LSF the App is now MOVE.

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I am so exited to share the news! LSF the app is now MOVE by Love Sweat Fitness app and it’s waiting for you!

Whether you’re hitting a workout wall or looking to mix it up, it’s time to MOVE with Love Sweat Fitness.

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Yupp, I just relaunched my app with a new design and TONS of new features, all created to motivate you daily and help you feel your absolute best!

Ready to MOVE?

Here are a few of my personal faves that have been true game-changers for my own daily workouts.

move, workouts for women, at home workouts, easy workouts, 30 minute workouts, tone,
  1. 500+ days of workouts Barre, HIIT, yoga, stretching, strength… our fitness library has everything for every goal! Looking for a quick 10 minute booty blast? A 45 minute total body burner? Just tell me a little more about your fitness level and I’ll provide you with a great weekly program! 
  2. Chromecast functionality – After receiving so much feedback, I’m proud to say that you can finally tune into each and every LSF workout on your own TV to crush those big goals on a bigger screen! 
  3. Track your progress photos – Stay motivated and measure your transformation journey visually in the app with the ability to update new photos and even share them out on social with #TeamLSF.


If you alre

How to spot the early signs of SAD

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Seasonal affective disorder, low mood and depression associated with autumn and winter, can make the months ahead challenging, so learn how to spot the early signs

How to spot the early signs of SAD

Summer came to a sudden end this year, bringing with it grey clouds, cool spells, and plenty of rain. Of course, after the heat we experienced in July and August, a drop in temperature is perhaps welcomed, but as we set our sights on the challenges this particular winter season is due to bring, it’s fair to say that the promise of cosy winter days in, curled up with hot drinks, isn’t quite cutting it.

Adding onto that, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects approximately two million people in the UK and 12 million people across Europe, the NHS reports. Sometimes called ‘winter blues’, SAD is categorised as a drop in mood and energy prompted by darker, winter weather. It runs across a wide spectrum. For some, it’s mild, for others it can lead to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and low self-esteem.

There are a number of treatment avenues available, from so-called ‘SAD lamps’ to medication. And if you think you’re experiencing it, it’s a good idea to speak to your GP or a mental health professional.

As we’re just tipping over into the autumn and winter months, learn the early signs of SAD, so that you can take action before it settles in.

1. You can trace your feelings

If you’ve started to feel low, can you trace when those feelings began, or when they intensified? Was it with the change of the seasons?

You might also want to think back over the years. In general, are there any patterns that you can pick out? Do you often struggle with a certain time of year, and does that time come with additional challenges (for example, a stressful period at work, difficult dates following bereavement, etc.), or is the common theme the weather?

It might be worth starting a record of your low mood, as you might find that it’s boosted on periodic sunny days, which might be a sign that you’re experiencing SAD.

2. Easy tasks start feeling harder

It feels as though, all of a sudden, the things you used to be able to do with ease take a lot more effort, and you’re feeling the brunt of it. Perhaps it’s at work, where getting through to the end of the day feels like a massive chore, or around the home where the things that you used to quickly tick off your to-do list now sit there undone.

When we’re struggling with our mental health, performing to our full capacity is easier said than done, and it can take a lot more out of us to do the things that once came easily.

3. Your sleep is disrupted

A common side effect of SAD, our sleep patterns tell us a lot about our overall wellbeing. Have you noticed that your sleep hasn’t been quite the same since the weather changed? It could be that you’re waking up in the mi

Brown Sugar Apple Dip

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Brown Sugar Apple Dip

Brown sugar apple dip is only 3 simple ingredients and it’s the most addicting and creamy fruit dip. I seriously can’t stop eating it! Be sure you have plenty of apples in the house because you’re going to be dipping them until the dip is gone!
I served this brown sugar apple dip last month at a baby shower and then forgot to ever post it. That’s kind of how life goes. I get so busy I suddenly realized I didn’t follow up on doing something. We served this dip with fresh apple slices and Cade seriously made sure that I left him his own personal serving at home.
Anyway, none of that really matters when you’ve got brown sugar apple dip staring you in the face. Man, I love me some brown sugar! Shhhh…I always take a pinch or two and eat it plain. Do you??
Sometimes it’s hard to think up something yummy for an after school snack or something a little different to take to a party and I think this dip is the perfect thing. 


a photo of an apple slice being dipped into a bowl full of a light brown creamy brown sugar apple dip.


