Texas Roadhouse Loaded Sweet Potato Copycat Recipe

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Texas Roadhouse Loaded Sweet Potato Copycat Recipe

a photo of a baked sweet potato topped with butter and toasted mini marshmallows

Who doesn’t love that over the top Texas Roadhouse sweet potato?! Oh, Mama!! Check this copycat recipe out!!!!

Tender sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, that signature Texas Roadhouse honey cinnamon butter, and a heavenly caramel sauce. These sweet potatoes are the best side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a nice Sunday dinner.

Why do I love Texas Roadhouse so much? Is it the house salad with that thick dressing and those darn hard boiled eggs? Is it those rolls that I shovel into my mouth faster than I can say, “one more please!” Actually, I probably am the rolls because I definitely don’t like how loud it is. Cade would for sure, 100% say it’s the Texas Roadhouse Loaded Sweet Potato. Hence this post and my need to create a copycat recipe.

Ingredients for Texas Roadhouse Sweet Potato Recipe

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Honey Cinnamon Butter: butter, cinnamon, vanilla, and honey
  • Caramel Sauce: butter, brown sugar, honey

The measurements for all the ingredients can be found in the recipe card at the end of the post. Keep scrolling for all the details!!

How to Make Texas Roadhouse Sweet Potatoes

First you’re going to start with the butter and I cannot emphasize enough, real butter is necessary. No margarine. Sorry. And if you’re like us you’ll want to make extra for soft rolls like our famous potato rolls or homemade rolls.

Then there’s the caramel sauce. I really think this is more a dessert than anything else, but we can all pretend I didn’t say that when you eat it with your big, juicy steak at dinner. The caramel sauce actually keeps really well and heck, you could eat that caramel over ice cream if you wanted!

But really, these sweet potatoes are the best because it’s honey cinnamon butter, caramel and lots of gooey marshmallows. I tell Cade over and over it’s more like dessert than a side dish, but he just gives me that little smile and dives in.

All you do is bake the sweet potatoes, and then top with the butter, marshmallows, and caramel sauce. Then you bake it a little longer to get those marshmallows roasted, and you’re done! You could even switch the oven to broil to toast them up really quickly. You’ll only need a minute or so on broil, so keep a close eye on them!

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthier than Regular Potatoes?

Both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber with a great nutritional punch.

Sweet potatoes have fewer calories and fewer carbs, but more sugar. Sweet potatoes are also higher in fiber.

Sweet potatoes are higher in vitamin A, providing 400% of daily

Brown Butter Dulce de Leche Rice Krispie Treats

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Brown Butter Dulce de Leche Rice Krispie Treats

a photo of three dulce de leche stuffed gooey rice krispie treats stacked on top of each other with little pieces of parchment paper between them.

Brown butter dulce de leche Rice Krispie treats start as a traditional Rice Krispie treat that gets elevated to the next level! The nuttiness from the brown butter with the creamy sweetness of the caramel all wrapped around the crunch of the cereal…I’m going to be bold and say it will be the best Rice Krispie treat of your life!

Kerri here! You might remember me from the world famous gingerbread men cookies and the caramel Bugles. Head over to those posts to read about who the heck I am…haha! Anyway…I told Carrian that she had to try this new recipe I had come up with because it was the most amazing Rice Krispie treat I had ever had. Side note…can we just call them RKTs from now on? Rice Krispie treat is such a mouthful!

Afterall, it was her RKTs recipe that was the base of the recipe in the first place. She made my brown butter dulce de leche version, and photographed them. And here we are! She had cinnamon sugar Rice Krispies in the cupboard and she swears by the cinnamon sugar! I can’t wait to try it that way!

How This Recipe Came to Be

This all started with a trip to Blox, a restaurant here in Utah that specializes in dessert bars. We tried one of their Rice Krispie treats one time, and I could tell immediately that it was made with brown butter and I was hooked for life. Then I thought, I should stuff some dulce de leche in the middle of this gooey RKT.

We love dulce de leche here at Oh Sweet Basil, and Carrian is always stuffing it into delicious recipes to make them even more outrageous, so I probably should do the same! So the RKTs were stuffed (or layered really) and minds and tastebuds were blown! I’ve made them a few times now for different events and every single person has wanted the recipe. I absolutely love that they will live here now and I can just send people a link to the recipe rather than explaining all my steps.

Ingredients for Browned Butter Dulce de Leche Rice Krispie Treats

You only need 6 ingredients and about 10 minutes to have these RKTs ready to go!

  • Butter: I prefer to use unsalted butter so that I can control the salt in the recipe. The first step in this recipe will be browning the butter. I describe how to do that below.
  • Vanilla Extract: Use real vanilla extract for maximum flavor.
  • Mini Marshmallows: You want to use mini marshmallows so that they can melt quickly and evenly.
  • Rice Krispies Cereal: I’ve only ever used regular Rice Krispies, but Carrian used the cinnamon sugar flavored and says that’s where it’s at! I trust her and will be trying it next time. It gives it a churro flare and churros never disappoint! Use either one and you won’t be disappointed!
  • Sea Salt

Churro Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

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Churro Rice Krispie Treat Recipe

Just when we thought our Rice Krispie treat recipe couldn’t get any better, I decided to try a churro version with the new cinnamon sugar Rice Krispies and life as we know it has changed forever! 

Sometimes I wonder why I even try! Ha! It’s impossible to know what is going to make you all go crazy! I work so hard on developing recipes and taking great photos and then those recipes do nothing. On a whim, I post a video of Grayson’s new favorite Rice Krispie treat and it explodes on Instagram. You just never know!

So we’ve busted our buns to get this post written, photographed and out to everyone so you can enjoy it ASAP! For all our churro and cinnamon sugar lovers out there, this one is for you!
A photo of a single thick square churro rice krispie treat sitting on a small saucer and the treat is full of gooey marshmallows and topped with cinnamon sugar.

What is a Churro?

If you don’t know what a churro is, I have no words. A churro is a fried dough (similar to a donut) of Spanish and Portuguese origin that is typically coated in a layer of cinnamon sugar. Our family has been obsessed with everything churro for years and years. Let me prove it…

2013 – Churro Bites

2014 – Read more