Balsamic Dijon Glazed Ham

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This is beyond any doubt the BEST ham I have ever tasted – and the secret is all in the 3 ingredient ham glaze. (The ham recipe I’m sharing today is so completely worthy of hyperbole; I’ve given up attempting to write this post without it.)

spiral cut ham on platter with balsamic dijon glaze

You know how sometimes you make something that’s so good that even after you’re done with dinner you find yourself snacking on little bites as you put it away later? That was this ham for me the first time I made it.

It is tender and juicy, covered in a slightly crisp, sweet, tangy glaze that makes every mouthful tastier than the last. 

The balsamic dijon glaze is a fantastic compliment to the ham. Just a few ingredients and almost no real effort gets you an extraordinarily impressive meal that’s as suited for special occasions as it is for an everyday dinner.

3 Ingredient Ham Glaze

Because the glaze requires only three ingredients, for years, I’ve recommended using the best quality ingredients you can manage. I’ve gone so far as to use a high-quality aged balsamic whenever I have it on hand.

Guess what I’ve learned? It absolutely does not matter which balsamic vinegar you use to make this ham glaze. As long as the balsamic tastes good on its own, it will work fine.

Last Thanksgiving when I was roasting a ham, I was out of my fancy balsamic, so I grabbed the store-brand that I use for salad dressings. I’m happy to tell you that the ham turned out every bit as good as any of the glazes I’ve made using pricier vinegar.

3 ingredient ham glaze

For the dijon, just choose one with plenty of tang and flavor. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive dijon on the shelf but it should be tasty all on its own. You definitely do not want to substitute basic yellow deli mustard here.

You can use either light or dark brown sugar in the glaze. A darker brown sugar will yield a bit more of a molas

Sausage Sweet Potato Hash

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Roasted sweet potatoes, browned and slightly caramelized on the edges, are tossed with spicy hot sausage and handfuls of baby spinach to create a flavorful Sausage Sweet Potato Hash.

Sweet potato, sausage, bell pepper, breakfast skillet

Sweet Potato Sausage Hash

The key to a great hash is getting all of the ingredients cooked and ready to eat at the same time. You’ll need to start the potatoes first and prep the other ingredients while they’re roasting.

When they’re almost done, you’ll cook and crumble the sausage. Then cook the onion and bell pepper in the same skillet. Pull that from the heat, add the sausage and roasted potatoes back to the pan, and give it a stir.

Toss in the greens and stir for a minute or so, just long enough to wilt them. If you want to serve this topped with an egg, just loosely cover the skillet while you cook the eggs.

The first time I made this, the potatoes roasted while I napped on the couch and when the timer beeped, I pulled together the rest of the meal in less than 20 minutes. I love quick and simple meals on a lazy Sunday night.

Going back to the first time I made this hash recipe, I actually used beet greens in place of spinach. (Most of the breakfast hash recipes here are made with spinach or cabbage.)

If you’re lucky enough to have an active garden and an abundance of beets growing, give it a try. Unlike their fully-grown counterparts, baby beet greens look and taste very similar to baby spinach.

(I don’t recommend trying this with fully-grown beet greens. For what it’s worth, I often find them to be woody and bitter.)

We all enjoyed this meal (my three kids included!) The beet greens tasted so much like the spinach we love; I could easily see eating the entire garden’s worth of baby beet greens before any beets have a chance to appear.

If you don’t happen to have an abundance of baby beet greens on hand, I’ve made this many times with baby spinach and we enjoy it both ways.

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Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

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Crisp, buttery tortillas filled with spicy chicken and melting cheese add up to a buffalo chicken quesadilla that any fan of buffalo chicken is certain to love.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla with Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Quesadillas are one of those stretch meals or snacks at our house. Don’t we all have those times? When you know you NEED to go to the grocery store but don’t have the time or feel like putting a list together to go. We have all been there.

Cheese and tortillas are never in short supply in my kitchen so it makes these so easy to make.

Buffalo chicken quesadillas are a great way to use up a small amount of leftover chicken. When you make quesadillas a little bit of chicken can go a long way.

Shredded or chopped chicken tossed with buffalo sauce and layered with plenty of cheese between a couple of crisp buttery tortillas? I’ll happily call that lunch any day of the week.

Any kind of cooked chicken can be used for this recipe. Grilled chicken thighs, pan-fried chicken, broiled chicken, and shredded chicken will all work nicely.

If you don’t have leftover chicken on hand already, or just don’t feel like cooking the chicken yourself, my go-to for this type of recipe is often a rotisserie chicken.

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla with chicken and cheese uncooked

My quesadilla technique is super simple. First, butter the tortillas, not the skillet. Second, use two layers of cheese.

You heard that right, bottom tortilla + cheese + the buffalo chicken + more cheese + top tortilla. You can’t go wrong and the cheese holds everything together

Garlic Lover’s Warm Potato Salad

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Garlicky roasted potatoes are tossed with fresh herbs to create an unforgettable warm potato salad that can be served hot or at room temperature.

When I say that this potato salad is a garlic lover’s dream come true, I’m not exaggerating. I have made this twice already this week and I plan to make it again next week too.

Garlic Lover's Potato Salad - get the recipe at

If you’ve known me for long, you know how much I love sharing awesome recipes that come together with a minimum of fuss.

This Garlic Potato Salad is a great example of how simple fresh ingredients can be used to create a memorable meal with just a few minutes time spent in the kitchen.

Here in Phoenix, we’re well into the crazy heat of summer. And once it gets hot outside, there isn’t much I like more than foods that I can pull together early in the morning and either reheat or serve cold or at room temperature whenever we’re ready to eat later in the day.

Served warm or cold, Garlic Lover's Potato Salad is a hit! - get the recipe at

Garlic Potato Salad

The Garlic Lover’s Potato Salad isn’t your typical mayonnaise potato salad. This potato salad is delicious served hot or at room temperature.

Garlic Potato Salad is a warm potato salad that starts with tiny baby potatoes that are roasted until crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. After roasting, the hot potatoes are coated with an abundance of garlicky oil and vinegar before being tossed with plenty of chives and parsley.

Have you tried a warm potato salad? If not, I recommend starting here. I just plain love this one. There’s no need to keep it cold if it’s left out on the counter for a few hours.

Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry

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Saucy bites of chicken are tossed with crispy tender bok choy and a diced jalapeno in this flavorful Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry.

Chicken and Bok Choy Stir Fry

Stir Fry Chicken and Bok Choy

When I saw this recipe in an issue of Everyday Food, I immediately added Bok Choy to my grocery list.

This was a hit with every member of the family. It’s amazing how a great sauce will make even my pickier eaters devour every bite on their plates.

There is almost no heat from the jalapeno in this recipe, it simply adds another layer of flavor to the dish. Feel free to increase the amount of jalapeno to your heart’s desire.

I often increase the jalapeno because my family enjoys spicy dishes and a bit of heat is a terrific addition to this recipe.

Chicken Bok Choy Stir Fry in pan

Bok choy is a mild slightly sweet Chinese cabbage. The soft green leaves and flavorful crunchy stems add a delicious texture and color to this dish.

Bok Choy and Chicken Stir Fry

Stir fries come together fairly quickly over medium-high heat in one skillet. With that being the case, I recommend prepping all of the ingredients before turning on the stove.

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