Apple Empty Tomb Rolls [+ Video]

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Apple Empty Tomb Rolls [+ Video]

a close up of an apple pie empty tomb roll

A soft, buttery, flaky roll stuffed full of chopped up apples in an incredible caramel sauce. But what’s the secret to Apple Empty Tomb Rolls?

If you’ve been following us for a while now you know that there’s a recipe that almost broke our site, do you know which one it is?

Actually, I lied.

There are a few recipes that continue to bring in millions of views, but we can chat about those later if you’d like. But Empty Tomb Rolls is the one I’m talking about right now. And it’s what inspired this version or Apple Empty Tomb Rolls which I think blows the original out of the water.

Our original recipe calls for roll dough, butter, cinnamon sugar and marshmallows.

Crazy, crazy easy.

You’ve got to go check out the recipe and watch the video. It’s a really delicious one.

All summer the idea kept coming to my mind that it would be really delicious if I could make a new version. That’s kind of hard though because there’s literally nothing to the recipe, but the idea came to my mind so many times I knew it was inspiration.

I kept pondering and pondering over what new idea could be used when I asked a question on Instagram about fall and what flavor you all prefer, apple or pumpkin.

On one post it was overwhelmingly APPLE and on another, PUMPKIN! Seriously? How does that help me know what to make?! LOL, it was awesome. And then it hit me, Apple Empty Tomb Rolls. They are even kind of like our Apple Pie Bombs, but no frying needed!

You see, Empty Tomb Rolls, or as some people call them, Resurrection Rolls (there’s a whole story that you tell your kids as you make them, it’s pretty cute) end up with a caramel-y sauce inside of the roll and it’s so good! What goes better with apples than caramel?!

The Secret to Apple Empty Tomb Rolls

Do you know the secret to apple empty tomb rolls?


Let’s dive in to the recipe.

What to Serve with Apple Empty Tomb Rolls

Actually, hold on a second! Do you know what would be really good? These hot, saucy apple empty tomb rolls are reminiscent of apple pie. In fact, if you made them with two crescent rolls and more filling it would totally look like mini hand pies. But listen, I’m getting too far off here, the point is, it’s like apple pie, so what would really be good is to serve them up with a cold, creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream!

How to Make Apple Empty Tomb Rolls

It’s probably one of the easiest desserts you’ll ever make and it all starts with the apples.

You will need to microwave the apples for about a minutes so that they are beginning to turn tender. The bake time isn’t longing enough to soften them up, so the microwave is going to help out with that.

Next, toss the apples with melted butter and mini marshmallows. As you know, large marshmallows are used in the o

Easy Apple Dumplings with Sprite

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Easy Apple Dumplings with Sprite

a blue china plate with two apple dumplings and caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream on top

Who knew that crescent rolls, cinnamon sugar apples, brown sugar, butter and sprite could make the best easy apple dumplings with Sprite ever!

Ditch your old apple dumplings recipe. Do it. Ditch it. These easy apple dumplings have a couple of very minor changes that make a HUGE difference and I’m totally not kidding. I’ll never make another apple dumplings recipe again.

This recipe reminds me so much of my grandma’s apple rolls recipe just because that sugar liquid is so deceiving. You pour it all around the rolls and it almost puts you into a panic attack seeing all of that liquid around the dough, like is this really going to work?! Are they going to be a soggy mess?!

And then those golden, crisp, pillows of dough come out and you’re a real life hero to the whole family.

Creating This Apple Dumpling Recipe

This is seriously the craziest apple dessert recipe. Most apple desserts seem to be inspired largely from the way apple pie is made. Think about it: apple crisp, apple pull-apart bread, and apple pie scones are all takes on the classic apple pie. 

This apple dumpling recipe is similar, but as I’ve been making recipes from others over the years I felt like there was always something missing. Sure, it is a good recipe and one that your guests will love you for, but couldn’t it be taken up a notch without changing the whole recipe?

We started experimenting, a lot. Too much. I could hardly stand to look at another apple dumpling recipe, let alone the apple dumpling itself.

And then it hit me, when you’re trying to do something awesome and it’s not coming together, go back to the original recipe.

So I did. And do you know what I discovered? The apples were not like an apple pie, they were completely plain. No, no, no! Apples need a little cinnamon sugar action to really drive home that fall smell and flavor!

Well don’t stop there, I thought. We need a little cinnamon action in the butter mixture as well. Too many recipes called for just butter and brown sugar. No. We need more. We added vanilla and cinnamon. Let’s get this party started!

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Muffins with Streusel Topping

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Leftover Cranberry Sauce Muffins with Streusel Topping

a photo of a cranberry sauce muffin topped with a crumb streusel topping in a white muffin liner

Grab that leftover cranberry sauce and make these sweet and tart cranberry sauce muffins. They make a great breakfast or brunch!

