Sizzling Italian Dipping Oil for Bread

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Sizzling Italian Dipping Oil for Bread

a photo of a shallow white bowl full of bread dipping oil fill of finely chopped fresh herbs and minced garlic.

Sizzling hot, full of fresh herbs and garlic with a little drizzle of sweet balsamic vinegar…the most irresistible dipping oil for bread. It soaks into the bread just a little and is the perfect appetizer or side dish for any meal.

Years ago when I was in college I was dating a boy that enjoyed cooking and baking. We had a lot of fun trying new recipes and because we were dating, my parents gave me a fancy set of oil and different seasonings for bread for one of my Christmas gifts. The relationship didn’t last but my love for bread and dipping oil totally did! Haha!

Take 10 minutes to make this dipping oil recipe, pull a fresh loaf of focaccia bread or a crusty artisan bread loaf out of the oven, and you have an elegant start to your authentic Italian bolognese dinner! You’ll feel like you’re sitting at a fancy Italian restaurant!

What Goes into Italian Dipping Oil?

Here are the ingredients you will need for this recipe:

  • Olive Oil – extra virgin, make sure it is good quality (from Italy or California is the best), extra virgin olive oil has a deeper and richer flavor
  • Garlic – fresh, not from a jar
  • Fresh herbs – parsley, oregano (or marjoram), rosemary and basil all minced really fine
    • PRO TIP: We love this combinations of fresh herbs, but you could use any combination you love! It’s so versatile! Add some thyme, omit the parsley…seriously whatever your family enjoys!
    • If you need to use dried herbs, double all the measurements for each herb.
  • Red Pepper Flakes – feel free to add more if you like more heat
  • Kosher Salt – adds flavor
  • Balsamic Vinegar – adds the most lovely hint of sweetness and acid to cut through the oil
  • Bread – I have been known to dip just about any bread into this oil. Heck, I’d dip a slice of white Wonderbread! See section below for specific suggestions.

The measurements for each ingredients can be found in the recipe card at the end of the post.

What Type of Olive Oil is Best for Dipping Oil?

You want a top quality, extra virgin olive oil for the best flavor. Extra virgin olive oil will hold up the best to all the flavors of the fresh herbs. Look for EVOO that is from Italy or California. EVOO can be expensive, but you only need 1/3 cup for this recipe, so buying the best is recommended and will last for a long time.

Can Other Types of Oil Be Used?

No, I would definitely not recommend using any other type of oil for making a dipping oil for bread. Other types of oil just don’t have the same rich flavor that you get from olive oil. Olive oil is also one of the healthiest types

Disneyland’s Pomme Frites Copycat Recipe

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Disneyland’s Pomme Frites Copycat Recipe

a photo of a dish full of hot salty parmesan fries with a dish of cajun dipping sauce sitting next to it.

This fabulous dipping sauce Cajun remoulade is boldly flavorful, wonderfully creamy with a bright lemon burst and is the best sauce for dipping these hot and salty Disneyland copycat pomme frites (french fries)!

The Cajun Remoulade

We started making this sauce because of my obsession with the pomme frites (oh my gosh I can’t even write it without my mouth watering!!!!) and sauce at Disneyland. Literally the best fries and sauce ever. My goodness!!!

After a couple years of making sauces from scratch, I decided to take a short cut on this one. Everyone says this sauce is like thousand island dressing, but there’s more to it. So I use some thousand island which is easier than opening tomato paste, and then add some extra dimension to it. Boom…this new recipe was born!

What is a Remoulade?

A remoulade, plain and simple, is a cold sauce based on mayonnaise. It just sounds much fancier than french fry dip, don’t you think?!

What are Pomme Frites?

Pomme frites is just a fancy and fun way to say french fries. When I say that I just ate my weight in pomme frites, it sounds much better than french fries. Ha!

The Homemade Pomme Frites

We’ve been making homemade french fries for forever but we are finally including the recipe here! It’s so easy!

Have you ever had the pomme frites at Cafe Orleans at Disneyland? Please tell me you have! Hot salty fries are my happiest place on earth. Give me an irresistible sauce to dip them in, and you can forget about it!

We double fry the pomme frites, and then top them Parmesan, garlic (fresh), fresh parsley, salt and a little of the Cajun seasoning.

What Ingredients are Needed for Pomme Frites Sauce?

You’re just a few ingredients away from the best dipping sauce for french fries. Trust me on this one friends…you’ll never want to dip those golden hot fries in anything else! Here is your ingredients list:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Thousand Island Dressing
  • Worcestershire Sauce