Creamy Cranberry Dip

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This creamy cranberry jalapeno dip is lightly sweetened and balanced with just a hint of heat from the peppers. Served with crackers and pretzels or spread on toast, this is an unforgettable holiday treat.

creamy cranberry dip in shallow bowl on cutting board with crackers

Creamy Cranberry Dip

As soon as I tasted the Cranberry Jalapeno Dip I shared with you last week, I knew I was going to be making it on repeat. I quickly discovered that by stirring it all together, versus serving it in the more striking layers, it was easier to snack on without the potential for crumbling crackers in the cream cheese.

I love the flavor combination but I just may love the festive holiday colors even more. You’ll just do a couple of things differently in this recipe, in order to achieve a perfectly spreadable creamy cranberry jalapeno dip.

I am a big fan of fresh or frozen cranberries. As I’ve said for years, stock up on cranberries while you can, my friends. I buy as many bags as I can get my hands on during the holidays and stash them in the freezer. You don’t need to do anything special with them. Just toss the bags in the freezer and use them while still frozen for any number of recipes.

You can make this with either fresh or frozen cranberries. I did find this to be a teeny tiny bit more crunchy when made with cranberries that hadn’t been frozen, but it honestly wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me. I’ll happily be making this with frozen cranberries throughout the year for every possible occasion.

Cranberry Jalapeno Dip Costco

Have you tried the Costco Cranberry Dip that everyone is talking about? Well, I did and it’s delicious. Guess what though? We like this one even better.

The Costco dip is made with both cream cheese and sour cream. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but we found that we preferred using all cream cheese and just thinning it a bit with the reserved cranberry juice to achieve the desired consistency.

If you want a near-exact match for Costco’s recipe for cranberry dip, add ¼ cup of sour cream while beating the cream cheese smooth. Just be cautious if you add any extra cranberry liquids, as that will thin it out quickly. Add just a teaspoon or so at a time to keep the right creamy consistency.

Cranberry Jalapeno Dip

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“The sweet heat that you can not stop eating” is the best way to describe this creamy cranberry jalapeno dip. Double it for a crowd so you don’t run out!

cranberry jalapeno mixture over cream cheese with crackers

Cranberry Jalapeno Dip

My love of cranberries knows no bounds. So when my friend Margaret shared this recipe with me, I jumped at the chance for a new cranberry jalapeno combination.

Cranberry Pepper Jam with brie and crackers is my appetizer go-to anytime I have that jam stashed in the pantry. Sometimes I pour the jam over a simple block of cream cheese and serve it with Ritz crackers. My kids go nuts over that.

cranberry jalapeno mixture over cream cheese in dish with crackers

HOLY SMOKES! That is all I could say after I made it. I took it to a gathering with friends and everyone asked for the recipe. I made this for my boys and they licked the plate! No joke.

Sweetness with a little heat combined with the tart cranberries and the cool creaminess of cream cheese hits all the right notes. With salty crackers or pretzel chips on the side to dip or spread this on, it is nearly impossible to stop eating this.

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Chicken Enchilada Dip

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Chicken Enchilada Dip is a creamy, cheesy, spicy chicken-filled enchilada dip, a hit with everyone who tries it.

cheesy dip in pan

Chicken Enchilada Dip

If I can turn a dish into something eaten on a tortilla chip I am totally in! Chips and dips get to the core of this savory girl every time. Not to mention, whenever you can turn a snack into a meal, everyone is ready to dive in.

Dippable and snackable is how my family would describe chicken enchilada dip. With all the flavors of my homemade enchiladas without the filling and rolling mess, anyone can make this enchilada dip.

Enchiladas find their way to our table quite regularly we eat them with a fork, scooped up on tortilla chips or rolled and stuffed into burritos. I make them with beef, or chicken, or vegetables. We’ve even been known to eat enchiladas for breakfast.

This dip makes traditional enchiladas even easier to scoop up on tortilla chips; the kids and my husband were raving about this appetizer for a couple of days. Hearty enough for a main dish, this was an enormous success for our family movie night.

Start by sauteeing your onions, bell pepper, and seasonings in a skillet. While your onions are cooking cut up the tortillas into small pieces so that you can add them to the onion mixture.

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Brown Sugar Apple Dip

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Brown Sugar Apple Dip

Brown sugar apple dip is only 3 simple ingredients and it’s the most addicting and creamy fruit dip. I seriously can’t stop eating it! Be sure you have plenty of apples in the house because you’re going to be dipping them until the dip is gone!
I served this brown sugar apple dip last month at a baby shower and then forgot to ever post it. That’s kind of how life goes. I get so busy I suddenly realized I didn’t follow up on doing something. We served this dip with fresh apple slices and Cade seriously made sure that I left him his own personal serving at home.
Anyway, none of that really matters when you’ve got brown sugar apple dip staring you in the face. Man, I love me some brown sugar! Shhhh…I always take a pinch or two and eat it plain. Do you??
Sometimes it’s hard to think up something yummy for an after school snack or something a little different to take to a party and I think this dip is the perfect thing. 


a photo of an apple slice being dipped into a bowl full of a light brown creamy brown sugar apple dip.


Ingredients for Brown Sugar Apple Dip

There are only 3 simple ingredients needed and it all comes together in just 5 minutes. Here is your ingredients list:

  • Cream Cheese – the block style cream cheese is preferred, not the whipped spread, and it’s important that it’s at room temperature so it mixes easily with the sugar and vanilla
  • Brown Sugar – adds all the sweetness and balances the tanginess of the cream cheese
  • Vanilla – adds delicious flavor

The measurements for each of the ingredients can be found in the recipe card down below.

What Kind of Apples are the Best?

My favorite apple for dipping will forever and always be Honeycrisp apples. Braeburn, Envy, or Pink Lady apples are also super delicious. If you like your ap

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Chipotle Garlic Sauce

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Crisp and salty on the outside with fluffy baked potato inside, these Roasted Fingerling Potatoes are a great way to change up the average weeknight meal.

Ah, potatoes. They do so much for us! When it comes to side dishes, some kind of potato is almost always fitting. In my house, potatoes show up on the dinner table several nights a week in every form from roasted to mashed and even smashed.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes are immensely snackable!

I love how versatile potatoes are and how they’re equally appropriate to serve to company on a special formal occasion or on a weeknight when everyone’s in their pajamas.

This Fingerling Potatoes Recipe is like that–something about them feels a bit more “special” than your everyday Baked Potatoes (though I do still love baked potatoes), especially when paired with the chipotle garlic sauce. Yet, they’re so easy to make (and loved by my kids) that these roasted potatoes have become a permanent fixture of our everyday meals.

What are fingerling potatoes?

Fingerlings are a  small and narrow type of potato. They resemble stubby fingers in appearance, thus the name. They have a delicate and thin skin that doesn’t need to be peeled and their unique look makes them so much fun to serve!

These tubers are often confused with new potatoes, although they aren’t interchangeable. While new potatoes are potatoes that are small due to being harvested early in the season, fingerling potatoes are fully matured.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Oven Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerlings are much quicker to prep and roast than