Last year I got fed up with all the leftover cranberry sauce so for months after, I tried sticking it in and on everything trying to find the best ways to use it. You can only eat leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches for so many days before you’re totally burned out. In fact, our leftover Thanksgiving turkey sliders is a fabulous way to use leftover cranberry sauce, but I still wanted to find something different. These heavenly cranberry sauce muffins with streusel crumb topping were born.

Recommended Equipment

Before You Begin…

Make sure you have your cranberry sauce ready to go. Hopefully you have leftovers from Thanksgiving so this step is already done. You can make it homemade or use store bought cranberry sauce. I’ve linked to our homemade cranberry sauce recipe in the recipe card.

What Do I Need to Make Cranberry Sauce Muffins?

I’m going to divide the list of ingredients up between the streusel topping and the muffin batter. Jump on the streusel topping first…

For the Streusel

  • All-Purpose Flour: gives the streusel topping structure
  • Light Brown Sugar: adds sweetness and rich flavor
  • Kosher Salt: enhances all the flavors
  • Cinnamon: adds warmth and that classic fall flavor
  • Ground Cardamom: I love the flavor of a little cardamom with cranberry sauce!
  • Butter: binds the streusel together, the key to a good streusel

For the Batter

  • Sugar: adds sweetness and balances out the tart cranberry sauce
  • Vegetable Oil: adds needed fat and moisture to the muffins
  • Eggs: give the muffins structure and rise
  • <

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

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This tangy, sweet homemade cranberry sauce with lemon trumps anything you can buy at the store.

Do you know how easy it is to make cranberry sauce? If you can boil water, I promise you can make cranberry sauce.

Homemade cranberry sauce in white bowl with ladle

For years, I bought cranberry sauce in a can and my husband and boys ate every last bit of it. They clearly enjoy cranberry sauce. We even bought an extra can or two every year, just for the leftovers.

I love so many other cranberry recipes, from cranberry apple pie to Christmas cake, cranberry jalapeno dip to cranberry pancakes. But cranberry sauce? That was never my thing. It was only ever something we had for the boys in the house – until now.

Cranberry Sauce with Lemon

About a dozen years ago, that changed for me. I tried a sandwich that stacked turkey with cranberry sauce and I fell in love with the combination.

It was not a sugary sweet cranberry sauce, it was tangy and just a bit sweet at the same time. I now understand why so many people think it just isn’t Thanksgiving without the cranberry sauce.

I’ve made cranberry sauce a few different ways over the past 10 or so years, but this cranberry sauce with lemon is my favorite version. This is the easiest of the Thanksgiving side dishes to make ahead of time for the holidays too.

cranberry sauce in saucepanRead more

The Best Cheese Ball I Ever Had

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The Best Cheese Ball I Ever Had

a photo of a large cheese ball coated in chopped pecans and minced fresh parsley surrounded by a bunch of Ritz crackers.

I had no idea that an easy cheese ball recipe could be this good. Last year I had the best cheese ball I ever had and now I get to share how crazy easy this appetizer is!

Our neighbor, Michelle thought up the most genius idea, she cancelled neighbor gifts at Christmas. Can we all have a moment of cheering for Michelle? Now, I’m not against neighbor gifts, but I don’t know that I’m for pouring out all of that extra stress for a bunch of cookies the neighbors throw away. Don’t worry, I’m going to tie it all together so you know what it has to do with The Best Cheese Ball I Ever Had

We were so impressed with not just Michelle, but how the neighbors responded. Michelle sent out a big letter announcing that instead of doing neighbor gifts, what if we donated to a cause. Everyone could come visit at a little Christmas gathering at her house, bring a donation for a family in need or a reputable charity and visit with each other, which is more of what Christmas is about.

Oh it was such a success!! So much money earned, and we stuffed our faces, I mean, we all got into the Christmas spirit so much more!

What is a Good Cheese Ball Recipe?

Another dear friend, Angie was there. I casually walked over to her and seeing the food said, “oh what is a good cheese ball recipe? I’m never as in love as I want to be.” And there we were, standing at the food table, shoveling crackers with the best cheese ball I ever had into our mouths. I finally said, “my gosh, who made this?!!!” And Angie says, “Oh, I did.”

What?! How have I never tasted of this goodness before and how could she stand there so nonchalant?! I mean, it looked like a classic cheese ball recipe, but something about it was different.

Look, I’ve had some pretty good cheese balls in my day. Our BBQ Bacon Cheese Ball and German Chocolate Cheese Ball are pretty dang amazing, but now I am sitting here making a humble pie because Angie’s is the best cheese ball I ever had!

Secret Ingredients in the the Best Cheese Ball

I think it’s the secret, artery clogging ingredient that you all are going to use and not complain a lick about because it’s just that worth it.

Kraft Old English Jarred Cheese.

Yes, it’s cheese in a jar. I’ve linked to it so you can see what to look for.

No, it probably isn’t real cheese. I can’t fight you on that one. Can you pretend it is? Just this once?

The rest of the ingredients are the norm, but I’ll do you a favor and give a quick overview because I love seeing a quick list of ingredients.

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