Ingredients for Brown Sugar Apple Dip

There are only 3 simple ingredients needed and it all comes together in just 5 minutes. Here is your ingredients list:

  • Cream Cheese – the block style cream cheese is preferred, not the whipped spread, and it’s important that it’s at room temperature so it mixes easily with the sugar and vanilla
  • Brown Sugar – adds all the sweetness and balances the tanginess of the cream cheese
  • Vanilla – adds delicious flavor

The measurements for each of the ingredients can be found in the recipe card down below.

What Kind of Apples are the Best?

My favorite apple for dipping will forever and always be Honeycrisp apples. Braeburn, Envy, or Pink Lady apples are also super delicious. If you like your ap

How To Make Hot Buttered Rum

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Hot Buttered Rum brings about a full body coziness that feels like you are being wrapped in a thick warm blanket.

Hot Buttered Rum in clear mug

Hot Buttered Rum

I am a seasonal beverage connoisseur. Certain flavors, combinations, and temperatures just fit certain seasons for me. Fall and cool weather bring about a hankering for rich, body-warming drinks.

The kind of drink you hold in two hands and sip while warming up after being outside. Or perhaps you take it along (responsibly of course) in a thermos on a cool weather adventure.

Hot buttered rum is a classic mixed drink containing brown sugar, butter, various spices, hot water, and rum. A few years ago, a friend showed me how to make Hot Buttered Rum.

The recipe she shared with me, was an old Emeril recipe and it’s solid. I had never tasted anything quite like it at the time and I loved it.

Rich, buttery, warm, and loaded to the brim with holiday spices, makes it a perfect drink for special occasions. Serve this at a holiday party and your friends will talk about it and remember this long after the mugs are emptied.

Regular buttered rum is a bit bland so adding in the spices really creates a delicious, soothing flavor. You can also serve it with whiskey if you prefer whiskey over rum.

Recently someone suggested using warm apple cider instead of hot water to make a Hot Buttered Run Cider. I am not going to lie that sounds amazing and the next time I mix these up and I going to try it! If you get to it first be sure and tell me how it is.

A batch of the ingredients does make quite a bit. It will keep for about two weeks in your refrigerator. I have also placed it in icecube trays and frozen it for individual servings.

Hot Buttered Rum is a winter favorite.

What is Hot Buttered Rum?

Simply put Hot Buttered Run is the butter-rich cousin of a Rum Hot Toddy. The Hot Toddy basically refers to an alcoholic beverage with made with hot water, alcohol, sugar, and spices.

What are the different types of coaching (and which is right for me)?

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We explain more about the different types of coaching, and how working with a coach can help to increase your confidence, redefine your goals, and guide you towards your true potential.

What are the different types of coaching (and which is right for me)?

The coaching industry has exploded in popularity in recent years. In the US, life coaching is the second fastest-growing industry after IT. In the UK, there are now over 370,000 coaching professionals. Yet despite the growing interest in coaching, many people aren’t sure where to start. With so many different types of coaching available (and just as many different price points for single sessions, packages, and block bookings), how do you know the right coaching style for you?

What is coaching (and what can it help me with)?

Coaching (often referred to as life coaching) can refer to any process where a coach helps support you in making positive changes, learning new skills, and setting or achieving goals. A coach may work with you in person, online, or over the phone. Ultimately, a coach aims to help you make progress in one or more areas of your life (personal or professional).

A coach is there to help you make changes, discover more about yourself, and set goals, through using techniques such as questioning, active listening, observation, and reflection. The idea is that, over time, this helps you to gain a greater sense of self-awareness and personal insight, thanks to working with a non-judgemental, unbiased coach.

With help and support, you can discover a sense of clarity, direction, and focus. Many find that coaching can help boost their confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. By working with someone, it can be easier to feel motivated, as you create a sense of accountability. You can also learn new skills, and discover new techniques and approaches to help you improve different areas of your life, from building emotional resilience and setting healthy boundaries, to setting career or financial goals.

What can’t coaching do?

In order for coaching to work, you need to be committed and open to the process. If you aren’t ready to make changes, or aren’t willing to put in the time and effort needed, you aren’t going to see the results.

If you’re in the right mindset, and find a coach that you feel comfortable being open and honest with, coaching can be a life-changing experience offering numerous benefits.

It’s important to remember that, while many coaches can help with wellbeing issues, coaching and counselling are not the same. If you are struggling with ill mental health, addiction, trauma, or other serious concerns, it is important to work with someone who is trained to help within that area.

Here we share more details about the different kinds of coaching on offer, and how you can figure out which one is right for you.

Health and wellness coaching

When you think about improving your health and wellbeing, what first comes to mind? Practising mindfulness, working with a nutritionist, talking with a therapist?