Italian Grinder Sandwich

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Savory deli meats are piled high on a toasted hoagie roll, then topped with an unforgettable tangy slaw and gooey provolone cheese to make this Italian Grinder Sandwich your new favorite lunch.

Close-up on sandwich

Italian Grinder Sandwich

The slight crunch and crackle of toasted bread, soft and warm meats topped with gooey, melted cheese, crisp onions and peppers in an incredible slaw. What’s not to love? Put them all together and it’s pure lunch heaven.

Toasted hoagies are bursting with incredible flavor and all of my favorite grinder sandwich ingredients. This Italian grinder sandwich may be the best sub sandwich I’ve had in the past year.

Sliced cold cuts sandwich

This recipe is extremely versatile, making it great for large gatherings. Everyone can pick out their favorite lunch meats, just swap out the turkey for roast beef or pepperoni, etc. Or, you can just pile them on. I won’t judge.

Kids adore this quick lunch. But, especially for little mouths, cured sliced meats can be difficult to chew. If you chop up the meats, it makes it easier to manage. And, what child wouldn’t want their own, special “chopped” grinder sandwich?

Bread with salami, prosciutto, and cheeseRead more

Apple Cider Braised Pork Recipe [+Video]

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Apple Cider Braised Pork Recipe [+Video]

a photo of chunks of braised pork butt in a large dutch oven sitting in a rich sauce full of apple slices, onion slices and fresh herbs.

This braised pork recipe is a flavor-packed pork dish braised in apple cider and chicken stock until fork tender. We also add some fresh herbs, roasted garlic and onions for even more rich flavor.

Combining the savory pork with the sweet apple cider and apple slices makes this the perfect comfort food for a cool fall evening!

Recommended Equipment

Before You Begin…

We will start by getting the pork ready to be braised. Pat dry the chunks of pork shoulder and season them with salt and pepper. Then you will brown the chunks on all sides. This locks in the juices and adds so much flavor to the pork. Don’t skip this step!

What is Braising?

Braising a method for cooking meat. It uses a combination of both wet and dry heat to cook the meat until it is super tender and saucy. In this recipe we sear the pork using a dry heat, and then the pork is cooked in a little bit of liquid (wet heat) over a longer period of time. Braising creates deep and rich flavors and fall apart tender meat. It’s one of my favorite ways to cook meat.

What Do I Need to Make Apple Cider Braised Pork?

Here are the items you will need to make this recipe:

  • Pork Butt: I prefer to buy a bone-in pork butter because it has better flavor and then cut it off the bone into large chunks for this recipe.
    • PRO TIP: I buy a big pork butt and chop it in half, remove the bone and then quarter each half and freeze them in two bags for two separate rounds of braised pork.
  • Canola Oil: used to brown the pork chunks
  • Braising Liquid: Apple Cider, Chicken Stock, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dark Brown Sugar, Dijon Mustard, Salt and Pepper
  • Aromatics: Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, and Red Onion
  • Butter: adds richness and flavor to the pork while keeping it moist
  • Granny Smith Apples: added for the last little bit of cooking to add more flavor and they make a delicious addition to the meal

This is meant to just be an overview of the ingredients. Keep scrolling down to the recipe card to see all the measurements needed for each ingred

Browned Butter Pork and Butternut Squash Lasagna

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Browned Butter Pork and Butternut Squash Lasagna

a photo of a large serving of butternut squash lasagna topped with melted cheese and crispy sage leaves

This isn’t your traditional lasagna, but oh good heavens, the flavors of pork, butternut squash, browned butter, sage, and cheese is pure comfort! Browned butter pork and butternut squash lasagna is about to be your new favorite lasagna recipe!

You won’t find tomatoes, ricotta cheese or tomato sauce in this lasagna, but it is bringing all the feelings of warm winter comfort food to our family! The flavors are the most amazing combination! I mean it’s got pork, one of my all time favorite meats, browned butter-pure heaven, carbs-who doesn’t love carbs, and melty, gooey, delicious cheese. BOO-YAH!

I love comfort food more than anything else. Sure smoked pulled pork is stinking delicious, and Hawaiian Pulled Pork is absolutely mouth watering, but make me choose between one of those recipes and a comfort food like Browned Butter Butternut and Pork Lasagna and hands down the lasagna wins.

Creating Butternut Squash Lasagna

As soon as I got the email from the National Pork Board to create a few recipes for them I knew I’d say yes to working with them, but then they wanted comfort recipes?! Heck yeah I’m on board with that. And this lasagna was born. And we loved it. And now you will too.

