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123: Yoga on and off the mat with Courtney Fox

This podcast episode is sponsored by Nutrisense! I’ve been a huge fan of Nutrisense for over a year and recently wore another CGM during the holidays. If you’d like to join me and get insight to your habits, your body, and make some healthy changes, sign up here. Use this link and the promo code TFP (stands for The Fitnessista Podcast) to get $30 off and 1 month of free dietitian support.

Today on the podcast, we’re chatting about one of my favorite topics: yoga! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just considering your first practice, this episode is full of tips and inspiration. I’m chatting with Courtney Fox, who is an Arizona yoga instructor. I can’t wait to take her class next time I’m in Scottsdale!

123: Yoga on and off the mat with Courtney Fox

Here’s what we chat about:

– Benefits of yoga and breathing for mental clarity & overall health

– Creating, establishing and maintaining a yoga practice, plus tips for beginners

– Yoga is more than just a physical practice. How to take kindness, patience, and lightheartedness off of your mat and into your life

– Balancing a yoga practice with a strength training routine

– Finding balance in a tech world + sample stretches you can do at your desk

+ so much more 🙂

Here’s some more info about Courtney:

Courtney is an Arizona Native and cherishes the opportunity to teach and inspire people in her hometown. She is a 500-hour+ certified yoga instructor through Modern Yoga and has trained with some of the most experienced yoga professionals in the world. Her purpose is to introduce beginners to yoga in a playful, feel-good way so they can not only establish a yoga practice on the mat, but take their practice off their mat and into their daily lives to create a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. She enjoys bringing the community together through teaching at Diamondbacks Stadium, CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa, the Fashion Square rooftop, festivals, and lululemon.

As a former state champion competitive gymnast, Courtney understands the balance between effort and surrender. She quit her corporate job in 2015 to pursue wellness full time. In her classes, she blends movement with breath and uses unique, mindful transitions and insightful alignment cues, while remaining light and inspiring. Courtney also takes pride in working one-on-one with students to strengthen their physical and spiritual practice to attain their goals. When Courtney isn’t teaching, she enjoys helping her husband on his food truck or hiking with their puppies Leo and Hunter.

Connect with Courtney on her website and on Instagram.

Resources from this episode:

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Thank you so much for listening and for all of your support with the podcast! Please be sure to subscribe, and leave a rating or review if you enjoyed this episode. If you leave a rating, head to this page and you’ll get a little “thank you” gift from me to you.

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