Bakery Style Coffee Cake Muffins

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Bakery Style Coffee Cake Muffins

Coffee cake muffins that are so good you will feel like they came from your favorite bakery! There is streusel on top and in the middle too!

We have taken our buttery delicious coffee cake recipe and transformed it into a convenient muffin. You can grab one on the way out the door to work or send it with your kiddo in their lunch.

a photo of a coffee cake muffin in a white tulip cupcake liner topped with a streusel and a white icing drizzle. The cupcake is sitting on a white dessert plate.

Ok, every time we travel there’s a little bit of a fuss about who wants to eat what as we are stuck in the airport waiting on a layover. Thankfully the layovers are never too crazy, but with a little time to kill and hungry bellies to feed, I don’t mind grabbing a few things from a few places and everyone meeting back at the tables to eat together. Every single time someone doesn’t think anything at all sounds good and that’s usually the one that ends up with a bagel or muffin. It’s generally a certain child, but I’ll keep HER name a secret. 

Coffee cake muffins are a go-to but I’m learning that not all are very moist. In fact, many end up pretty darn dry and bland so last year I set out to make a perfect coffee cake muffin that would rival any ol’ coffee shop in town, and this is it. 

A photo of a coffee cake muffin without a liner sitting on a speckled cream color dessert plate. The muffin has a streusel topping and white icing drizzle.Read more