How to have fun at a strip club?


Having fun at a strip club is fairly easy at first, though after a while your wallet will feel a pinch.  So how do you have fun at a strip club without spending all your money?  Well there’s different ways in going about it, namely keep in mind how much money you are going to spend.  Below are some items to think about when going to the fantasy parlor.


Leave your credit card at home.

There’s nothing as fast as the credit card swipe through a machine for the pleasure, but as you know that money has to be paid back.  So leave your credit card at home and just carry cash.  Have a set budget on how much you want to spend and you’ll thank yourself later in the morning when you know you stayed within your means. 


Come in the middle of the week or just come early.

If you want to get in at an opportune time be sure to appear within the slow hours as the girls will be waiting for potential customers.  At peak hours in the late night the place will be overcrowded and getting that special dance will be more difficult since the club will be turn into a sausage fest.  Usually the influx of men walking through the doors start picking up after 10pm, so arriving earlier around after happy hour would be more beneficial.


Talk with the girl a little first before shelling out the cash.

Get to know a little about your dancer.   Most strippers have experience in talking just about anything and won’t prejudge you.   If you’re not sure in who to chat with first then see how they act in the club.  People watching can be an enjoyable experience if you’re a little timid.  Keep in mind how your fantasy can relate to the type of girl you want to have fun with.  You don’t want to just say hello get a lap dance right off the bat, relax a while the money doesn’t have to leave your back pocket yet.  Let her entertain you a little with some conversation, it can even be a fantasy date and she’ll be happy to play the part.