I was looking through the recipe section on the Pork Be Inspired site and man, everything looks so juicy and delicious! I’ve found many a wonderful recipe there, but I was actually trying to make sure that there wasn’t a recipe like this one, which there isn’t. Butternut squash actually smells comforting. It’s so warm, nutty, and creamy. I just knew that a combination of my favorite fall/winter flavor with pork was totally the way to go. Oh, and there’s a secret in the puree, Ginger Snap cookies. Trust me, it’s exactly what the puree needs.

Ingredients for Butternut Squash Lasagna

I’m going to divide this recipe into 3 different parts – the butternut squash, the browned butter sauce (béchamel sauce) and the lasagna layers.

For the Squash

  • Butternut Squash: peeled and chopped, ready for roasting
  • Olive Oil: helps roast and caramelize the squash
  • Salt & Black Pepper: adds flavor
  • Sage: you’ll want fresh sage and we will use it to add flavor to the butternut squash puree
  • Ginger Snap Cookies: an unexcepted ingredient but the flavor it adds it crucial

For the Browned Butter Sauce

  • Butter: browned for added flavor and creates the base for the béchamel
  • Garlic: adds flavor and can be increased or decreased to your liking
  • Flour: combined with the butter is creates the creamy base for the béchamel
  • Low Fat Milk: helps thin out the sauce
  • Half and Half: adds creaminess and richness
  • Nutmeg: adds flavor and warmth
  • Salt and Black Pepper: adds flavor

For the Lasag

Rosemary Orange Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin

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Rosemary Orange Glazed Roasted Pork Tenderloin

A sheet pan with two glazed, roasted pork loins. There are potatoes and brussels sprouts on the sheet pan also. The pork loins are sliced for serving.

Orange glazed pork tenderloin is marinated in a delicious rub and then glazed in a sweet and tangy sauce making it juicy on the inside and crusty on the outside.

I have not had many pork tenderloins and it hasn’t helped that Cade hasn’t been interested in them either. Every now and again I’d step into the ol’ Pinterest app and sure enough another pork loin was front and center. Now I know all about algorithms and that Pinterest had caught on that I slowed my scrolling seeing the pics but even so, it worked.

I’ve been testing and testing to turn an often flavorless meat into dish for a Sunday dinner that wasn’t a hassle but looked and tasted like the best home cooked meal ever. The key? Letting the rub sit on the meat for a whole day. And what rub is that? Based off of an old orange and cranberry relish my sister used to stuff breaded chicken with. Oh it’s so good!

What Ingredients Do You Need for Orange Glazed Pork Tenderloin?

Aside from the pork tenderloins, you will need a few ingredients for the rub and few ingredients for the sauce. A phenomenal homemade meal is just this easy. Here is your shopping list:

  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Orange
  • Orange Juice
  • Garlic
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Olive Oil
  • Kosher Salt
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Brussels Sprouts


  • Orange Zest
  • Orange Juice
  • Brown Sugar
  • Orange Marmalade
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon

The measurements for each ingredient can be found in the recipe card below.

How to Make Orange Glazed Pork Loin

I love when a Sunday dinner is quick and easy but tastes like you’ve been in the kitchen for hours and hours. That is this pork tenderloin recipe in a nutshell! Here are the basic steps:

  • Combine all the ingredients for the paste in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.
  • Rub all over the pork and cover with plastic wrap. Keep in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.
  • Remove from fridge and wipe off the excess rub. Let rest.
  • Combine all the ingredients for the sauce in a saucepan and let simmer until it thickens.
  • Preheat oven and bake, adding some sauce for the last 20 minutes.
  • Prep the veggies and add them the last 20-30 minutes.
  • Pour the remaining sauce over the top with fresh herbs for garnish.
  • Let rest then slice and serve.

The complete instructions can be found in the recipe card at the end of the post.

Is Pork Loin The Same As Pork Roast?

Pork loin is a cut of meat.  The proper term is po

Shrimp Boil

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This is a classic shrimp boil with fresh shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage, boiled in a flavorful spicy broth, plus an abundance of additional fresh vegetables!

This stovetop shrimp boil is based on my cousin Rick’s crawfish boil recipe which also includes an abundance of vegetables. The vegetables turn out so flavorful, that I’m often left wishing I’d added even more to the pot.

Overhead close-up shot of shrimp boil in silver tray

Shrimp Boil on the Stove

I was determined to recreate our Louisiana crawfish boil as soon as we were home again, but guess what? Crawfish are a bit difficult to source in Ohio. Just in case you were wondering.

I’m happy to tell you that after learning from Rick, our family’s crawfish expert, my first attempt at a Louisiana shrimp boil on the stove turned out fabulously and we will be doing this on repeat in the future.

It turns out that a seafood boil is a heck of an awesome experience for everyone – expert or amateur!

Overhead shot of shrimp boil in silver tray

Stovetop Shrimp Boil Equipment