drizzle
  • Sliced Almonds: adds texture to the sliders and resembles a classic cherry cheese danish

This is meant to just be an overview of all the ingredients. For all the measurements and details, keep scrolling to the recipe card at the end of the post.

How to Make Dessert Sliders

Jammy Hard Boiled Eggs

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Jammy hard boiled eggs are fantastic on their own with just a bit of salt or when added to salads, sandwiches, and pasta. These are perfectly set boiled eggs with firm whites and “jammy,” slightly runny yolks. They’re egg heaven!

Sliced creamy hard boiled eggs

What is a Jammy Egg?

If you have never heard of a jammy egg, let me introduce you to your new favorite egg. What is a jammy egg? It’s just another term for a soft-boiled egg with a runny yolk.

I’ve loved boiled eggs my whole life, but I recently discovered this method that delivers jammy hard-boiled eggs every single time. It used to be a happy accident when my boiled eggs turned out jammy, but now? We’ve cracked the secret.

The flavor and texture of the eggs is so much better with a soft, runny yolk. And, this method gets bonus points for requiring very little effort. That’s a win-win, in my book. Jammy eggs are fabulous as a snack with salt and pepper.

Salted sliced hard boiled eggs

If you typically avoid making your own boiled eggs because of the hassle of peeling them, then I have good news for you. I am sharing the secret of shelling eggs with ease, and it’s nothing more than cold water.

When the timer goes off, rinse the eggs for a minute or two under cold water. As soon as the pan is cool, keep the eggs in the cold wat

How to Freeze Fruit and Make Better Smoothies

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How to Freeze Fruit and Make Better Smoothies

how to freeze fruit and make better and cheaper smoothies

Freezing fruit can provide an easy way to make delicious and nutritious smoothies. Learn how to properly freeze fruit and create better smoothies with these tips and tricks.

One thing that I’ve really been working hard on this year is having a healthier breakfast. I was always a die hard cereal girl which is totally fine, but I was missing out on a lot of nutrients that could help me have a better, more energized day.

So, I started drinking green smoothies with a little protein or doing breakfast parfaits with granola (or oatmeal but summer is generally more about the smoothies.), but I quickly realized three things which is why we are doing a post on how to freeze fruit and make better smoothies.

Smoothie Musts

So if I’m going to be having fruit smoothies for breakfast, I have some thoughts…

  1. I need a little fruit in my smoothies to love them, otherwise it is too bland or bitter for me. Plus everyone needs a little fruit in their lives.
  2. Making smoothies is expensive. I know a lot of people that eat the whole foods diet or are big on fresh produce swear it’s not bad, but it is expensive. So my solution was to start buying things on sale and freezing them because it allowed me to still incorporate fresh fruits into the smoothies, saved us money!
  3. I like my smoothies thick like a shake and not thin like a juice, so using frozen fruit thickened up the texture of my shake without adding ice cubes.

I’ve compiled a list of fruits that freeze well, but the how-to is quite easy. The most important part about this, other than actually freezing is to buy fresh fruit when it’s on sale at the grocery store, and buy a lot. That way you can freeze fruit at it’s cheapest and overall save money versus buying frozen or fresh fruit that’s not on sale.

Is It Cheaper to Freeze Your Own Fruit for Smoothies?

Yes! I’m looking at a bag of frozen sliced bananas right now at Smith’s. It costs $2.99 for a 16 oz bag (or 1 lb). In comparison, fresh bananas cost $0.25/lb, so let’s say you buy 2 lbs of bananas since you will need to remove the peel. That will only be $0.50 for bananas and little bit of work peeling, slicing and properly freezing them.

Here’s another example for strawberries. A 10oz bag of frozen strawberries costs $2.99. You can get a 1 lb (or 16oz) carton of fresh strawberries for the same price, so you get almost 1/2 lb more of strawberries for the same price. You can get fresh strawberries for even cheaper than that when they are in season or on sale.

How to Freeze Fruit for Smoothies

Peel (if needed), remove stems, and rinse the fruit well, chop into small chunks or slices and dry with paper towels. Next, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay the fruit out flat in a single layer, trying to keep a little space between each piece. Now place the tray in the freezer for 3 hours or up to 1 day. Remove the fruit and place in ziploc freezer bags, pressing out all the air and sealing shut. Now the fruit will keep for 6-9 months.


Easy 3 Ingredient Chorizo Potatoes

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Easy 3 Ingredient Chorizo Potatoes

a red and white skillet with quick and easy 3 ingredient chorizo potatoes with cilantro on top

We went to Mexico a few year ago and these easy 3 ingredient chorizo potatoes had to be recreated for a savory breakfast or side!

We had the most amazing meals while staying in Mexico. Maybe the location helped a bit, maybe it was the sun, the pool at our side and the absolute peace of having nothing on our schedules to distract us from just loving and being together, but either way these Easy 3 Ingredient Chorizo Potatoes tasted like one of the most simply delicious things ever. We just had to recreate them!

Let me tell you a little bit about what I’m talking about. Cade and I did a speaking tour a few years ago. It was amazing. Have you heard of Time Out for Women before? It really is the most amazing weekend to go and fill up your tank to be a better person.

However, when you’re one of the speakers that comes with an extra load to carry as it means finding sitters to stay with your kids while you fly out of town. Praying and writing to come up with the best talk to give to the women who have sacrificed time, money and efforts to be there. It means staying up late and getting up early, worrying and working through nerves, etc.

It was the best experience of our lives, but by the end of the tour we knew we needed to get away as a family. And get away we did!!

San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

We are going to be writing an entire post on why we chose the location we chose, where we stayed (Casa Mariposa is already being booked by our family for next year it was seriously that amazing!!!!) and what we did, but for now let me say this, it was everything you’ve always dreamed a vacation would be.

At Casa Mariposa there is a small staff to help you with what you need, the concierge is Carlos and Lupita does all the cooking. I’ll be honest with you, I thought for sure that we wouldn’t use them. Cade and I are so easy going and we love to cook and go out to eat so why would we need anyone?

We were wrong.

Lupita cooked breakfast and lunch for us every day, and it was not only delicious but made for an unforgettable experience. One morning she made us these easy 3 ingredient chorizo potatoes with simple huevos rancheros and I’m pretty sure Cade fell in love.

Easy 3 Ingredient Chorizo Potatoes

So what are Lupita’s papas con chorizo (or chorizo con papas)? Well, to be fair, we forgot to ask her how she made them, but I carefully ate them, savoring every bite and while our chorizo probably isn’t as good as theirs I’m pretty sure hers was the same as this recipe, or only slightly different.

All you need is 3 Ingredients:

  1. Yukon Gold Potatoes
  2. Minced, Fresh Garlic
  3. Chorizo

How to Make Chorizo Potatoes

These potatoes are first pan fried creating a roasted, caramelized flavor on the potatoes, and then spicy chorizo is thrown in along with a little garlic to bring out everything you’d want in a simple Mexican breakfast. Here is a little more detail:

  1. Place a large skillet over medium heat, add a drizzle